The great summary of life! (crazy turn)

The great summary of life! (crazy turn)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


one's life

choose the right teacher, wise life; choose the right partner, happy life; choose the right environment, happy life; choose the right friend, sweet life; choose the right profession, achieve life.


Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, kindness is the best virtue, concern is the most sincere greeting, concern is the most selfless yearning, blessing is the best words!


roads and trees

Love is the way, friends are trees; there is only one way in life, and there are many trees on one road; never forget the way when you are rich, lean on the tree when you are short of money; don't get lost when you are happy and water the trees when you have a rest.


how to savor life

ignore troubles. Just tens of cold and summer, why not face it chic; friends often contact, no matter how expensive the phone fee is, send a message in your spare time to accompany you to enjoy your appetizer.



there are many blessings in life, and you can be content if you want to.

thinking about hunger, cold and bitterness, satiety and warmth is a blessing. If you think about hard work, leisure is a blessing.

thinking about loneliness and suffering, it is a blessing to have many friends. Fortune is tied to the heart, and the heart is getting rich!


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it's good to be safe

it's good to have more money and less money, it's good to have more money and less money, it's good to be ugly and handsome, it's good to be good to the eye;

it's good to have a few old people and to be healthy; it's good to have a poor family and a rich family, and it's good to be kind.

it's good to understand who is right and wrong, and peace is good in one's life.


will live

rest more, don't be too tired, eat and sleep on time.

if you like it, don't be too expensive to buy, and never go against the environment.

when you have time to get together with friends, you are both sober and drunk.

Life is only interesting if you can earn money and spend money.