The best rest of life: go home, wait, and eat.

The best rest of life: go home, wait, and eat.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

what is loneliness?

loneliness is a kite with broken lines, drifting and homeless!

loneliness is crossing the hill to find that there is no one waiting!

loneliness is a home with a kitchen without a mouthful of hot food!

what is happiness?

it is so simple that there are only nine words:

have home,


have something to eat.


there is a home, that is the same destination

think of Luo Yonghao, in an interview with people a few days ago, he mentioned the story of himself and his wife.

I find it touching.

his life has been thrilling.

after owning a debt of 600 million yuan, he was put on the list of unfaithful executors by the court.

from millionaire to negative Weng, it was almost overnight, and that was the most difficult time in his life.

after two years, he was able to get out of the quagmire. Today, he has repaid nearly 400 million of his debt. In his words, all this is inseparable from his wife-- when I was at my worst, it was so important to have a family and my wife.

I have many middle-aged friends who are not well married. They really have no solution at all, so they can only grab a friend to drink, but I know very well that holding a friend to drink cannot solve the loneliness after going home. How late can I accompany him? I can't sleep with him.

I can only stay with him until two or three o'clock, finish drinking and go back.

between 3 o'clock and dawn, he could only survive by himself with his eyes open.

but I am different. I have my wife when I get home.

as long as I talk to my wife and fall asleep together, I think nothing is a problem.

smelling the familiar smell, even the smell of hair, I almost felt I was inhaling a therapeutic agent.

No matter how big the hurdle is outside, no matter how sick the mind is, when you get home, there is someone who can cure you. To tell you the truth, this state is really enviable.

I am the one who lodges in the night of wind and snow.

No one doesn't yearn for the lamp in front of their home--

think of a girl on Weibo who finally helped her mother find her home last month.

my mother was abducted and sold here. When my father was alive, she was not allowed to look for her family. Over the years, her mother lived in her own world, speaking only a dialect that no one could understand in her hometown. The girl decided her mother's home by relying on this dialect.

on the day of the reunion, my mother's mother sprinkled water on the road, saying that the children who came home would never get lost again.

I also think of Fei Yuqing. In 2019, he personally wrote a long letter announcing that he would permanently quit the entertainment industry after the 2019 concert tour, just because after the death of his parents, he felt that he had suddenly lost his place in life. going to any performance venue will only touch the scene, and no matter how gorgeous the stage and applause can make up for this loss.

you see, no matter how old people are, how much wealth they earn and how much fame and wealth they have, they still have the same destination in the end.


because someone who has a home to go back to is like a sailboat with an anchor.

the homeless is like a broken kite and an empty house. No one will ever think about his return date.


someone is waiting. It is the deepest attachment

I have recently seen a movie called "Big Buddha Plath".

the Sakya in

lived such a life--

alone, without roots and duckweed.

I don't know where I came from or where I'm going.

passed by here three years ago and has stayed here ever since.

sleeps in an abandoned watchtower by the sea, where there is a mesh hammock.

doing nothing every day, the only thing to do is to "walk around" without talking to or making friends with people.

No one cares about his life, no one cares about his life or death, no one asks about his joys and sorrows, except his only friend, belly wealth.

but later, even the belly wealth was killed because he offended the rich and powerful. At that time, Sakya returned to his house by the sea, thinking: will one day, when he leaves, no one will know …...

to tell you the truth, it was the monologue that touched me most in the whole movie, plain and heavy, but it wrote about the poetic and compassionate life of this man with no fixed abode.

as Li Zongsheng sings in the song:

across the hill, only to find that there is no one waiting.

Sakya did not have a secular home in his life.

there is no home, no relatives, no sentimental attachment in the world.

until I have walked a lot of roads and met many people, I have found that no matter how big the world is, it is not as big as someone waiting for you to go home.

think of Mom and Dad.

when I was a child, my father drove a van and often went out early in the morning and didn't come home until late at night.

I was only seven or eight years old at that time. I always fell asleep without waiting for my father to come home. Before going to bed, I saw my mother sitting at the head of the bed with a small night light on, knitting sweaters while waiting for my father.

for more than a decade, that picture has remained in my heart and become the mark of their love.

Mom and Dad come home, waiting for the heart is so gentle.

Dad, who is on the road, is so eager to go home.

once or twice, Dad took me out to work on weekends.

passing by a friend's house, there is often an uncle shouting to keep Dad for dinner.Rice.

Dad said, "next time, I have something to do today."

however, Dad's next time, it was never cashed.

he always buys vegetables and goes home in a hurry on the grounds that he can't keep his mother waiting too long.

I think, for my father, my mother is the warm end-result in his ordinary life.

as the saying goes:

with just one look, you can read each other.

Wear our gowns with corsets wedding to achieve your desired look. Happy to help you to choose your dreaming garments.

with only one turn, you can warm and hug each other.

then spend three meals and four seasons together, and every ordinary day, slow taste of the world fireworks and fireworks, idle watching the world for a long time.


there is a meal to eat, that is the warm waiting

the earthly taste of the world, in fact, it is fireworks.

is a bowl of noodles, a pot of soup, the heat on the stove, the boiling in the casserole.

after staying out for a long time, I really envy those who rush on their way towards night just to get home and have a hot meal.

like a colleague Meow Meow.

when we linger in takeout, Meow Meow flies away like a happy bird every day as soon as she gets off work.

I didn't understand it before, but when I got familiar with it, I followed Meow home once or twice for dinner before I understood why Meow was eager to go home-

in the warm yellow light, the pots and pans rang in the kitchen.

Mom and Dad chat enthusiastically while cooking, waiting for their daughter to return home, just like birds waiting to return to their nest.

while looking forward to it, he quickly brought all kinds of soups and home-cooked dishes to the table. The fresh and tender ones are fish soup, and the golden and crispy ones are chicken wings.

such a pleasant scene, coupled with fragrant food, make the winter night warm, perhaps ordinary, but reassuring.

think of what they said:

if you want to know if the family is doing well, just look at the family's kitchen;

if you want to know that the couple is not well married, just look at their kitchen as well.

I think so.

when the kitchen is deserted, life is bound to be cold;  when the kitchen is busy, life is bound to be hot.

just like the couple in the movie "the floating Cloud".

they used to live a loving and comfortable life, spending every day in daily life.

until the economic crisis suddenly hit, the couple both lost their jobs and had to live on pawned furniture.

No matter how hard life is, they don't neglect it.

when the husband goes out to look for a job and comes home, even if he finds nothing, the wife will prepare a delicious meal, and no matter how many times the husband is shut out, he will bring his wife a bouquet of small roses.

there are meals on the table and wine in the glass, which support them through life. This is their hope and their life. The couple who supported each other finally came to light, and they did not go down and out because they were temporarily frustrated.

and I think that's because they really did that:

No matter how hard it is, they don't snub each other's stomachs.

even if we are down again, we will not snub each other's hearts.

when food melts into feelings, when roses are full of affection, every move is comfort.

the so-called simple small luck, the real little warmth, is it?


the best rest of life: having a home, someone to wait, food to eat

not too thrilling.

there is not too much fancy.

in the final analysis, happiness is not complicated and the rest of life is not greedy.

what we pursue all our lives is that we can go home after drifting thousands of miles, because home is the same destination.

No matter how early or late it is, there are always people waiting, because talent is the deepest attachment.

even if you walk in the wind and rain, there is still food to eat, because food is the warm waiting.

if you have a home, you will be warm, your heart will be warm, and your stomach will be warm!

as the saying goes:

three meals a day, all the year round.

the family sits idle and the lights are amiable.

if this is the case in life, what else can the husband ask for?