The best social state among adults!

The best social state among adults!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when we were young, we would cry bitterly because of a person's unlove or because of a person's leaving.

when I grow up, I may have experienced too much on and off, gathering and scattered, and have long taken the departure of others as a habit.

the spring tree on the tree said:

some people are doomed to brush shoulders with us, not fellow travelers, and are doomed to go their separate ways.

adults, we are so busy and nervous that we have little time to socialize. We all want our moments to be comfortable.

the best social state is to achieve the following three points:


three values do not agree, there is no need to melt

summer worms can not talk about ice, well frogs can not talk about the sea.

some people, our ideas are different, our life habits are different, it is difficult to talk about going together.

when people with different values are together, we will always hold different views.

just like a person likes porridge in the morning, just like a person likes wine at night, two people have different views on life, forcing them to blend in, and both sides will be diaphragmatic.

Fish and birds always live in different spaces, and so do people.

We are both adults. We can not understand each other, but we must respect each other. There is no need to force a relationship to change for you.

what is forced will only aggravate the differences, deepen the contradictions and plunge our lives into chaos.

Why are middle-aged people so particular about going along with fate?

because he has walked a lot of roads, he knows who is the right person and who is difficult to walk with. If he does not insist, he will not be tired, and if he is not persistent, he will not suffer.


what is happiness for people who are close to each other


Happiness is not having more, but caring less.

the people around us get along with us day and night, we are in the same roof, we can't just say and go, we can only think for each other wholeheartedly and be tolerant.

this world, not all the people who walk with you are like-minded people. Some people may be like-minded at the beginning, but they may change as they walk.

as we get older, we do different things every day, and we may not all grow in the same direction.

some people become more and more brave, some people are content; some people like challenges, some people like comfort.

if the people around you disagree with you, let's not always want to criticize them and try to understand them. after all, everyone's life is controlled by themselves, and others have no right to decide.

manage your life well and accommodate those who disagree with us.

how tolerant you are, how considerate you are, how optimistic you are, how beautiful your world is!


cherish fate, look down on gathering and dispersion

there is such a law of interpersonal relationship:

our lives will not go smoothly, and our communication will not be satisfactory.

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how many people like you, how many people hate you, how many people cherish you, and how many people don't love you.

We should get used to the arrival of a person and the departure of a person.

what has come, cherish it. It is already a great blessing to meet in the vast sea of people; leave, say goodbye, my world you have come, has been a rare fate.

Turgenev said:

A light acquaintance is the longest, and it is the rarest to get along with each other.

our life, we should learn to cherish, cherish those who are kind to you, those who are affectionate for a long time, the true feelings are too difficult to meet, try to let him stay for you for a long time.

what belongs to you is always there, and what does not belong to you will leave.

everything is God's best arrangement, and the people around you are the most important people in your life.