The family has the pure gas, the person has the blessing

The family has the pure gas, the person has the blessing

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Home is not only the residence of the body, but also the destination of the soul.

in Yi Jian Zhi, it is written: "Gao Tang Subi, no easy work; a few clear windows, there is peace of sitting and lying down."

the shape of a home is often a reflection of your state of life.


cleaning the room is also cleaning the heart

someone on Zhihu has asked: my life has been a mess recently, how to change it?

A high praise replied:

in recent years, there is a very popular word on the Internet, sweeping power.

I have seen such a story.

A little flower girl gave the last rose she had left to a beggar by the side of the road.

the beggar was in a good mood when he received the roses, so he immediately decided not to continue begging today, but went home and planted the roses in a bottle.

he sat by the window quietly admiring the roses and suddenly thought, how can such a beautiful flower be placed in such a dirty bottle?

so he got up and washed the bottle clean.

after washing the bottle, he thought, how can such a beautiful rose and such a clean bottle be put on such a messy table?

he began to clear the table again until it was wiped clean.

he thought, how can such beautiful flowers and tables be put in such a messy room?

so he cleaned the whole house.

before you know it, the whole house has taken on a new look as if by magic.

when he was intoxicated with the freshness of the room, he found himself dishevelled in the mirror and disciplined himself in order to deserve the beautiful room.

take a bath, change clothes, shave off the beard that has grown for a long time, and then look in the mirror, a handsome face appears in the mirror.

he was awakened as if he was struck by lightning: why should he be a beggar if he is not bad?

so he decided to find a decent job.

later, this once ragged beggar turned out to be the boss of a small successful enterprise.

A seemingly strange story is actually a reflection of real life.

psychologists have said:

A lot of times, cleaning the room is also cleaning the heart.

tidying up the room is ostensibly cleaning up the messy environment, but it is actually practicing one's own character.

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wipe the house neatly and brightly, put things in an orderly manner, raise a pot of flowers, raise a few fish, and cultivate your body and mind in a loose and bright environment.

when the room is clean, the mood can flow and the mood will be relaxed, and then the thorny problem will be solved easily.


cleaning the room is also a way to remove desire

I have heard that there is a forest of desire in every one of us.

what's in it is not necessarily a necessity, but it's what we want at the moment, or a favorite piece of clothing, or a new type of headphones.

after owning it, it is soon left behind, so items, large and small, are piled up in every corner of the room.

when the living space is constantly occupied by matter, the self is compressed into a small size, the soul is heavy, and life is naturally not light.

when people reach a certain age, they should learn to cut down the complexity and simplify it.

give up the excess material and let go of the burden of the past in order to regain the happiness and tranquillity of life.

Joshua Becker, a well-known minimalist writer in the United States, once thought that money could lead to happiness.

from the beginning of wanting to earn a living, to feeling that you must own a luxury house and car, the snowball of desire is getting bigger and bigger.

when he was in his 20s, he earned a seven-figure salary, ran 150 stores, lived in luxury houses, drove luxury cars, and used the most luxurious brands.

however, he, who has more material things, is no closer to happiness.

because he stayed up late for a long time, he had to go to sleep with the help of medicine every day, and his life was so busy that he could not breathe until his mother died and did not find time to take good care of her.

the long-term neglect of the family made the wife discouraged and asked for a divorce.

Joshua made up his mind to change himself.

the first thing he does is clean his room.

unworn clothes, unopened utensils, available or unused sundries, he donated all of them to the charity shop, leaving only 10% of the necessary items.

after emptying the room, Joshua quit his job, started a minimalist website, regained his childhood dream and became a best-selling author.

his experience makes more and more people gradually realize that

there is a critical point in the improvement of life by matter. Beyond this point, matter becomes our master.

people have been learning to deal with the relationship between people and things all their lives. If they are always tied down by material things, then happiness will never be reached.

only by learning to subtract superfluous items can we take life seriously after returning to basics.

A clean life is neither burdened by things nor deceived by false illusions.

only when you have a simple heart can you see the truth of life; only by living a simple life can you feel the source of happiness.


the family is pure and blessed.

Su Xin, a self-media man, often lived at his grandmother's house when he was a child, and especially liked to follow her to visit the neighbors.

after seeing many families, she came to a conclusion:

the families that have a good life are all neat and tidy, while those who have a bad life are mostly messy.

she shares the little experiences she has discovered withWhen grandma, grandma disagreed, saying that in the countryside, every household deals with dirt every day, and it is not as clean as it can go.

but the family she often goes to visit is not like this.

the girl next door, who is about the same age as Su Xin, the house is always neat and clean, and everything is collected well by category.

the girl has two brothers. The eldest brother has been admitted to a normal college and the second brother has been admitted to a military academy.

although the girl herself attended only one medical college, she continued her studies after graduation and became the youngest attending physician in the department a few years later.

after years of research, Harvard Business School has come to the conclusion that

successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a clean and tidy home, while unfortunate people usually live in messy and dirty.

this is not a mysterious metaphysics, but more about one's current beliefs.

for most people, when they are in a difficult situation, they are in a state of chaos. Where are they in the mood to tidy up the room?

the home is messy, and thoughts naturally follow. For a long time, they are implicated into a mess, so they become more and more annoyed, and their days naturally get worse and worse.

only those who live in the dark and can always keep the room clean and tidy can always adhere to the inner order and maintain a good state of mind.

only in this way can we have the opportunity to seize the olive branch stretched out by fate and wait for the day when the hardships are over.

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic: "people stand because of their homes, and houses must be preserved because of their homes."

Home not only stores our bodies, but also carries the weight of our hearts.

A sloppy environment is like a huge negative energy field, which makes you lazy and unenterprising.

and a clean home will make you physically and mentally happy and everything will go well.

click on it and take control of your life, starting with cleaning your home environment.