The best spiritual appearance: a good face

The best spiritual appearance: a good face

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as the ancients said, "everyone has a love of beauty."

the true beauty lies in the dignified and gentle charm.

the temperament and aura of the soul are reflected in the brow.

people with sunny hearts seem to have outstretched features and smiles, while people with violent hearts also look fierce and menacing.

if you are a kind and auspicious person, there must be a heaven.

A man with a good face may not be beautiful, but he has a clear ear, a clear eye and a good mouth.


do not listen to right and wrong, meditate on the past

Chapter 16 of the moral Sutra says: "to the virtual pole, keep the static."

the essence of this maxim is to reach the extreme of the emptiness of the heart and to teach the stillness of life unswervingly.

if you want to be quiet, you must first keep your ear, and then keep your heart.

right and wrong, it is a pool of sewage, and the more it is stirred, the more muddy it becomes; when it calms down, the mud will slowly precipitate.

once upon a time there was an elderly carpenter who was upright and friendly and very popular.

one day, an apprentice told him that someone was jealous of his popularity and often spoke ill of him.

the old carpenter said at once, "Please stop and stop talking."

the disciple asked, "Don't you want to know who doesn't like you?"

"if I don't know who it is, I will still get along with that person. If I know, I will inevitably feel uncomfortable and speak less naturally." Over time, the seeds of resentment will grow into big trees, which will do more harm than good to themselves and others. "

as the saying goes, "right and wrong happen every day, and if you don't listen, there will be nothing." This is not to cover your ears and steal the bell, but an open-minded state of mind and realm.

in the face of their own right and wrong, first ask yourself, there is no change, there is no need to worry about it.

in the face of other people's right and wrong, do not participate, do not spread, and even try not to chat with people who love to talk about right and wrong.

if you can get a pair of clean ears, you will be able to maintain a heart of the right way.


there is love in the eyes of

the second chapter of the moral Sutra says: "everyone knows that beauty is beautiful, but evil is already."

means that everyone knows that beauty is beautiful because of ugliness.

everything has two sides, where there is beauty, there is ugliness; where there is good, there is evil.

like the yin and yang picture of Taiji, Yin and Yang are originally one. Yang develops to the extreme, and Yin arises at the historic moment; on the contrary, when Yin develops to the extreme, it can give birth to Yang.

but ordinary people focus more on negative things and fail to see the silver light behind the dark clouds.

here is a short story full of Taoist philosophy:

once upon a time, a Taoist priest was on his way, passing through a forest and met another passer-by.

because of the heavy rain, the roads of the woods have turned into sticky wet soil.

another passerby complained: "my shoes are new, and now they look like this!" Alas! "

the preacher laughed it off.

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when they passed through the woods, the rain stopped, a gorgeous rainbow appeared by the river in front of them, and the Taoist priests sincerely admired the beautiful scenery.

but another person is still complaining about the heavy rain just now.

the preacher said to him, "it is because of the heavy rain that we can see the rainbow now, otherwise it will come to the extreme, which is the same reason as' the moon loses and the moon gains'."

if you only think about the rain, it will rain all the time in your heart; if your eyes are full of rainbows, you can always have the beauty of rainbows in your heart.

someone once said: "there is never a lack of beauty in the world, but a lack of eyes to find beauty."

there is wind and rain because it is the prelude to the rainbow.

there is a shadow because it is a good friend of the sun.

look more at the beauty of people and things, and you will find that everything is wonderful.

in the disturbing world, if you can find beauty all the time, you will live at ease and live a wonderful life.

there is a pair of people who are good at seeking beauty, and their eyes and hearts must be full of love and tenderness.


words are warm, life goes well

good words are warm in three winters, and evil words hurt people in June. "

A mouth that knows how to respect and sympathize with others is one of the most important parts of kindness.

in ancient times, there was a little boy who was so naughty that his father hated him very much.

at the age of nine, his mother died and his father married a stepmother and introduced him, "this is the worst child in the county."

but the new stepmother touched the child's head, smiled and said, "Xiang Gong, you are wrong. This is not the worst child. He is actually the smartest child in the county, but he has not yet found a place to vent his enthusiasm."

the little boy immediately warmed his heart and felt that his stepmother understood him. From then on, he had a very good relationship with his stepmother, and his stepmother regarded him as if he were his own, and often encouraged him.

so he devoted his energy of making fun to his study and became a hard-working student.

later, the little boy grew up, won the top prize in the examination, became a high-ranking official, and the whole family lived a rich life, and he was as filial to his stepmother as ever.

warm words are enough to change other people's lives and their own destinies.

the moral Sutra. Chapter 51 says: "the Tao is born, the virtue is stored, the material form is formed, and the potential is formed."

means: Tao produces all things, virtue nurtures all things, and all things show a variety of states, because the environment makes them grow.

what kind of words represent the character of the speaker, what kind of life environment can be created, and affect the chance and life of a lifetime.

in physiognomy, it is proposed that "the dynamic phase is greater than the static phase". Still phaseIt is the facial features, and the movement includes words and actions.

the stillness of facial features is born, while language and other movements can be controlled by us.

A caring greeting tends to nourish the soul more than nectar.

A sincere compliment is often more popular than gold.

opening a warm mouth opens the popularity and life to a great extent.

in the Book of Rites, it is said: "those who are gentle must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

it is better to make up your life and soul than to add color to your appearance.

good-looking is the pass of the good-looking, and virtue is the golden signboard of the virtuous.

all ears are positive, eyes are full of love, mouth is warm, life is beautiful!

the best impression is to reassure people, and the best spiritual appearance is to have a good face.