The best way for a woman to live is to marry herself.

The best way for a woman to live is to marry herself.

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in the hit drama "just Thirty," Wang Manni broke up with a scene that made many people domineering.

she is an ordinary cabinet sister in Shanghai, struggling to crawl and roll in a big city. during a cruise, she met the handsome, golden and gentle Liang Zhengxian.

I thought I had found a lover, but unexpectedly, the other person turned out to be a "sea king" (a scum man with many ambiguous relationships and casting a wide net).

if it hadn't been for Liang Zhengxian's real girlfriend Zhao Jingyu, Wang Manni would have sunk forever.

when Wang Manni went to Liang Zhengxian for an explanation, all she got was fresh and refined "sage words":

"I didn't lie to you. I really like you.

I have convinced Zhao Jingyu that you two, one south and one north, do not interfere with each other.

I'm not asking you to be a mistress. I'm an unmarried man, and that's an open partner's attitude. "

Liang Zhengxian means to let two women share a man, one south and one north. Wang Manni is just an ordinary clerk to guide shopping. she eats and wears well and is given by him. She can't get these as an ordinary cupboard sister. She just has to be obedient.

Wang Manni sneered angrily. She said loudly, "I don't want to, I feel dirty." then she took off the clothes Liang Zhengxian bought for her one by one and left chic.

her attitude of stopping losses in time and refusing to leave made netizens shout.

compared to Wang Manni, I would like to talk about Zhao Jingyu, Liang Zhengxian's so-called "real girlfriend". In fact, she is the saddest.

she was entangled with this man for seven years, but she didn't have any title, and she had to put up with him fooling around and fighting this and that all day, seemingly menacing, but in fact she was weak inside.

since she was with Liang Zhengxian, she no longer works and relies on Liang Zhengxian to earn her living expenses and support her every month.

therefore, she did not have the strength to ask Liang Zhengxian to be loyal to her. After "tearing" Wang Manny, she was forced to accept Liang Zhengxian's so-called "one south, one north" proposal.

for Zhao Jingyu, he can put up with anything, as long as Liang Zhengxian doesn't leave him and keeps him.

in fact, there are many women who have been raised in captivity and have been living in the shadow of their husbands as in the play.

for example, the wife circle where Gu Jia broke up, she wanted to enter this circle very much before, but when she got to know this circle, she looked down on it and fell out at that moment. She said:

what do rich ladies rely on when they have money, leisure and beauty? It's the husband. Without men, they are nothing.

it's like a magnificent castle in the air. With a little concussion, it will fall apart.

willing to be a canary, pampering and escaping from struggle is indeed very relaxed and comfortable, but the price behind it is huge, which means that you have to live forever in the value radius of the provider, without yourself, and have to say things against your will and do things against your will.

such a person is very much like the gorgeous robe written by Zhang ailing. When you open it, it is full of lice.

A lot of people say that "Thirty" is a scumbag male drama. The three heroines all meet scum boys and are deeply hurt by them. In fact, I think this is a TV series about women's self-awakening.

Wang Manni, Gu Jia and Zhong Xiaoqin have all encountered difficulties in life and feelings, but they have the courage to break free from the cage and live their lives.

they may suffer a lot of injuries, but without exception, they all live independently and soberly, are not attached to men, go all out when they love, and can leave at any time when they do not love.

maybe it will be harder, but it will also be more secure, so you don't have to be afraid to please anyone, let alone worry that you will be abandoned.

from beginning to end, the reins of fate are in their own hands, so they are confident and high-spirited.


what happens if a woman lives within the value radius of her husband forever?

talk about a video that went viral on the Internet.

this is a segment of a TV series, which has won hundreds of thousands of likes. Tao Hong's heroine, Chuncao, is wholeheartedly in love with the scum man he Shuiyuan.

she does her own business to earn money to support her family, but she is deceived and used again and again by he Shuiyuan.

later, when he Shuiyuan ran away with her mistress, she collapsed, locked herself in the house, and lay in bed every day with tears and wine to drown her sorrows, becoming neither human nor ghost.

