The best way to save your life: be broad-minded, worry less and laugh more

The best way to save your life: be broad-minded, worry less and laugh more

Good morning, accompany you to read.

living well is more important than anything else.

the best way to save your life is not to maintain your health blindly, but to manage your emotions.

when you relax, all the problems will be solved.

for the rest of my life, be broad-minded, worry less and smile more.


the heart is wide and the illness retreats

Master Hongyi has a saying: "in life, the heart is one inch wide, the road is one inch wide, the thought is put down, and everything is at ease."

the heart is wide, the road is smooth, and the illness is gone.

Kazuo Inamori, a famous industrialist, founded Kyoto Ceramics at the age of 27 and second Telecom at the age of 52.

however, Kazuo Inamori suffered a serious illness.

two of his relatives died of "tuberculosis", and Kazuo Inamori was referred to as "the family of tuberculosis".

Kazuo Inamori suffers from a "heart attack". He is always worried that he will die of tuberculosis and can't sleep all night.

later, he developed some symptoms, such as dizziness, depression and fatigue. It was useless to take a lot of medicine.

in despair, a neighbor gave him a book called the reality of Life.

there is a passage in the book: "in our hearts, there are magnets that attract disaster, and we are sick because we have a fragile state of mind that attracts germs."

Kazuo Inamori suddenly realized that he had scared himself ill.

so he changed his mind, no longer obsessed with the past, relaxed his state of mind, worked hard to exercise, ate and slept regularly, and his illness recovered naturally.

like the Law of attraction, the more you think about bad results, the easier it is to attract them.

as the saying goes, "if you have a good heart, you will have a good heart."

instead of worrying about it, it is better to empty your heart and welcome the arrival of good things.

in the second half of life, the eyes are wide, the view of the world is wide; the heart is broad, and the world is tolerant.


worry less, things go smoothly

like a passage written by Wang Zengqi: "No entanglement, less vulgarity, be at ease with what happens, a first heart, cook life slowly and quietly."

I used to be a "pessimist", thinking about the worst-case scenario in everything I do, and then writing a backup plan.

it was a good habit at first, but being so worried that it almost made me autistic.

for example, my good friend invited me to travel. I was going to go, but I began to worry: what if I was robbed on the road? Is the plane safe? Will your work be delayed if you ask for so many days off?

that's it. There are so many worries that I'm getting timid and afraid to try anything new.

in order to get out of autism, I forced myself to take part in more outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking and mountain climbing.

in a training, I no longer worry, just take action, the whole person is much more relaxed.

the writer Gibran once said:

"if one day: you no longer look for love, you just love; you no longer desire to succeed, you just do it; you no longer pursue vague growth, you just begin to cultivate your temperament; your life really begins."

Daqiao doesn't do what he does, but Dazhi doesn't worry about it.

when you let go of your worries, things will go well.


laugh more, people are young

A person grows old and never likes to laugh.

I have a friend. She is 28 years old, but she seems to have 38-year-old vicissitudes.

Slip into the super charming in our black sexy prom dress. There is no collection like ours.

she grew gray hair early and raised her head when she spoke.

every time she chatted, she frowned as if she were entangled in a lot of trifles.

however, when asked carefully, she did not suffer any major disaster, just complaining that her husband made little money and her children were disobedient.

she looks ten years older than her peers because she is always sighing.

writer Cai Lan said: "people must be judged by their appearance."

Cai Lan thinks that people like "aunts laughing" are lovely. They love to laugh, they don't know how to play tricks, and they are comfortable to get along with such people.

while those negative people always like to complain and always turn over old debts, they look pitiful, but they can't get to know each other deeply.

the medical book points out that there are two things that are the best panacea: a happy smile and a good night's sleep.

smile is not only the best health care product for a person, but also the cure for everything.

when you smile a lot, you look naturally young.

Tagore wrote: "never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile."

your smile hides your life's luck.

likes this passage very much: "often remind yourself to pay attention to happiness, just like looking at the sun on cold days, the heart unconsciously warms and shines."

Life has many difficulties, but your mindset can change everything.

your heart is wider, the road is naturally wide;

usually less worry, things are naturally smooth;

smile more, look younger.

instead of complaining, it is better to practice temperament. May we lead a steaming life, believing that tomorrow will be better than today.