The best way to keep in good health is to keep in a good mood

The best way to keep in good health is to keep in a good mood

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before I start this article today, I'd like to ask you a question.

if you were accidentally kicked on the bus, what kind of reaction would you have?

reaction 1: get angry and express your dissatisfaction with words or behavior;

reaction 2: pat the dust on your pants, smile and say it's okay, and then forget about it after a while;

reaction 3: although you seem to be fine, you actually accumulate a fire in your heart and have nowhere to vent.

in fact, this is a simple psychological quiz, and different responses reflect different personality models.

type A personality: hot personality, mood swings easily;

type B personality: cheerful, do not care about details;

type C personality: sentimental, emotional depression, often restrain their joys and sorrows.

people with different personalities have different abilities to control emotions.

Schopenhauer said in the Wisdom of Life:

mood is closely related to our health.


some physical pain,

is actually an emotional illness

Weibo, a netizen once shared her true story.

the mother of netizens, who has always been a kind and virtuous woman, was diagnosed with mid-stage breast cancer at the age of 43.

in their family, grandma has always been dissatisfied with her mother.

although my mother is a good cook, Grandma always finds fault with her every time she eats.

Grandma scolds my mother for not being diligent when she wants to sleep late on weekends.

my mother is busy greeting guests, and Grandma will say that he doesn't take good care of her.

if the average wife is targeted in this way by her mother-in-law, she will more or less retort, or talk to each other and communicate well.

but her mother, who is too honest and responsible, thinks that grandma is an elder and should be respected and patient.

so every time, no matter how much Grandma asks questions, no matter how much Grandma scolds, her mother always put up with it.

on the surface, my mother is very magnanimous, but she has seen her mother crying alone in the house many times.

even after saving up a belly full of grievances and holding back her anger, her mother put up with it for more than 20 years.

later, as I mentioned at the beginning, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

A good friend of a doctor around me once said to me: many cancers, most of them are heart disease.

many studies have shown that

breast cancer is associated with unsolvable grief;

people who often feel unsafe are more likely to develop pancreatic cancer;

mental trauma in adolescence or early stage can increase the incidence of gastric cancer.

so whenever you can't sleep because of anxiety, whenever you feel heart discomfort because of stress, or even when your hands and feet are cold and in a cold sweat, your body is sending a signal for help.

Don't ignore it. You're in a bad mood. Sometimes you really get sick.


Don't take any chances

some time ago, I saw a particularly eye-catching word called "husband and wife cancer".

is a situation in which one spouse suffers from cancer and the other unfortunately suffers from cancer.

I thought this situation was rare, but after looking up the data, I was really shocked.

data from the World Health Organization show that it is conservatively estimated that for every 100 couples who die, there are 5 couples with cancer.

We all know that cancer itself is not contagious, but because couples live together for a long time, their living environment is basically the same, their lifestyle is roughly the same, and even their attitudes can influence each other.

living environment, such as living together in a room, the decoration materials of the home contain carcinogens, lifestyle, such as eating in a pot, two people's taste is too heavy, like to eat overnight food, and so on.

all of the above are visible to the naked eye or can be avoided.

the most unexpected thing is the interaction of attitudes towards life.

for example, due to the influence of work or other factors, the husband is worried all day and lives in a tense and anxious environment for a long time, then the huge psychological pressure he bears may imperceptibly affect his wife.

suppose that the husband unfortunately suffers from cancer, then the wife is more likely to fall into anxiety and sadness, and physical and mental unhappiness will lead to a decline in immune function, which may lead to "husband and wife cancer".

Zweig once said:

We are always too confident and full of luck.

when we don't meet, we always think that disease and cancer are too far away from our lives.

as we all know, bad emotions linger around us all the time, eroding our health from time to time.

have you ever been sleepless all night because of the pressure of life?

have you lost a lot of hair because you stayed up late and worked overtime?

have you ever yelled at the people around you because you were too angry to control your emotions?

have you ever been overeating, negative living and no hope because of emotional setbacks?

if there is, you must pay attention to it.

traditional Chinese medicine holds that "all diseases are born from qi" and "all diseases are from the heart".

Modern medicine has also found that depression, anxiety, depression, depression, fear, sadness and other "emotional diseases" can not directly cause cancer, but this chronic and persistent stimulation will reduce our body's immunity and increase the incidence of cancer.

data released by the National Cancer Center show thatIn China, more than 10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, and 7.5 people are diagnosed every minute.

there are no ifs in life, only results and consequences.

so, don't be angry, it's really killing you.


the best way to maintain good health is to maintain a good mood.

it is said that illness is the best teacher, but why do we wait until we are sick before we change our mindset?

wouldn't it be better if you know how to take good care of your body and mood and reduce the probability of disease when you are in good health?

according to a new British study published in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences,

mood affects the length of life. Older people who feel happy and have high life satisfaction will live longer.

people who often feel sad have a 35% difference in mortality compared with those who are emotionally healthy.

in fact, the best way to maintain good health is to maintain a good mood.

so, why not be happy?

We all live in the same place of chores, and the pressure at work and the fetters in life are all boring.

but we might as well think about our health, take it easy, take it easy.

We often think that we have been working hard and persevering all our lives, but in the end we often end up with a mindset.

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for example, Wang Yangming was tortured by fate all his life, such as the staff, the imperial edict, the bogey of meritorious service, and the false plot against him.

ordinary people would have been furious, but he remained optimistic. When

was relegated, his servants fell ill one after another, and only he was safe and sound.

he himself said:

I have been attacked by miasma for two years, but I am safe and sound, because I always maintain a positive mood, optimistic state of mind, not as sad as others. Depressed and sad.

Su Shi also experienced ups and downs in his life and was derogated several times in his life. Huizhou, Huizhou and Danzhou became more and more remote and miserable each time.

but he is always open-minded.

when he was demoted to Huangzhou, he was also interested in going out to play and got drenched, but he was able to write the poem "A shower of misty rain for life".

when I was demoted to Huizhou, I didn't care about the desolate and uninhabited environment. Instead, I was glad to be able to eat lychees every day.

this kind of good mentality has also become one of the secrets of Su Shi's longevity.

A sentence Wang Yangming once said:

in fact, staying happy is not a gift, but an ability, and each of us can exercise our abilities through spiritual practice.


Zhihu has a question: "what are the things to be happy in life?"

the most popular response is: "there is nothing to be unhappy about."

We often say "make happiness a habit". In fact, it is nothing more than:

be confused, take it easy, take it easy.

when you really can't get over it, don't hold it and let it out happily.

the stupidest thing in the world is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

the second half of life is about mindset.

so for the rest of my life, cry when you want to cry, laugh when you want to laugh, leave if you have a bad relationship, and let go if you can't get it.

learn to love yourself better than anything.

in fact, happiness is not only a habit, but also a choice.

remember that there are no unhappy people in the world, only hearts that refuse to let themselves be happy.