The choice of different ages! (epiphany)

The choice of different ages! (epiphany)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there are three stages in life: to see yourself, to see heaven and earth, and to see sentient beings.

different ages have different stages of life.

in the corresponding stage, you have to take everything and give up in order to get something.


20 years old, be yourself

there is a saying quite right:

when you are 20 years old, what you have to do is not to catch up with others, but to learn how to be yourself.

be yourself, these three words seem very simple, but many people have forgotten how to be themselves.

from the moment you were born, you learned to be a child of parents, a student of a teacher, and the attachment and foil of many people.

you try to fulfill everyone's expectations, but you forget to be yourself.

Twenty years old, life is a watershed.

you should put aside all kinds of role-playing and think carefully about where you are going.

you should put aside your ambitious eyes, stop envious of what others have, and go back to your starting line. If you know the way forward, don't look back easily.

advise you not to cherish the golden clothes, advise you to cherish your youth.

there is only one life at the age of 20. Please take a chance bravely and forge ahead through the wind and waves.


30 years old, do not fight, control your temper

the ancients said: people do not do, and then can have something to do.

people are over thirty before they are in their thirties.

at the age of 30, you have far-reaching ambitions and heavy baggage.

your ideal and reality are fighting every day, and your life goes back and forth between ups and downs.

your life is not exactly what you want it to be, and your expectations are falling apart on the track of reality.

Thirty-year-old, not twenty-year-old young, without the arrogance of solitude and courage.

you become trembling, afraid of being defeated by reality, and have to face the reality.

when you are 30 years old, you should first learn to precipitate yourself.

walk through the impetuous spirit of a teenager and lose his youthful spirit.

should remain calm and open-minded in the years.

30, you don't argue and avoid, keep your mouth shut and rein in your bad temper.

put aside your temper and put aside your dissatisfaction.

Laozi said that the highest goodness is like water, and all things in water conservancy are not disputed.

indisputable, it is a kind of mercy.

if you don't argue, time will naturally give you everything you want.


40 years old, not greedy, contented

40 years old, I stumbled through most of my life. If you say that life before the age of 40 is to climb mountains and mountains, life after the age of 40 is to enjoy the scenery.

in this life, you always have to stop and have a look.

look at the spring flowers and autumn moon, taste a taste of dust and haze.

if you waste half your life, you should stop.

Life at the age of forty is the beginning of peace and interest in life.

do not be greedy for endless money. If you want to be greedy, you will be greedy for the beauty of the lakes and mountains.


A 50-year-old genius is hidden in everything.

at the age of 50, you should know: do your best and know your destiny.

Life is no more than a hundred years, and you have already worked hard through half of it.

expectations that cannot be achieved, it is better to achieve them in a different way.

you have to remember that all saints have regrets, not to mention that you are just an ordinary person.

when you are 50 years old, you should learn to go with the odds.

stop worrying about the feelings of your parents, the son wants to support, the parent is still the greatest happiness, spend more time with the elderly parents, enjoy more happy time.

stop worrying about the path of your children. Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, and they should also learn to move forward on their own.

stop worrying about friends. True friendship, bosom friends who know each other, know that silence is waiting.

stop quarrelling about the love of husband and wife. Young couples keep company when they grow old, and those who grow old should cherish it.

when you are 50 years old, you don't want to be rich and rich, you just want everything to be all right.

everything goes according to fate, everything goes well.


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60 years old, do not worry, laugh at life

the ancients said that 60 years old is the age of flower armour. After sixty years, a man has crossed his destiny by the time he is sixty, and it is a new cycle of life.

Sixty-year-old, stop being confused by nothingness, think about how to really love yourself.

the premise of loving yourself is not to go against your heart.

what else do people have to worry about when they are sixty?

throw away all fame and fortune, and put aside the worldly wisdom for a while.

live according to your heart.

cry when you want to cry, don't pay attention to the eyes around you.

laugh out loud when you want to laugh, and don't be bound by worldly troubles.

when you are 60 years old, you should live like a child.

worry not for tomorrow, not for others.

laughing at life is the highest way to live after the age of 60.

May you embark on the path you aspire to at the right age.

live up to lifeI'm not ashamed of life.

everything will shine because of your existence.