The golden sentence of a mother's godson is worth thousands of dollars! (parents must read)

The golden sentence of a mother's godson is worth thousands of dollars! (parents must read)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Mother said:

what I want you to do is an aristocrat, not a nouveau riche.

the difference between aristocrats and nouveau riche lies in whether they are reasonable or not.

so no matter how rich you are, no matter where you are,

be enlightened.

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only in this way can you be happy, healthy and live a long life.

1. Don't try to be first in everything. As long as you keep making your own efforts in life, you will naturally become a winner. You must fight for the first place, but you will collapse.

2. Don't try to make a perfect friend, and don't make a lot of friends. There is no perfection in the world, so you can make friends as long as you like them. Things go to extremes, and whatever you do too much, you will lose your original intention, and it is the same with making too many friends.

3. Help others, and you will become stronger. Things interact with each other. To help others is to help yourself, and helping others will make you blessed.

4. Learn to treat others sincerely. Because sincerity is the simplest, the most popular, and the most everlasting.

5. When you are admitted to college, you are my daughter; if you sweep the road, you are also my daughter; as long as you maintain a noble personality, sweeping the road can also sweep out a bright and pure world. No matter what kind of work you are engaged in, as long as integrity is bright, a mother will not care about her daughter's high or low, but only the purity of her daughter's heart.

6. There can be 59 points in the examination room of the school, and failure is never allowed in the examination room of life. The examination room of the school examines your knowledge, which is related to your further study; the examination room of life examines your morality and concerns your destiny.

7. Virtue is the only flower in the world that will not wither. Virtue is the most beautiful thing in the world, it will not fade, it will only open in people's hearts, and will always be beautiful.

8. Love is a beautiful and surging spray. When your young oars can not carry the rough waves, you should carefully avoid it.

Love is a beautiful spray in the ocean of life, and at the same time it is a responsibility that we simply cannot bear when we are not yet mature.

9. You need to learn a specialty. If you have a specialty, you will have a sense of achievement.

10. Make a mistake once, but don't make it again as much as possible. Learn to learn a lesson.

11. Like your personality, it is a unique treasure.

12. Sometimes an ancient poem is much more useful than a foreign word. An ancient poem can represent thousands of feelings.

13. One porridge and one rice is hard to come by. Prosperity comes from industry and frugality.

14, it's not that you can't lie, but if you do it out of kindness, you must never cover up for evil.

15. Mom is not Superman and can't meet all your requirements. If you want to live a happy life, you must learn to be content.

16. Mother is the mother. She has irreplaceable responsibilities. Don't confuse her with friends.

17. Health comes first. When people fall, everything is gone.

18, cry if you want to cry, it is intended for health. But be careful to find the right occasion.

19. Life is like chewing olives, always bitter before sweet.

20. Define your life goals as soon as possible. Otherwise you will not know what is right and what is wrong; your actions will be blind.

21. Minor problems can often lead to big troubles. Details determine success or failure, don't give up doing good even if it's not important, don't do bad things even if it's inconspicuous.

22, you know: "the tone of speech is much more important than the content."

23. If you can't win, you should give your opponent a smile. Thank him for reminding you that Taoism is not enough.

24. Laziness is a kind of harm to body and mind, and procrastination is always a bad habit.

25, learn to protect yourself and avoid accidental injury as much as possible.