The four most reliable relationships between people (in depth)

The four most reliable relationships between people (in depth)

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someone in Zhihu once asked: what is a reliable relationship between people?

I remember a highly praised answer at that time: get along comfortably.

know that in a relationship, if you get along comfortably, understand and understand each other, the relationship is bound to last for a long time.

the most comfortable way to get along with each other is that we don't need to please each other carefully, let alone haggle over each other, but know how to cherish and give to each other, so we are naturally comfortable and happy together.

the most reliable relationship is not the instant response of information, let alone humble flattery, but mutual trust, always peace of mind, and getting along comfortably.


Don't please

if a relationship requires you to please humbly in order to survive, then the relationship must not be able to withstand wind and rain.

the person you need to please carefully, you will only worry about gain and loss, and you will only lose yourself in the end.

the sincerity gained by flattery will always leave you, and the feelings maintained by flattery will always be separated.

if you give from the bottom of your heart in exchange for the other person's indifference, if you are full of joy and expectation, but do not get a trace of response, you should understand that this relationship is not reliable, this person is not true to each other, you should be kind to yourself.

the relationship that needs you to please is undoubtedly tiring. If you have been in such a relationship for a long time, it will only trample on your heart and squander your feelings.

the relationship between people is mutual, the relationship to please is unreliable after all, and the worry about gain and loss will not last for a long time. Only the relationship between people who go to cherish each other in both directions can have happiness.

you don't have to please anyone for the rest of your life, and relationships that you need to please don't have to be maintained.

remember, even if no one cares and appreciates, don't be humble and flattering, because in the eyes of those who don't care about you, even if you give all you have, you will only move yourself in the end, even if you lower yourself, you can't really treat each other.


Don't care

in reality, there are many people who like to haggle over pennies, win or lose trifles, and blame each other when they encounter problems.

in fact, he is always a calculating person, selfish, not generous and considerate enough, and he will not be comfortable with such people. Because what he brings to you is negative energy and tired heart.

those who care about everything in a relationship will take up a little bit of profit, and you will always suffer losses when you get along with such a person.

if you stay in this relationship for a long time, you will be set up, you will not feel at ease, you will only be afraid.

A person who is penny-pinching in everything will not read the good deeds of others, but will only remember their faults. No matter how much you pay, he will not be grateful to you.

there are even some people who flatter you to your face and denigrate you behind your back. In such a relationship, you need to keep a good distance at all times.

and a reliable relationship, there is no doubt that you will not haggle over it. For the sake of each other, such a relationship is worth our efforts to maintain and cherish for the rest of our lives.


do not cheat

if there is someone in a relationship who always deceives you, he undoubtedly doesn't care about you, and you are not important to him.

cheating and betraying you without treating each other sincerely, there is no doubt that getting along with such a person is the most chilling.

Look no further than cheap ivory wedding dress and feel your extremely best. This is the part for the unique, as you.

only treat each other sincerely for a long time. If there is no sincerity and trust in a relationship, there is only betrayal.

whether a person loves you and cares about you, you can feel it. Don't lie to yourself, don't force yourself.

those who deceive you are not sincere to you, and those who take advantage of you only bring you a cold heart.

not everyone is worth your heart, not all of them are worth your heart, and not all of them can be exchanged for your heart.

those who deceive you and show false affection to you, don't pay foolishly. The more you give, the more you care about him, it will only make you tired in the end.

for the rest of your life, you should learn to be kind to yourself. Those who deceive you will stop foolishly giving and leave your heart to those who cherish you.

you must remember not to deceive others easily, because the people you cheat are all people who trust you.


understanding and respect

respect is understanding and understanding in a relationship. Respect is not only a person's self-cultivation, but also an essential and important factor in a reliable relationship.

the relationship of mutual respect will not pick between right and wrong, let alone right and wrong, because they all understand that in this world, it is not easy for us to live, and we will not sprinkle salt on people's wounds, but respect and understand each other.

No matter how good the relationship is, we can't do without respect. No matter how good the relationship is, we can understand each other.

when two people are together, don't complain about each other, even in a disgusted tone, which will bore the other person, and no matter how enthusiastic it is, it will slowly fade away.

do not know how to respect the relationship, look at each other with disdain, no matter how good-tempered people, for a long time, will be tired to leave.

if you want the relationship to last, don't always complain, blame the other person, and talk about their flaws, no doubt adding salt to his wound, and it will only drive away other people who love you.

No matter any relationship, as long as you think it's worth it, keep it with your heart, be more considerate and respectful, and don't always be picky and complain.

A reliable person is worth paying attention to, that is, he has an account for everything, everything has an answer, and everything has an echo. In fact, the same is true of reliable relationships.

A truly reliable relationship is not flattered, there is no need to care too much, there is no endless calculation, there is no hypocrisy of different hearts, only mutual understanding and understanding.Respect, know how to pay for and tolerate each other.

there is a line in the Green Paper: there are all kinds of people in the world, and we happen to be friends. This is not fate, but because we are supposed to be friends.

for the rest of your life, if you can meet someone who is sincere to each other, no need to please, no need to worry about, reliable and reassuring friend, is your honor in this life, this relationship is worth maintaining, you must cherish it!