The greatest good luck is hidden in your character.

The greatest good luck is hidden in your character.

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the Greek poet Minand once said:

in fact, a person with good character is also good at fengshui. They can always add happiness and luck to themselves.

sometimes, when you do a good job, you can get things done. Sometimes, when your character is good, you can live a good life.


your honesty hides your good luck

in the Chinese textbook of the fourth grade of primary school, there is an article "bitter pomelo".

the author has an uncle living abroad who returned to his hometown Fuyun Town from as far away as South America with his 15-year-old daughter.

the next day, the three of them went to the market to buy grapefruit. When they went to a little girl who was reading a book and asked about the price, the little girl said that it would only cost a dime.

when my uncle asked the little girl why it was sold so cheaply, the little girl said, it's called cotton pomelo. It's big, but there's not much meat in it.

after hearing this, the uncle then asked, "is it sweet?" The little girl shook her head shyly. "it's a little bitter." The uncle was a little excited: "OK, I'll buy ten!" "Ten?"

the little girl looked at the old man with wide eyes as if she didn't hear him clearly. "ten." "are you going to take it far away?" "Yes, I live in San Diego, more than ten thousand miles from here."

the little girl went on, "buy less." This kind of grapefruit is really not delicious and bitter, and people don't like it. Besides, you have a hard time coming back from abroad. If you want to take grapefruit from your hometown to a foreign country, you should buy something good and sweet. "

after hearing this, my uncle bought a whole basket of grapefruit, and after paying the money, he gave the girl another 100 yuan.

in fact, the best quality of a person is honesty. Sometimes other people buy not only things, but also appreciation of you.

Yan Shu, a famous writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, was recommended to the court by local officials as a "child prodigy" at the age of 14. When he took part in the imperial examination, he found that he had done it and had been instructed by a famous teacher.

but he was not overjoyed at this, but truthfully reported the situation to the emperor during the reexamination and asked for another question to be tested by the court. As a result, his article was not only affirmed, but also sealed by the emperor.

in fact, a person's greatest ability is honesty. Sometimes, others test not only your talent, but also their trust in you.

in life, the more honest a person is, the more unexpected good luck he will get.

the more you think of others, the more they will think of you.

the more you don't let others suffer, the less they will let you lose.

the more magnanimous you are and the more open you are, the more popular and reassuring you are.


your blessings are hidden in your goodness

there is a saying in the altar Sutra:

"all Futian, do not leave the square inch; from the heart, feel nothing."

in fact, there is always something hidden in a person's kindness, which can not be seen or touched, but it can benefit you at some point.

the writer, Mr. Yu Qiuyu, once wrote about a thing.

there was an academic debate between "Beijing School" and "Shanghai School" many years ago, and he organized representatives of both sides to have a positive discussion in Shanghai.

one day during the noon seminar break, the delegates stood at the intersection waiting for the traffic lights when they suddenly saw a middle-aged woman fall off her bike.

the chief representative of the "Beijing School" rushed up to the rescue, while other representatives followed Zhang Luo, but the chief representative of the "Shanghai School" turned a blind eye and only looked up and smoked by the side of the road.

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that afternoon, the wind of the seminar changed sharply, and almost all the people were on the side of the "Beijing School". The scholar who raised his head to smoke has been out of the sight of society ever since.

in fact, when a person is doing a good person and doing good deeds, he also brings himself a lot of unexpected luck and blessings.

Thailand once had a promotional video.

in a busy street, there was a little boy of about eight or nine years old who stole medicine. When the landlady clung to him, he aggrieved explained that his mother was ill, and this was heard by the uncle who was selling breakfast.

so the uncle immediately took a few yuan to the drugstore owner and asked his daughter to bring a vegetable soup to the boy. When the boy got it, he took a careful look at the uncle. Without a word of thank you, he ran away quickly.

Thirty years later, the breakfast seller was seriously ill. When his daughter was still worried about the high medical expenses, she found that the amount on her father's medicine list had changed to 0.

there is a sentence attached to it: 30 years ago, the fee was paid, three packets of painkillers and one packet of vegetable soup. The doctor who paid for her was the little boy of that year.

there is a saying: "those who love come back, and those who are blessed come back."

maybe sometimes, our good intentions and good intentions seem to be all right, but at critical moments, they can help or even completely change a person's predicament and fate.

all the help may be forgotten by you in the twinkling of an eye, and others may not be able to repay you in time, but they will repay you in the end.


your kindness hides your good report

there is a sentence in the Book of morality:

when you are kinder, the more you can usher in a better future and way out for yourself.

because people are mutual, when you take care of others, others will also take care of you.

when you are kind to others, others will be kind to you.

Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong's richest man, received a large order from an American Jew shortly after he founded the Yangtze River Plastics Factory.

and then when he finally delivered the goodsAfter it was done, the other party suddenly offered to cancel the order, in fact, he could have asked this person to compensate for the loss.

but he did not do so. later, the Yangtze River Company received orders from many American manufacturers

Li Ka-shing thought it was very strange at that time, so he asked one of them, "Why do you want my products specifically?"

the other person replied:

in fact, the kindness of others to you is often due to your affection and righteousness. The kindness of others to you is often due to your magnanimity.

one day, when an old customer of Wanhe Plastics Company heard that Li Ka-shing started his own business, he took the initiative to find the Yangtze River Plastics Factory and was willing to purchase goods from the Yangtze River Plastics Factory.

in fact, for Li Ka-shing, who was in urgent need of working capital and orders at that time, this was a good opportunity to bring it to his door.

but in the end, Li Ka-shing politely refused.

because it was he who promised his boss Wang Dongshan before leaving Wanhe Plastics Factory:

although he lost another big order, his behavior not only attracted more customers, but was also admired by his competitors.

in fact, no matter what you do, the last thing you spell is character.

when you are kind to others, you light up not only others but also yourself. When you let others go, you give yourself a hand.


Hong Yingming wrote:

in fact, a person's greatest strength and luck is your character.

We all yearn for the blessing of good luck, the favor of opportunities, and the support of dignitaries, but when you fix your character, everything will come as promised.

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