The best way to live the rest of your life is to develop these four habits.

The best way to live the rest of your life is to develop these four habits.

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Su Shi once said: "people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing."

it is true that all relationships in the world have cause and effect. Some things in life are doomed to be impossible to force, and it is useless for some people to stay.

people only live once, why bother to make themselves so tired?

after seeing a lot along the way, I realized that everything was the best arrangement.

Don't worry about the present and worry about the future. In fact, there are only four best ways to live in life.

and the person who can have one of them is already great.


three or five friends, spend the rest of your life

have you found out?

I have more and more friends on Wechat, but there are only a few people who can speak my heart.

Life is a process of continuous subtraction, and those friendships that go through the years but get along with each other as before are the most rare.

as Bao Rong said, "Mountains and rivers are not heavy enough, the most important thing is to meet a bosom friend."

the enviable friendship is not only to talk about the lofty ideals of the past, but also to talk about the present.

A friend with no regrets is not leaving you in adversity, but standing up and cheering for you in good times.

some time ago, some fans told me that she had witnessed a 58-year friendship.

her grandmother and friends have known each other since junior high school.

in those days, Grandma lived far away from the school. When it is windy and rainy, friends will take the initiative to invite grandma to stay at home for one night.

pick up food for Grandma when eating, and when they sleep, they build a quilt, and they don't feel that Grandma has caused them any trouble at all.

later, two people took part in the work, and Grandma's friend was cheated out of his salary for half a year.

during that difficult time, Grandma took her friend to her rented house and worked two jobs a day to cover her expenses.

from youth to gray hair, people come and go around, but the relationship between the two people is strong for a long time.

Life is short, easy to meet, but difficult to keep together, easy to enjoy together, but difficult to share adversity.

and the best state in life is that someone is willing to laugh with you and someone is willing to borrow your shoulder to lean on.

as the saying goes, ten thousand taels of gold is easy to get, but it is hard to find a bosom friend. Life is fleeting, please cherish those who love you and be kind to those who understand you.

if you can have a bosom friend around for the rest of your life, the days are worth looking forward to.


the body is not sick, there is nothing on the mind

there was a very popular saying on the Internet:

Don't expose your savings. In the hospital, it's just a registration slip.

Don't share your work. If you fall down, someone will do better than you.

Don't sun up your house. If you leave, it's someone else's nest.

the only thing you can show off is your health.

early morning sunshine, birdsong among trees, the infinite beauty of the world, people lying in hospital beds can not see, people who take pills can not feel the meaning of life

, they never fight for their lives, but enjoy them with their hearts.

in May this year, Zuohui was just named the richest man in real estate.

in less than 20 days, he died of lung cancer at the age of 50.

in fact, his body issued a warning a long time ago, when he was forced to cut off 1/3 of his stomach.

but at that time, he was still worried about his work, kept doing business nonstop, and stayed up late drinking with clients.

for the sake of the company, he gives up the small family to take care of the big one.

but now the company is brilliant, his small home is broken, his wife has lost her husband forever, and his children have no father forever.

and he himself, the fame and fortune gained by hard work all his life, never had a chance to enjoy it again.

Life can be exchanged for banknotes, but sometimes banknotes cannot be exchanged for a human life.

Life will not give you a chance to start all over again. If you don't cherish your health, everything you got will come to naught.

there's nothing to do, it's worth your life. No matter how important your account balance or social status is, it is not as important as the smile on your face.

when you are tired, don't hold on any longer. When you can't make it, relax.

only a healthy body and a full and comfortable soul can enjoy life.


there are dreams and expectations in my heart

Wang Xiaobo once said: "of all the people in the world, the one I most want to promote is myself."

A sign that a person is becoming more and more mature is that he begins to enrich his life experience and increase his knowledge.

some people muddle up every day, deal with things at work, and play with their mobile phones during breaks.

but some people always have a small goal in mind to remind themselves that they are not good enough.

the greatest joy in life is to always be curious about the world and always have dreams to pursue.

attended the classmate reunion a few days ago, among which Xiaoyu was the most amazing.

I still remember that when she was at school, she was always at the bottom of her grades, but she insisted on going to the class first every day.

she told everyone that her dream was to go to a college, and everyone laughed at her secretly at that time, but she was really admitted in the end.

and now Xiaoyu is already an executive of a well-known company.

Xiaoyu said that she was pregnant with a baby and was served by food and clothing, and people around her advised her to be a stay-at-home mother at home.

but she couldn't let go of her workplace dream and began to teach herself the knowledge of management.I often read books while taking care of my children.

all these years, she has been chasing her dreams and become a better person.

it is often said that he who has a dream in his heart has a way under his feet. As long as you don't give up on improving yourself, God will give you a chance to transform successfully.

people can't be young all the time, but their dreams can never grow old. When people are alive, they should always give themselves something to look forward to. It is not a waste of time.

the road of life is long. Don't forget to have hope in your eyes and anticipation in your heart.


enrich yourself and enjoy life

once said: "you can become Fan Bingbing in one day, but not Lin Huiyin in one day."

I have seen a lot of people. When it comes to brand-name watches and luxury bags, they can count their treasures. But when you ask them the name of a book and their opinion on a thing, they can't say a word.

the best way to enrich yourself is never to pack the skin, but to nourish the soul.

It is such a dream to be able to find just the right wedding dresses for big busts for that special event. Latest arrivals in the newest different trendy styles!

I still remember that on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Tsinghua University, a cyclist became popular on the Internet.

it is Professor Qian Yingyi who wears a stiff suit and rides a shabby bike.

you know that he has been the dean of the School of Economics and Management for 12 years in a row, which can be said to be a success.

is such a person who always keeps a low profile and devotes himself to his career instead of pursuing luxury cars and watches.

coincidentally, there is an academician named Li Xiaowen at Beijing normal University who also doesn't care about external things and only focuses on the inside.

when he gives a lecture, he always wears a suit of plain black clothes and a pair of cloth shoes.

because it looked so ordinary, the security guard once stopped him at the school gate as a salesman: "Special soil, I wonder why this man came to our school. I didn't know until I was told that he was the famous Li Xiaowen."

Li Xiaowen is not only the director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also an important scientist in China, who has been in charge of two major national projects.

but he never shows off his achievements. In Li Xiaowen's mind, he is content to be able to do what he loves.

the higher a person's spiritual realm, the lower the material requirements, and only hope for the richness of the inner world.

it's nice to stay up late to watch a TV play, but it's not nearly as rewarding as reading a book. It is very respectable to buy a big-brand dress, but it is far less interesting and more respectable than the soul.

the true nobility is to purify your mind and fill your spirit in the earthly world.


Seneca once wrote: "Life is like a story. What matters is not how long it is, but how good it is." "

Life is bittersweet, some people win the future but lose themselves, some people rush to the road but forget to be happy.

cherish every moment in the moment, leave no regrets, seize every day of the rest of your life, and live a wonderful life.

in the days to come, may you have company, something to do in your heart, no illness, no worries, and enjoy yourself.