The degree of leisure of a person determines the height of life!

The degree of leisure of a person determines the height of life!

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Wang Yangming, an outstanding thinker in the Ming Dynasty, once said, "if you hold your mind like heartache, you don't have time to gossip and do things."

means that a wise person with ambition who is single-minded in this ambition has no intention of gossiping and doing idle things.

A life that is too idle consumes the mind and exhausts the opportunity.

only by keeping your mouth, mind and body well is the top wisdom of people in the world.


Don't gossip much: don't lose your bottom line.

as the saying goes, "Don't talk crazy in front of people, don't gossip after people."

many people like to gossip because they feel that they have nothing to do with them and will not hurt themselves.

everyone knows that gossip behind their backs not only loses respect for others, but also puts them in danger.

there is such a story in Strange Tales of Liaozhai.

there are two families in a small town. Both families are relatively rich. One family is an and the other is Xia. As the two families are well matched, Anjia's son and Xia's daughter have booked a baby since they were young.

when the two children grew up, the Xia family suddenly had a change, and their family background was far behind that of settling down. As soon as I took a look at my home, I wanted to return the marriage.

Anjia came up with a plan, saying that the Xia family wanted to renounce their marriage because their daughter had lost her virginity.

without understanding the causes and consequences, the people in the town passed it around, and soon the whole town knew about it.

Xia's daughter has no choice but to jump off a cliff to prove her innocence, which is regrettable.

without knowing the causes and consequences, judging others at will will only cross the line and hurt innocent people.

gossip ends with the wise. Really smart people never participate in unnecessary discussions, do not take gossip seriously, and stay away from people and things that are right and wrong.

you should know that a good word warms you in three winters, and a bad word hurts you in June.

words should be a tool of communication, not a hurtful weapon.

knowing to shut up at the right time is a person's highest virtue and the best feng shui.


mind your own business: meditate and cultivate yourself

Zheng Banqiao wrote in "Gift to your Father and son": "read more ancient books to broaden your horizons and mind your own business."

everyone lives in a different environment and experience, and is unable to interfere with other people's lives with their own experience and standards.

at all times, at home and abroad, people with great wisdom will restrain themselves and give advice.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister of the Qing Dynasty, held a high position.

his brother Zeng Guohuang is a man who loves to be in the limelight and fiddle with power. Often keen to help others, but also won a good reputation.

similarly, Zeng Guofan's father also liked to stand up for others and often went to the Yamen to settle lawsuits and meddle in other people's affairs.

Zeng Guofan exhorted them that when a person is in power, everything will work, giving people the impression that you are bullying others.

if you lose power, you will only feel the endless coolness of the world, and you will even be thrown into a stone by others.

instead of meddling, push yourself into right and wrong. It is better to focus on self-cultivation, the heart will naturally be more confident and calm than others.

Zeng Guofan is one of the four famous ministers of the Qing Dynasty. The most important thing is that he spends most of his time on self-cultivation.

only by reducing unnecessary consumption can we have the wisdom to mediate in the affairs of the world.

there is a saying in Feng Menglong's "constant words of awakening the world": "if you don't mind your own business, don't force your words if you don't speculate."

between friends, mind your own business and give more thoughtfulness to friendship; between relatives, mind your own business and give more room for affection.

only by reducing unnecessary consumption can we have the wisdom to mediate in the affairs of the world.


leisure cannot be born: an open-minded mind is a blessing

there is a saying in Huangdi Nei Jing: "all diseases arise from qi."

in life, we often get angry about trifles, which is not only easy to damage our health, but also easy to kill morale.

as the saying goes, a few words without being idle, a retreat can lead to eternal life. Do not be idle, do not pay for other people's mistakes, can also have an open-minded heart.

Ji Xianlin, a famous scholar in his 90s, is still very strong. When asked about his secret to longevity, he smiled and said, "my heart is free from dust."

"not stained with dust" means to keep your heart happy and optimistic; to solve problems and to overcome difficulties;

to do things calmly and not easily annoyed by trifles, so why not live a long life?

I have seen such a short story.

once, the poet Goethe took a walk and met a critic. The critic said arrogantly, "I never make way for fools."

Goethe said calmly, "I'm just the opposite."

A true wise man never gets angry casually.

anger can only be a temporary pleasure, mistakenly become a slave to emotion, and forget to examine the cause and lose the opportunity to make a correct judgment.

if you are not idle, your state of mind will suddenly be enlightened and your life will be happy.


idle people should not do it: abide by the original intention and end to end

there is a saying in the vegetable Root Tan: "if life is too idle, don't try to steal a student."

if people do nothing all day, they are apt to be delusional and even take things that do not exist seriously. In the long run, negative emotions will be magnified and overstocked.

so, sometimes you worry too much, not because there are too many things, but because you are too idle.

Mr. Shen Congwen has said many times: "my life is afraid of leisure, leisure will lose the meaning of life."

and he himself is aA restless person.

when he began to make a living as a teenager, when he saw that the people around him were leisurely, he used his spare time to record what he had seen and heard.

later, in order to study literature, he, who only went to primary school, sat in on Peking University every day and never missed a class.

he began to learn punctuation little by little, while he began to delve into and create.

even at the bottom of his life, Shen Congwen is still busy.

he silently studied ancient Chinese history and cultural relics, and wrote the book "the study of Ancient Chinese clothing", which is known as the masterpiece of Chinese clothing.

Roman Roland said: "the heaviest burden in life is not work, but boredom."

leisure has become a burden of life.

once a person lies in a leisurely hotbed, he is easy to lose his goal and motivation to strive.

A person becomes obsolete gradually, starting with nothing to do.

No matter how energetic people are, they will be depressed if they are idle for too long, and those who have goals will lose their way if they don't work hard for a long time.

only those who stick to their original intentions will persist in taking every step of life.

Zhu Xi said: "if you do not work hard, your heart will be decadent; if you are not disciplined, your heart will be wanton."

Don't regard idleness as a "gift" from the world.

remind yourself all the time:

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stop gossiping and concentrate on being yourself;  mind your own business and patiently improve your ability;

don't be idle and enjoy life happily;

Don't be idle and take time with your heart.

the degree of one's "leisure" determines the height of life.

May you and I have less leisure and more life experience on the road to happiness, step by step, and walk out of our own broad road!