The five most beautiful letters in the world, to you who are getting old: wish you well for the rest of your life!

The five most beautiful letters in the world, to you who are getting old: wish you well for the rest of your life!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time is a wheel, going around in cold and summer, but smoothing people's edges and corners inadvertently.

suddenly surprised, to a certain age, all the frivolous youth, are turned into a glass of wine, condensed into the past.

teenagers listen to rain songs upstairs, adults listen to rain in passenger boats, and in their twilight years they listen to rain monks.

wait until you get old and go through the difficulties of the world before you slowly understand life and learn to be compassionate. a misty rain is a lifetime, and extreme simplicity is beauty.

the five most beautiful letters in the world are dedicated to us who are getting old!


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first letter: write to self-love

Dear you: once you have experienced this and that suffering, you should slowly understand that you are also old, and your body is not as good as it was then. You should learn to love yourself and take good care of yourself.

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only by loving yourself well can you have a deeper understanding of the gentle side of life, spread kindness and tolerance more frankly, and become more capable of protecting the people you love.

there is no dress rehearsal in life, so you can't start over again. Cherish the rest of your life.

give yourself a holiday once in a while, go for a walk and don't let yourself get too tired.

remember that when you are good enough to meet the beauty of the world, you deserve to be loved and loved.

believe that when you start to love yourself, the world will begin to love you.


second letter: to cherish

Dear you: have you found that the older you are, the more relatives you will leave? Life is impermanent. I don't know which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

Xi Murong once said with emotion in "Little Red Gate":

there are many things in the world that you think you can do again tomorrow, and there are a lot of people you think you can see again.

so, when you temporarily put down your hand or turn around temporarily, all you can think of is the hope that you will be reunited tomorrow. Sometimes, even this hope can not be felt.

because you think that since the days are coming like this, of course they should just go by. Yesterday, today and tomorrow should be no different.

but there will be one time, as soon as you let go and turn around, something will completely change; the sun goes down, and before it rises again, some people will say goodbye to you forever.

in an impermanent world, we can only cherish life, try our best to live, and be kind to family, relatives and friends!

Life is a lonely journey, all encounters are not inevitable, if you have the honor to accompany for a while, it is good luck to cherish.


third letter: to the mindset

Dear you: we come naked and go naked. Don't worry about what you don't need.

Life is your own, you don't have to show it to others, you don't have to care about what others think.

know that you are not RMB, how can everyone like you?

living your life well, doing what you like and living what you like is the happiest way to live your life.

you can listen to the birds outside the window and feel the new life of the day when you get up in the morning, or you can listen to the gentle morning broadcast and receive kind greetings from others.

the sound of the wind sweeping through the window and the sound of running water in the faucet are knocking on the door of happiness.

you can go out of the house, blend into the noisy market and experience the joy of bustling, or get close to nature and feel the pure beauty of the fragrance of birds and flowers.

on weekends, a group of like-minded friends walk the way they want, see the scenery they want to see, see the people they want to see, say what they want to say, and be happy all the time.


fourth letter: to Health

Dear you: you are no longer young and have a heavier burden on your shoulders than anyone else. There are old people at the top and children at the bottom. If you have anything to do, who will share it for you? No matter how busy you are, please take good care of your health.

in good health, you can take better care of your family, enjoy a happy life, and do what you want to do better.

there is a good saying:

A lot of things are precious only when we are about to lose them. The same is true of feelings, and so is health.

you can treat money and fame like dirt, but you can't squander your health, because once your health is overdrawn, you can never buy it back, and it's too late to regret it.

remember: living, the body is the most important!

only when you achieve physical and mental health, your quality of life will be improved and your life will be better! Your family will feel more warm!


the fifth letter: to Life

Dear you: after half your life, I believe you have come to understand that how to live your life ultimately depends on how we view it.

is bitterness or sweetness, joy or helplessness, all within your own control.

the length of life, but the accumulation of a second, enjoy the moment to the fullest, to live up to this good time.

as the poem fairy Li Bai wrote in "drinking with the secluded Man in the Mountain":

Life need not be too beautiful, as long as someone loves deeply; not too rich, as long as you live happily; not too strong, as long as you live with dignity.

in this way, things will be beautiful and peace of mind.

May you and I face it calmly in this life.Gains and losses, calmly face the joys and sorrows, calmly smile to see the flowers bloom, live a normal heart.

cherish what you have at present, don't complain, don't be negative, don't be discouraged.

No matter rich or poor, open mind is free, regardless of beauty and ugliness, self-confidence is beauty, whether safe or not, living is happiness!

live a simple life and enjoy plain happiness.