The final summary of 2020! Everyone should see it.

The final summary of 2020! Everyone should see it.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

2020 is a year worth remembering.

in the twinkling of an eye, December is coming to an end, and the year is coming to an end, and it is time to start the year-end summary and reflect on whether the plan has been completed at the beginning of the year.

this year, there are too many sorrows and pains, too many tears and laughter, too many feelings and sighs.

this year is a year of turning point, a year for everyone, every nation, and every country to ride the wind and waves.

this year, we should all salute ourselves, our friends who have helped us, and all the strangers who fought against COVID-19 and clenched their teeth together.


about the first heart

Gibran said, don't go so far as to forget why we started.

the first heart is an exciting word.

in the materialistic world, few people keep that innocence and cleanliness from beginning to end. Like Qinglian, they are independent.

who is not walking, confused, unable to help sinking, and plucking up courage and firmness at the same time.

the original intention of adults is nothing but a game between themselves and themselves.

is the courage to see the world clearly and still walk forward with a smile after recognizing the truth. It is also the magnanimity after falling over the south wall and waking up.

are you still on the road of sticking to your original mind this year?

have you ever regretted what you did this year?

have you ever abandoned the bottom line you have always adhered to this year?

have you grown into a better yourself this year, as agreed at the beginning of the year?


the answer is in your heart.

self-reflection is a must at the end of the year. It is not an answer given to anyone, but a thorough dredging and massage for your heart.

if you gradually go astray this year, don't be sad, don't be upset, you see the future is still long, it's okay to correct it in time, and no one can measure the gains and losses in life.

if this year, as in the past, you are running on your ideal road, congratulations, always remember what you most want to be, and slapped all the "theater" people in the face with down-to-earth action.

A long life, may you not forget your original ideals and aspirations in order to accomplish your mission.


about health

the COVID-19 epidemic that began at the beginning of the year has swept the world.

as of November, the global death toll was nearly 1.4 million.

Life is really fragile sometimes.

this year, how many white-haired people send black-haired people, and how many are healthy one moment and weak the next?

some people were not defeated by COVID-19, but died suddenly because they stayed up late; some people survived the most difficult time, but left in the recovery period.

Health is a topic that is easy to talk about and difficult to put down. Often heard and often ignored.

parents' advice:

"Don't sit too long, stand up and move more"

"Don't look at your mobile phone less, your eyes will become more dry."

"Don't stay up late. What's wrong with going to bed early"

friend's heartfelt words:

"stay up late for a few days, hair loss is even worse"

"the last time the hospital examined the tumor, it was too hard. Fortunately, it is the early "

" life is impermanent, and sometimes a sudden blow can turn the family's life upside down.

in the limited time, take good care of yourself, this is the most need to adhere to the sense of responsibility.

this year, have you found that the cervical vertebra is more uncomfortable and the waist is more sore?

this year, do you feel that your eyesight is blurred and your mood fluctuates even more?

how many nights did you stay up and how much junk food did you eat this year?

this year, did you go for a physical examination and pay more attention to your physical condition?

go to bed early and get up early, eat fruits and vegetables frequently, exercise a lot, and keep stretching. These 16 words are easy to say, but not easy to do.

I hope that next year, you can take actions to add weight to your health, eat well, sleep well, and live a healthy and healthy life.


about feelings

what are relatives?

is the person who pays for you without asking for anything in return. He is the one who helps you solve the problem in the first time even if you fall in pain. He is the one who can't give up the connection. He is the one who will miss you silently from afar.

there is a wonderful relationship in this world, called family, the world is beautiful, but it is built by a small home and a small family.

treat your loved ones well, the connection in the blood and getting along day and night is the happiness that everyone is close at hand.

have you ever quarreled with your relatives over trifles this year?

have you spread your bad mood desperately to your loved ones this year?

have you ever said harsh things to your loved ones this year?

if there is, please remember that the family is unreasonable, not emotional, only emotional. With more warm greetings and considerate care, the relationship between relatives will become more and more comfortable.

what is a lover?

A lover is the one who shares joys and sorrows with you, the one who can live with you and enjoy life, and the one who accompanies you through life hand in hand.

what is love when it comes to life? Only make people promise to die.

has there been any change in the relationship between you and your lover this year?

this year, do you trust, respect and tolerate your loved ones?

this year, are you still willing to spend the rest of your life with your lover?

maybe just like the bitterness and sweetness of coffee, everyone's love and marriage are different. But the decision is sweet or bitter, not whether it is stirred or not, but whether there is sugar.

if no one in this relationship is willing to take the initiative to put sugar, then giving up may be a new beginning. After the pain, it is still a better tomorrow.

if there is only an innocuous problem in this relationship, one person adds some cream, the other adds some sugar, and it is a good cup of coffee that is not bitter or astringent.

what is a friend?

is the one who will never abandon you in the mud no matter how big the rain is, the one who makes you laugh and wipes your tears, the one who is strange but firmly by your side.

have you kept in touch with your friends this year?

have you ever quarreled or had a cold war with your friends this year?

in life, it is a blessing to have a friend who can chat, have fun and comfort each other.

on the proposition of affection, affection, love and friendship are indispensable.

As a piece to bring our elegance and romance to you, high slit satin dress is almost a basic need for any lady. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

May you have relatives, loved ones and friends by your side. Happy this year and happy next year.


about self-development

in 2020, everyone's work and life have been affected more or less.

some people have lost their jobs and some have changed careers.

some people have found a new job, while others go around and can't make any money.

some people bear the financial pressure of a whole family and are too anxious to sleep every day; some people have the courage to try to innovate and turn, creating a new world.

the most difficult time is often the time with the most choices and opportunities.

the problem for everyone in this era is that you must learn to make progress, or any big wave can knock you down, and any small wave can break your head.

think about it carefully, did you have an increase in your knowledge reserve this year compared to 2019? Has your working ability improved? Are you more considerate and tactful in your ways? Are you better at emotion management and time management? Are you really getting closer to a better self?

if anything is eternal, it must be the word "change".

people are changing, China is changing, the world is changing, and everything is constantly moving forward.

Don't give up on self-growth. If you say that life will get better, but you always refuse to step out of your comfort zone, it will be the same five or ten years later.

God will not be partial to you because you have made a wish, and there has never been so much joy in real life.

but as long as you change it, one day, two days, one year, two years, the accumulation of quantitative change will certainly achieve qualitative change.

there are many things, it's better to do than to give up. As long as you have hope in your heart and confidence under your feet, any time is the best place to start.


conclusion  time always waits for no one, and this year passes especially quickly, especially heart-wrenching, especially fluctuating.

some people say this is the best year in the next 10 years.

next year, there may be more challenges waiting for us to make the most of the rest of December, reflecting and planning for the new 2021.

pay tribute to yourself who is always moving forward, to the Chinese people who are United as one, and to all the living things that breathe together on earth.

2021, here we come!