The dialogue between the two monks has reached countless people!

The dialogue between the two monks has reached countless people!

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the Zen master has a complaining disciple. One day, the Zen master put a handful of salt into a glass of water for his disciples to drink.

the disciple said: it is so salty that it is bitter.

the Zen master sprinkled more salt into the lake and let the disciples taste the lake again.

after drinking, the disciple said: pure and sweet.

the Zen master said: the pain in life is salt, and its saltiness depends on the container in which it is held. Would you rather be a glass of water or a lake?

realize: if you want to live happily, you have to worry less; you have to be broad-minded and learn to be kind to yourself and tolerate others. This is called a relaxed life. Originally, life should be leisurely and leisurely.


the Zen master asked his disciple, "do you think a grain of gold or a pile of mud is better?"

disciple answer: gold, of course!

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the Zen master smiled and said: what if you are a seed?

realize: there is no absolute good or bad in this world. What suits you is the best.

the eagle hits the sky, the fish soars to the bottom, and there are thousands of creatures in nature. Finding a suitable position makes the world rich and colorful.

similarly, everyone is unique, and what is right for others may not be right for you. Only by finding what is suitable for you, can we let life shine!


the disciple asked the Zen master for advice: "Master, some people call me a genius, while others call me a fool. What do you think?"

"what do you think of yourself?" The Zen master asked, and the disciple looked at a loss.

"for example, a jin of rice is bowls of rice in the eyes of cooking women, baked cakes in the eyes of bakeries, and wine in the eyes of wine merchants. Rice or that rice. Similarly, you are still you, and how successful you are depends on how you look at yourself. "

the disciple suddenly enlightened.

feeling: don't care what others think, just care about what you do. We have no right to change others, but we have the right to change ourselves.

A person should learn to be confident but not arrogant, decisive but not arbitrary, self-respecting but not conceited, rigorous but not restrained, contented but not satisfied, ordinary but not mediocre, easygoing but not casual, relaxed but not indulgent, serious but not serious.


the young monk is responsible for sweeping the fallen leaves, which takes a long time every day.

someone said to him, "shake the tree hard and shake off all the fallen leaves before cleaning, so you won't have to clean tomorrow."

the young monk thought it was right, so he gladly did it, but the next day the yard was full of fallen leaves as usual.

the Zen master came over and said to the little monk, "silly boy, no matter how hard you try today, tomorrow's fallen leaves will float down."

realize: there are many things in the world can not be advanced, only seriously live in the present, is the most real attitude towards life. Don't rush everything. To do what you do today is to be responsible for your whole life.


the Zen master asked his disciple, "what is the most precious in the world?"

disciple said: "it has been lost and has not been obtained."

the Zen master is silent. After several years, the vicissitudes of life have changed greatly.

when the Zen master asked him again, the disciple replied, "the most precious thing in the world is to have it!"

realize: the most precious thing in the world is not what you have lost or not got, but what you have now. Please cherish everything you have now, don't regret the past, don't complain about fate, don't leave any regrets in this life!