The best way to keep a person in good health: few thoughts

The best way to keep a person in good health: few thoughts

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as the ancients said, "there is nothing to worry about in the world."

most of the time, the reason why we worry is not because outside things are worth worrying about, but because we can't help ourselves to think and think over and over again.

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as a result, it used to be a trivial matter, but it has become like a big stone in our hearts.

learning to be thoughtless is a rare self-discipline.


Don't think about things over and over again

if there is a bowl of terrible rice that you have to eat, what will you do?

some people may eat slowly and reluctantly, and the process will be painful, while others will "gobble it up".

this man who wolves down his food is not because his appetite is different from that of others, but because he knows that the slower he eats, the more pain he will feel.

in life, unhappy things are like that bowl of bad rice.

sometimes we have no chance to escape, so we have to wade through it.

some people always like to chew carefully and ponder over and over in their hearts when they encounter unhappy things.

as a result, it was originally a trivial thing, but in my mind, it became a big deal. I can't extricate myself from worrying all the time.

this is torturing yourself.

when you encounter something that is not going well, you should have the courage to "gobble it up" and let him pass as soon as possible. Don't chew carefully and think about it frequently.

when you look back after a while, you will find that the things that made you struggle in the first place are not worth mentioning at all.


Don't worry too much about the future

very often, our worries are just "unfounded".

We can recall how many of the things we were worried about would have happened.

there was a psychologist who did such an experiment.

he asked the experimenter to write down his troubles for the next seven days and put them into the "annoyance box."

three weeks later, I opened the box and checked with the experimenter, only to find that 90% of the troubles did not happen.

as the ancients said, "born in distress, die in peace."

worrying about hardship can provide us with a safer and safer way in the future.

but everything has two sides.

properly thinking about bad things that may happen in the future can prevent bad things from happening;

however, if you just worry about the future and get caught up in the quagmire of thinking, it is easy to make yourself miserable and difficult to extricate yourself.

worrying too much about what may happen in the future in vain can only delay the present.

as the saying goes, "the troops will block, the water will cover the earth" and "the ship will be straight when it comes to the bridge". The future experience may not be that bad, so why worry too much?


think little and do things in a down-to-earth manner

A Dream of Red Mansions says: "look for sorrow and hate for no reason."

A person, once he has less things on hand, will have more things on his mind.

some people envy those idle people who are at ease, but how do they know that those idle people are actually not happy?

sometimes, mental tiredness is easier to destroy a person than physical tiredness. We will see that those who live fully every day are in high spirits, while those who are idle are listless.

when we find ourselves overly worried and anxious, then make a plan for ourselves.

make a big plan, then divide it into several steps and implement it in a down-to-earth manner.

when we devote our energies to the things that are really valuable and meaningful, and we have no time to think about the things that we "don't have", then happiness will come quietly.

someone asked, "do you want to be a happy pig or a miserable person?"

this shows that most of people's pain is caused by "excessive thinking".

A person's true wisdom is not to be smart all the time, but to know when to give full play to his intelligence and when to rein in his intelligence.

that's why I say: it's hard to be confused.

some people say, "A clown in town is better than a dozen famous doctors."

the best way to keep in good health is not to exercise, but to nourish the mind and let yourself think less, so that you can be refreshed and free and easy.

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