The difference between self-discipline and non-self-discipline is a whole life!

The difference between self-discipline and non-self-discipline is a whole life!

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Churchill has a saying printed on the wall by many people:

self-discipline is freedom. Simple six words, including the fate of this life.

some people rely on self-discipline, one step at a time, from nothing to success. Some people do not cherish a good deck of cards, they are willing to fall, and they are lazy and hopeless.

the gap between people lies in the word "self-discipline".



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is a person's most advanced practice

every time I look at moments, I can always see this kind of people.

sign in 365 days a year.

some people post the mileage of running, 5 kilometers a day, and can run 3 kilometers even if they are not feeling well.

some people post muscle, waistcoat, and exercise photos. Over the past five years, the changes from the inside to the outside will make you sincerely sigh: this is not for the sun, but for real practice.

there are people who get up early every day to post their reading notes and foreign language learning records. You think they are just on a whim, but some people have been doing it for two years and have started their own sideline in full swing.

every time I see this kind of people, there is always unlimited envy and impulse in my heart. I envy them that they can persist day after day, can control themselves to resist the temptation of laziness and procrastination, and can crush their inner pain. finally form their own high-quality habits, open the road of life that they desire.

like them, they can't help but take the first step of self-discipline, but often, one foot is not secure, and the other is already clamoring back.

self-discipline is not easy just to get started.

80% of people can last three days, 50% can last a week, 10% can last January, and only 3% can live the life they want every day of the year.

self-discipline is self-cultivation.

when a person's physical fitness is strengthened in an orderly manner, his mental state improves, his work is more focused, his thinking is more active, and he is more passionate in doing things.

self-discipline is to cultivate the mind.

when people are most anxious, when they find that their actions are slower than the development of the times, when they find that their abilities do not match their ambitions, when they find themselves hovering outside the life they desire forever, and when they can't find their own rhythm.

but when your life begins to be self-disciplined and everything is carried out in an orderly manner, your confusion and unease will be quietly cured.

self-discipline is spiritual practice.

many people are tired of two-point front-line work, irritated by all kinds of human sophistication, forced to grow up, pushed forward, live a chicken feather, and accomplish nothing in life.

but those who slowly integrate self-discipline into their bones can always find the true meaning of life.

the days go smoothly, the mind is at peace, and life, ah, will begin to shine along the glowing traces.


self-control is the instinct of the strong

self-consolation is the skill of the weak

Weber said: "Man is an animal with a web of meaning woven by himself."

I worked too much yesterday. I don't feel well today, but there will be an emergency tomorrow.

I was full of confidence in the morning. I made a lot of plans for myself. I was depressed at night. I thought I'd start tomorrow. I'm so tired today.

in the final analysis, the belief is not strong enough.

it's like quitting smoking. Many people find it difficult to quit smoking because they can't quit smoking. Anyway, no one can quit smoking. It doesn't matter if I fail.

try again and again, fail easily again and again, give up easily, the belief of "quitting smoking" has become a dispensable goal, and in the end, you can never quit smoking again.

but you should know that all counterattacks should be prepared.

believe in yourself like a fool and act like a madman to really get started on the subject of self-discipline.

Bai Yushuang, a famous actor in pingju opera, is called "queen of pingju opera". She has a habit of practicing and practicing her throat whenever she has time, whether in the scorching heat of three volts or in the depths of winter.

someone said to her, "you've become famous, why are you practicing so hard?"

she smiled and said, "the play is endless."

self-discipline is also endless.

it is not an one-day or two-day play, but a year, ten years, decades of habits and normality.

self-discipline is achieved only when you really do not do it for others, but only for yourself, or even put "persistence" behind you and integrate your behavior into the daily routine of eating and brushing your teeth.

as he Jing said: self-discipline is not to show others, but to protect ourselves.

protect yourself from sudden disasters, protect yourself from being thoroughly polluted by the outside world, and protect yourself from always striving for the dream of hope.

you know, staying up late is enjoyable, laziness is earned, but the joy of overdraft always needs to be repaid with a myriad of feelings of loss.

there is a saying that things should be preservative and people should guard against laziness.

less self-comfort, less self-escape, self-control is the instinct of the strong.