The family is clean and the family is safe, and the blessing comes naturally.

The family is clean and the family is safe, and the blessing comes naturally.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

someone once said:

the cleanliness of the house can often reveal the fengshui of a home and see a person's attitude towards life.

as the old saying goes, blessed human settlements, blessed human settlements.

A clean home can not only attract people, but also attract blessings.


the family is clean, the person is quiet

the famous philosopher Marx once said: man creates the environment, and the environment also creates man.

Home is not only the place where we live, but also the harbor of our hearts.

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if a family is disorganized for a long time, if people stay for a long time, their body and mind will become tired and restless.

if a home is clean and tidy for a long time, and people stay for a long time, their body and mind will become relaxed and relaxed.

Foreign researchers have found two groups of people and conducted a group of experiments:

Group A, people with a high index of happiness in life, feel that life is always full of joy.

Group B, on the other hand, are people with a very low happiness index, and they feel that life always brings them pain.

after visiting their homes, the researchers found that there was a significant difference in the cleanliness of their homes.

most of the people in the group with high happiness index live clean and tidy homes. In the other group with a low happiness index, most of their homes were messy and disorderly.

A member of Group A shared this in an interview:

after watching this group of experiments and interviews, many people can't help feeling: it's so important for a family to keep clean!

Liang Shuming, a famous philosopher, once said:

when the house is clean, people will not be bothered and bothered by things;

when the house is clean, life can become simple and beautiful.

Clean is the best style of a family.

No matter how chaotic the mood is, when you return to a clean home, you will be at peace.

when you go back to a clean home, you can naturally let go.


people are quiet, and peace of mind

there is a saying: "when the water is quiet, the image is clear, and when the mind is quiet, wisdom is born."

the greatest pleasure in life lies not in enjoying the pleasures of the world, but in the freedom one gets when he calms down.

as the saying goes, "peace leads to peace, peace leads to worry, worry leads to gain."

when people calm down, they will let go of those complicated thoughts and gradually find peace.

peace of mind is the true wealth of life.

Yang Jiang is a quiet, gentle and gentle intellectual woman.

although she lives in restless times, she can always face the ups and downs of life calmly and calmly.

in her later years, Yang Jiang continuously lost her loved ones and loved ones, leaving her own life.

but she is not too much immersed in grief, but optimistic and open-minded, has long been indifferent.

during the time when she lived alone, she wrote the famous prose collection "the three of us" with inner peace and silent cultivation.

she said: "the most beautiful scenery in life is inner calmness and calm."

it is true of her life.

No matter how many hardships life gives her, Yang Jiang can always leave a piece of pure land in her heart, take her time, calmly deal with the immediate difficulties, and keep her life in good order.

No matter how difficult life is for her, she never quarrels and smiles at life in a quiet and elegant manner.

Bai Yansong once said: no matter who is not calm, will not be happy.

I think so.

when people calm down, they will be able to have nothing to worry about.

No matter where one is and where one is, one must face the joys and sorrows of life with a calm and peaceful heart.

only in this way can we have infinite power to create our own happiness.


peace of mind.


the blessing that everyone hopes for is not outside, but in his own heart.

good luck is not preordained by heaven, but by oneself, and all kinds of spiritual practice in life are inseparable from spiritual practice.

if you feel uneasy, no matter how luxurious and luxurious life is, it is boring.

when you have peace of mind, you will be simple and comfortable, and you will enjoy your life.

once, Fan Zhongyan asked a fengshui master to inspect his mother's graveyard.

after seeing this, the fengshui master panicked and firmly let Fan Zhongyan move the graveyard, otherwise he would sever his heir and ruin his career.

but Fan Zhongyan rejected the feng shui master's suggestion and replied:

as a result, Fan Zhongyan not only did not sever the heir, but the family spread branches and leaves for more than 800 years.

and his career has not suffered twists and turns, but has been promoted step by step.

Zhou Guoping said:

A person with peace of mind can respond with an optimistic attitude in the face of all kinds of life, and naturally live freely and easily.

A person with peace of mind, in the face of the impermanence of the world, can not only calm down, but also bear things, and naturally live calmly and calmly.

as the saying goes, peace of mind and peace of mind come naturally.

if you feel at ease, the days will become simple and beautiful, and happiness will follow, and the road ahead will be longer and wider.


in the book "sweeping Power", there is an enlightening saying:

"if your room is dirty, dreams and good luck will slip away, and if you leave it alone, the dirty room will attract you."Luck. "

in this life, there is a causal relationship.

the home is clean, the person is quiet; the person is quiet, the heart is at ease. Peace of mind, blessings come.

there was a young man who moved to a new town with his family.

A few days after moving into the new house, the young man graciously invited famous local masters to the house to see if the location of the furniture was in line with feng shui.

unexpectedly, on the day of the appointment, the master suddenly had to go away in an emergency, so he sent his disciples to take pictures.

after the disciple sent the photo and video to the master, before he gave the exact location, the master said to the disciple, "you can come back. You don't have to look at the fengshui of this house."

both disciples and young people were surprised. The Master explained:

after listening to the Master's words, the disciples were deeply inspired. "this is what the ancients said, 'blessed human settlements, blessed human settlements'.

A few years later, by karmic coincidence, the disciple passed by again and found that the family was really rich and filial.

many people pay attention to fengshui, in fact, the best fengshui is a clean home.

No matter how many disturbances you have experienced outside, as long as you step into a clean and warm home, you can let people get rid of fickleness and calm down slowly.

when people calm down, they will feel peace and contentment, and it is natural for everything to prosper.

A clean, warm and comfortable family, there must be people who love life and are sincere and cheerful.

under their joint management, why worry that a family will not be happy?

from now on, let yourself have a clean home, comfortable and happy;

for the rest of my life, be a calm and secure person, always gentle and clear.