The greatest danger of education is to expect children to be "self-conscious" (this article is priceless)

The greatest danger of education is to expect children to be "self-conscious" (this article is priceless)

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parents are the first teachers and lifelong teachers of their children, so their education is very important to the growth of their children.

on the way of education, it is the parents who should not be lazy and the children who should not be released.


the most taboo thing about education is that parents are afraid of trouble

A writer once said: there is a "period of validity" for parents.

"when children were young, parents were the people their children trusted most and were the only ones to rely on. This was the best time to educate their children."

when children grow up and become independent, education becomes difficult. "

indeed, it is not easy for parents nowadays. In order to support their families and give their children a better living environment, they are busy with their careers every day, and their children's education is really inadequate.

but parents should know that their children's education is an irrevocable live broadcast, and there is only one chance in a lifetime.

there is no return to the growth of children. Every parent should cherish the moment of their children's growth. No matter how heavy the burden is, they should be responsible for their children's future.

parents are lifelong teachers of their children. Parents cannot be absent from teaching their children, let alone be afraid of trouble.

almost all the enviable "other people's children" in the world can be traced, which are acquired by parents' real efforts and companionship.

Japanese animation master Father MiyazakiHayao once said, "most of the important things in the world are troublesome."

the same is true of education. Parents even have to work harder than their children in order to really get something.

parents really can't save trouble if they want their children to be good.


expecting children to be conscious is the most powerless education

there is such a plot in the TV series "Children at Home":

Liu Xing and Xiaoyu accuse their mother of failing to cultivate their talents when they are young, otherwise they may become writers and musicians.

Liu Xing's mother said aggrieved: "when I was a child, I signed you up for this class and that class. I wanted you to learn, but you didn't learn it yourself!"

Liu Xing immediately said, "I don't want to learn, so you won't let me learn?" At that time, I was still young, I was not sensible, didn't you? You should train me and educate me from an early age, and you have forced me to learn from an early age.

there are no children born with self-consciousness. It is the nature of children to be lazy and play and shout pain and tiredness.

how can you expect your child to become a talented person if you know that what your child is doing is wrong, but parents are reluctant to care about it?

some experts show that children do not really have consciousness until they are at least 15 or 16 years old.

the establishment of children's consciousness is a long and complicated process.

it is irresponsible for the child's life to expect the child to be conscious.

there are never naturally conscious children, only parents who are supervised for a long time.

Education is a serious cause, and parents must have more supervision and guidance.


far-sighted parents are a little cruel to their children

CCTV host Dong Qing once said frankly that he owes all his achievements today to his father's harshness.

she said, "it was my father who made me a strong child. Because after entering the society, you will encounter a lot of blows, you need to be strong to face. So now, I find that I can stick to a lot of things by clenching my teeth. "

when she was a child, her father urged her to copy idioms and ancient poems every day, and then memorize them and check them.

when she was in middle school, her father wrote her a book list every day, asking her to finish how many masterpieces she had to read, and excerpts from the wonderful sentences in the book.

even before dawn, her father picked her up from her sleep and let her run a kilometer to the middle school on her doorstep.

Dong Qing once hated her father's harshness, but now she thanks her father very much.

it was her father's constant pressure and urging that made her learn to persevere and made herself shine on the stage now.

parents who are really far-sighted are not "kind" to their children, even a little ruthless.

but it is because of the ruthlessness of their parents that children can fly to higher places to enjoy the more beautiful scenery.

the beloved son of parents is far-reaching.

of course, we do not advocate being strict with our children blindly, but we need parents' guidance when their children's world outlook and outlook on life have not yet been established, and sometimes parents have to be hard-hearted.

Children are as good as their parents are.


the pattern of the father determines the height of the child's future

as the saying goes, thinking determines the way out, and the pattern creates the future.

the size of a person's pattern not only determines the direction of his life in the future, but also affects his next generation.

some psychologists pointed out: "before the age of 12, children tend to regard their father as their idol."

therefore, the size of a father's pattern determines the future height of the child.

Liang Qichao, who has nine children, can be called the "most awesome father" in history.

this is inseparable from Liang Qichao's excellent educational philosophy. He never interferes with children's choices, but as friends, he uses his own experience to advise children, communicate equally with children, and respect children.

Liang Qichao once said, "if someone asks me, what doctrine do you believe in?" I replied: I believe in interestingism. "

his outlook on life affects not only himself, but also his children.

Children often have a strong admiration for their father and regard him as a symbol of wisdom and strength.

therefore, a good father must set a good example for his children, which will determine the upper limit that his children can reach in the future.


the mood of the mother determines the temperature of the child's world

there is a question on Zhihu: what kind of mother does a happy and excellent child have?

one of the high praise answers is: a happy and excellent child should have a wise and loving mother.

the son of actress Haiqing, Egg Niu, once gave her a painting, but Haiqing felt "indescribable embarrassment and frustration".

it turned out that Egg Niu sent pictures to her mother and wished her mother Qiu'an, not because he had suddenly become fastidious, but because he thought her mother had a bad temper recently.

"you've been in a bad temper recently. It's good for your health to look at pictures and recite sutras, listen to music and drink tea."

"Hello, Mom. I'm fine. You're safe and safe."

sometimes, the role of mother is really difficult. When you have to work and take care of your family, you will inevitably be upset and have big mood swings.

but when you can't stand it, please don't forget who you are-the child's most trusted and beloved mother.

Mom's mood is a barometer of the whole family.

only when the mother is emotionally stable, the child can feel at ease and the family can be warm.

an emotionally stable mother teaches her children to treat others with leniency and to look at the world with warm eyes.

A gentle, happy and loving mother is the most important person in her child's life.


the best family education is when parents lead by example.

there was such a video on the Internet, in which there were a series of bad habits of parents in their lives:

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"Mom smokes and throws cigarette butts everywhere, and children also smoke and throw cigarette butts everywhere.

the mother drank too much, lost her temper and lost her temper, and the child did it. "

when parents are surprised at the outrageous behavior of their children, have you ever thought that it all came from" the first teacher of life "?

Family is the first school for children, and parents are the best teachers for children.

in the process of educating their children, parents' words and deeds have a profound impact on their children, and even determine their lives.

the growth of children is an irreversible process. As the caregivers of children, parents should pay attention to their role models.

parents should be strict with themselves, know how to learn and reflect, correct bad habits and lead by example.

set an example for children from the dribs and drabs of life.

what parents are is far more important than what they do for their children.