Mother saw it in her eyes and felt pain in her heart. She wanted to wake her up with the worst words:

Chuncao was touched, and she wailed, as if to vent her grievances and grievances.

after she calmed down, her mother went on to say:

awakens the dreamer. The spring grass dried her tears and cheered up again.

the spring grass in the play, smart, tough and business-minded, went to work, won the appreciation of employers, started a business, did a good job, and soon became a household of ten thousand yuan.

but her mistake lies in tying her value to another man, feeling that she can't live without a man.

otherwise, with her ingenuity, she could have made a great difference.

every time I see examples of women who are burdened by bad families, it always makes me feel sad.

they give all they have for their families and men, and attach themselves to them, but in the end, they are less complete and more broken.

if they do not define themselves as vassals of men, do not live within their value radius, but work hard for themselves, will their lives be completely different?


I once heard a reader contribute his mother's story, which I think is very meaningful.

his mother had planned to take the postgraduate entrance examination after graduating from college, but her grandparents strongly opposed it, thinking that a girl could marry a good person, so she married a local official son.

after getting married, my mother went to work in a tea garden. She had strong abilities and many ideas, and soon made the half-dead tea garden business booming, expanded the scale and built a new office building.

if it goes on like this, her mother should get a promotion and raise to the peak of her life, but at this time, she is pregnant, and the pressure from her parents-in-law and family made her quit her job in the tea garden.

later, the mother gave birth to a younger brother, and by the time she went out, she could no longer find a good job. Grandpa asked the relationship to find her a leisure job.

in fact, the father is not kind to the mother. The mother suffered from postpartum depression when she gave birth to her younger brother. The father said impatiently that she was hypocritical. The mother bought two pieces of good clothes. The father said that she was the mother of two children.

even so, my mother revolves around her father like a planet. she does all the housework, and her father just lies on the sofa and watches TV like an uncle when he comes back from work.

after more than 20 years of this, one day, the mother suddenly called her child and said she was going to start a business.

it turned out that the previous tea garden had closed down because of poor management. after an inspection, my mother said confidently that she could get back the cost within two years.

everyone in the family was vehemently opposed, but my mother was so determined that she put all her savings into it without hesitation.

my mother was 46 years old that year.

Mother wants to soak in the tea garden every day, busy, and the tea garden has not failed her, not only returned to the capital within two years, but also the benefit is getting better and better, the mother has become a small famous figure in their local area.

"my mother has become much younger since she started her business. she wears makeup every day and often wears business clothes. Once I saw my mother coming from afar in high heels and carrying a bag. At that moment, I couldn't believe she was my mother.

and the father's tone of voice to his mother is no longer that bossy posture, but for fear of offending her, often praising her with honey in his mouth, as if for fear that she might run away with others.

this is an article written on the table three years ago, entitled "how wonderful is a woman who is not bound by her family?" It affected a lot of people at that time.

this story moves me especially because I see the value that a woman can achieve outside the family, which is inestimable.

she has the stars and sea in her heart, but she is confined to the kitchen and love.

if you can break free from the shackles of your family and live bravely for yourself, the strength will be enormous.

Tracy Macmillan (Tracy McMillan), a famous American relationship expert, got married three times in her life, but all of them ended in failure.

finally, she realized that she had been blindly pursuing the so-called sense of security, but forgot that the biggest sense of security actually came from herself.

in a speech, she put forward an amazing idea: marry yourself.

in the Thirty, when Zhong Xiaoqin quarreled with her husband Chen Yu, Chen Yu said, "it is said that marriage is a safe haven. Who marries and who starts a family is not to lead a secure life?"

Zhong Xiaoqin's soul asked: what you said is fart! Who will be the port if you want to take shelter from the wind?

Yes, we all want to take shelter from the wind, but who will be the "port"?

A person who always thinks only of "shelter" and relying on "Haven" may never be able to get a full sense of security.

what is safer than looking for a "safe haven" is to become a "harbor".

No one should be anyone's safe haven, only themselves are their last refuge. It is better to be shabby and shabby than to rely on others.

the reason why birds dare to sleep on the treetops is not that the branches will not break, but that they have wings to fly.

instead of fighting for the seat of a copilot, it is better to hold the steering wheel of fate in your own hands and enjoy the fun of galloping.

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the beauty of life is that there is hope in the future. If you have more control over yourself, there will be stars and running in your life, instead of falling and sinking until you get used to the darkness.

the value I appreciate is to bet on yourself, go all out to live for yourself, follow your heart, and have no regrets.