The four most important abilities in case of trouble

The four most important abilities in case of trouble

Good morning, accompany you to read.

see such a question on Zhihu: "how to judge the level of a person?"

one of them replied: "look at the way he handles the problem."

I think so.

We encounter a lot of things in life, and everyone handles it differently.

how to deal with problems best reflects the knowledge and accomplishment that this person has accumulated on weekdays.

people who are really capable not only know how to deal with the world, but also do not lose their standard in solving problems.

they often have these abilities when they are in trouble.


the ability to control emotions

Jobs once said: "people are defeated by themselves, and they are defeated by their own emotions in the first place."

when a person is controlled by emotion, most of the decisions made are wrong.

in the 1965 World Billiards Championship, the defending world champion Louis Fox advanced by leaps and bounds, only to score the last No. 8 black ball to defend the championship.

just then, a fly came and stopped on his grip arm, and the player had to stop and drive it away.

but when he posed again, the fly landed on the vital black ball.

in a rage, he picked up the club and poked it at the fly.

as a result, the fly flew away and his club touched the ball, so it was his opponent's turn to hit the ball, and the other side seized the opportunity and scored all the rest of his ball in one breath.

Fox also missed the opportunity to defend the championship because of a moment of anger.

can you control your emotions so that you can handle things more calmly.

Don't worry when something happens, restrain your emotions, think calmly, and do things calmly.

in this way, you can better control your life and dominate your life.


the ability to find a problem

likes the saying: "when intuition leads us into a dilemma, only by breaking the existing situation can we see the larger world."

finding the problem clearly is the key to breaking the situation.

if you can't find out the root of the problem, you can only spin around like an old donkey pushing and grinding.

there is a missionary named Ham in the United States. he goes to preach in a new village.

the local villagers gave him an old car, but there was something wrong with it, and once it stopped, it was difficult to start again.

when he needs to stop on the road, Ham parks the car on the slope to make it easier to start again, or sometimes he doesn't turn off the engine.

later, a new missionary came to the village, and Ham proudly taught him the skills of using cars.

while listening to Ham, the new preacher opened the hood and checked.

after a while, he screwed the loose cylinder line, then sat down in the cab and started the car.

finding a problem is often more important than solving it. If you write the problem down clearly, it's half solved.

find out the root cause and prescribe the right medicine, and the matter can be easily solved.


the ability to understand flexibility

I have seen such a story.

when Chaplin was young, he was walking along the road with a large sum of cash when he was suddenly stopped by a masked robber. The robber said viciously, "give me your money, or don't blame me for being impolite."

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Chaplin knows that he is the only one who gets hurt if he fights against a robber.

he had an idea and pretended to be afraid to discuss with the robber: "Brother, shoot me twice in my hat. I went back intact to explain that I had been robbed for fear that he would not believe me."

the robber did what Chaplin said in order to get the money smoothly.

Chaplin said to the robber, "Brother, shoot me twice in the skirt, too."

the robber did it again.

"finally, please shoot two shots in my trouser leg, please, big brother."

when the robber heard this, he picked up the gun impatiently and fired two more shots in Chaplin's trouser leg.

it turned out that Chaplin knew that the pistol the robber had could only hold six bullets at most. Now that the robber had run out of bullets, he could move.

so he tripped him while the robber wasn't looking and ran away as if he were flying.

flexibility is not to make people give up, but to find a faster and better solution to the problem.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if you are poor, you will change; if you change, you will change; if you change, you will change for a long time."

on the way of life, when you encounter a corner, learn to be flexible and avoid obstacles in order to reach your goal in life.

know how to be flexible when things happen, so that you can find another way to success in confusion.


the ability to give up at the right time

I saw a short film before, which lasted only a few minutes but was meaningful:

A little boy wore shiny new leather shoes to take the train with his parents.

one of the boy's leather shoes was squeezed out in the chaos because of the crowd when he got on the bus.

at this time, the tramp on the platform saw it, picked up the shoes and handed them to the boy.

but the speed of homeless children can not catch up with the speed of the train after all.

the boy looked at the shoes on the platform farther and farther away from him, and there was a lost expression on his face.

the train was about to leave the platform when the boy suddenly took off his other shoe and threw it hard at the platform.

the tramp came forward to pick up the leather shoes as if he had got the treasure. at the same time, the boy smiled.

not every choice must be adhered to, and not every kind of persistenceIt's the right thing.

you can only get it if you have a house. Only by giving up what should be given up can we concentrate on what we should adhere to.

We will encounter a lot of things in life. We want to deal with everything at a level, 50% of our ability and 50% of our mentality.

for the rest of your life, may you not be troubled by emotions when you encounter things, learn to find problems, be flexible, and feel relieved.

all the good things will come as expected.