The best way to save one's life is not to keep in good health, not to exercise, but to.

The best way to save one's life is not to keep in good health, not to exercise, but to.

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in the past two days, there is a piece of news that is shocking.

33-year-old Mr. Wang went to the hospital for abdominal pain. After hemodialysis, two liters of oil unexpectedly came out. Everyone was afraid to see it.

now he has inflammation of the pancreas and can only cut the stomach to lose weight.

usually he likes to eat big fish and meat, and he eats the most fried chicken. He reached 274 jin five years ago.

earlier, he found out that he had fatty liver, but he didn't care about it, but he still didn't eat breakfast, and he ate twice as much at noon and in the evening. Some people commented, "if it goes on like this, it's all light."

the joy of eating Haisai is crushed in a single illness.

We used to think that youth is capital, but later we found out that health is everything.

people who can't stop talking, it's time to wake up.


people who indulge in eating and drinking are destroying themselves

because he is by no means the only one who has sent himself to the hospital by eating and drinking.

29-year-old girl Xiao Lin likes milk tea best and drinks almost as water.

but in August this year, she suddenly had a dry mouth, dizziness and vomiting, and then was sent to the ICU ward.

according to the diagnosis, she not only suffered from explosive diabetes, but also suffered from multiple organ failure. If she hadn't been rescued in time, she might have died.

Milk tea tastes better than boiled water.

but one sip of milk tea is sweet. If you drink too much, you will get fat. No matter how much you drink, you will destroy your health.

you think you can survive by eating and drinking, but if you suffer a loss, you will find that those lack of self-discipline are all harbingers of losing your life.

Internet celebrity Bobble Bobble is famous for eating and sowing, eating self-help every three days, greasy elbows and big lobster.

others talk about bowls when they eat, but they talk about pots when they eat.

his most famous mantra is: "incense, make, spit bubbles after eating."

but the smiling, binge-eating guy in front of the camera died at the age of 29.

some fans reminded him that there must be something wrong with black spots on his face.

some people even commented that seborrheic hair loss, severe fatty liver, and hyperlipidemia were almost written on his face.

but it is no longer too late to regret. Bobble Bubble, who makes money by eating, also died because of eating.

Happiness can't be enjoyed too much at a time.

stop consuming your body, no matter whether you are young or not, no matter how good your body is, self-discipline now is better than crying in the future.


there is no self-discipline, and all health care is futile

every time I see such news, someone will come out and tease: "scared me to soak a cup of Chinese wolfberry."

this is not just a joke, it hides our real luck.

I can't sleep well at night, take a piece of melatonin;

eat too greasy, drink a cup of health tea;

my skin is too bad when I work overtime, so I must apply a facial mask first when I get home.

how many people squander their bodies all day, almost wasting their health, and being complacent, thinking that they are in good health?

there is no fluke in life. If you don't talk about self-discipline, you are doomed to come to nothing.

host Wu Xin once swallowed a lot of health products in the variety show and was called a "health girl".

but instead of glowing, she ate too many health products, resulting in liver damage.

in fact, her daily routine has almost nothing to do with health care, and her meals are irregular. She often orders Spicy Hot Pot takeout and takes two bites foolishly.

it is also common to stay up late. Once at 1: 00 in the morning, she was still sitting at her desk doing puzzles.

this kind of life, even if you apply facial mask more frequently than anyone else, the health products at home are everywhere, and you have to eat whitening, iron, and fish oil every day. With a total of more than ten things, how can

not get sick?

you will be in good health again. No matter how many health products you buy, you will not be able to save your disordered routine.

those through the night, fooled dinner, are your own hands buried the mine, not so easy to clear.

Mei Mosheng, a master of health preservation, is proficient in physical recuperation, but he died of bowel cancer at the age of 59.

too many people say, "I don't trust those experts anymore."

but he didn't get sick because of recuperation, it was precisely the most basic self-discipline, and he didn't do it.

since he was a young man, he has been running around all the year round, and even often works until the middle of the night, and his health is too weak.

when he wanted to be regular, the pain came to him earlier.

those who understand again suffer from lack of self-discipline after all.

I have heard a saying: "the health of some people is health, while the health of some people is just a shaky state between getting sick and not getting sick."

in an undisciplined life, health will fall as soon as the wind blows.

whether you know how to keep in good health or not, and lose your self-disciplined lifestyle, you will lose completely.


the best way to save your life is to live with self-discipline

when you have seen countless unreliable ways to continue your life, you will know that there are no shortcuts to health.

only self-discipline can give you the health you want.

blogger @ Tongyang is 56 years old, but he is often said to be 30.

in the three meals a day she shared, there was almost nothing greasy, and the meat, dishes and staples in each meal were all matched and eaten on time.

sometimes she is busy at work, or meets with all kinds of temporary arrangements, but she never leads a careless life.

make your own healthy salad and vegetable juice to replenish your strength in time.

No matter how busy you are, try to be before 11:00.Sleep...

she lives in good order in her own plan.

the same is true of her 94-year-old father, who gets up before 5 o'clock in the morning, goes to bed on time at 9 p.m., and goes to the park to exercise and read newspapers.

Don usually eats fish, meat and vegetables, but he doesn't eat much of everything.

he eats at most two or three pieces of meat dishes that are easy to eat.

now he is still strong and looks only 70 or 80 years old.

Haruki Murakami said, "when self-discipline becomes a habit, you will enjoy it."

self-discipline has been done for a long time, and health is visible to the naked eye.

Uncle Xu in Chengdu once became popular because of a group of fitness photos. he was full of muscles and had more energy than young people.

it seems like a miracle in sports, but in fact it all depends on his self-disciplined way of life.

when he was young, he was three tall, with a big belly, and it was hard to keep fit.

later he made up his mind to change and formed the habit of not smoking, drinking and staying up late.

he gave up his favorite hot pot and brought a lunch box with apples, stewed beef and half a steamed bread at noon.

slowly, he began to exercise smoothly, and he has maintained these habits for 24 years.

We always say, "years do not forgive people."

but it's not the years that really determine your body, it's your self-discipline.

No one is born with self-discipline, but you can choose to live with self-discipline, and you can get its gift as you get older.

wait until the body is exhausted, this is the correct way to continue life,

to survive the difficulties of life, this is the real resurrection full of blood.


treat yourself well. From now on,

writer Zhou Guoping once said: "my highest material hope is to have a healthy body and live a well-off life in a peaceful world."

who doesn't yearn for such a life?

the health we look forward to depends on self-discipline after all.

1) healthy eating

there is an old saying: "eat less at dinner and you won't live long until ninety."

We don't have to worry about eating and drinking anymore, but by eating too much sugar and fat, our bodies bear too much burden that we shouldn't have.

Hypertension and heart disease are mostly from the mouth.

Don't eat too much, let alone fool yourself with takeout.

freshly cooked porridge in the morning, good dishes with meat and vegetarian dishes in the evening, nutritious, abstemious mouthfuls, better match your stomach.

2) effective exercise

is it necessary after all?

the answer is yes.

it's just that we blindly get a bunch of fitness cards and don't go until they expire a few times. We practice until we have thigh cramps today, and we want to be paralyzed at home tomorrow, which won't do us any good.

you just need to add a little more exercise according to your body, and the key is to continue:

run downstairs once a day, ride a bike to and from work,

work for 45 minutes, get up and stretch,

day after day, stick to it, and the effect will be visible.

3) early to bed and early to rise

according to research statistics, 90% of young people's sudden death is related to staying up late.

but when we brush our phones and giggle at the electronic screen, we don't seem to care about the time and don't stay up until midnight, and we all seem to have wronged ourselves.

in fact, I don't want to go to sleep, but I just don't have the courage to end the day.

lie in bed early, close your eyes and relax your body and mind.

when you wake up, you are a new person.

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4) keep a good attitude

Don't treat self-discipline as a tiring thing, treat yourself attentively and clear out negative emotions. In fact, it is also self-discipline.

Life is so complicated that I decompress myself occasionally.

smile more and love yourself a little more than anyone else.

those who eat and drink on a daily basis are never a reward.

see your heart clearly and do what you think is meaningful, which is the best reward for yourself.

take a self-disciplined attitude, which is the top level of health preservation.

click "watching" and be nice to yourself.

eat well, sleep well, and continue your life with self-discipline, from now on.