The greatest goodness of human nature is not to embarrass others.

The greatest goodness of human nature is not to embarrass others.

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Why do people suffer?

because people are always embarrassing and resenting each other, they are full of hostility.

the most comfortable way to get along with people is to be comfortable with each other.

as the saying goes, the most beautiful in the sky is the stars, and the most beautiful in the world is warmth.

not to embarrass others, is a kind of kindness, but also a kind of wisdom.


"Mencius Gong Sun Chou Shang" said: "good is the same as others, sacrifice oneself to others, and take pleasure from others as good."

Life in the world, each has its own difficulties. Only by comparing your heart to heart can you live for a long time. Before

, there were two such pieces of news.

an old man who was collecting waste on a tricycle accidentally bumped into a luxury car parked on the side of the road and broke a taillight.

the old man stood at a loss and didn't know what to do. He knew it was his fault, but he was unable to pay for it.

at this time, a well-dressed man came over, saw that his car had been damaged, and asked, "did you hit it?"

the old man rubbed his hands and nodded: "Yes, I'm sorry."... "

the man asked, "can you afford to pay for it?"

the old man said sadly, "I can't afford to pay for it."

the man said, "if you can't afford it, why don't you go?"

seeing that the old man walked away in a panic, the man took out his car keys and drove the car with the broken taillight to the repair shop.

another one.

when a container truck driver drove to a village in Guangzhou, he scraped off a 20 cm diameter branch of a banyan tree at the entrance of the village, which was blocked back and forth by the villagers, demanding a compensation of 188000 yuan.

the reason is that the banyan tree is a fengshui tree in the village, which is broken and destroys the fengshui in the village.

although the driver has apologized and burned incense for blessing at the request of the villagers, he is still unable to get away.

similar things are common in life.

there are always such people who especially like to embarrass others, hold on to a little bit of mistakes and magnify them infinitely, so as to prove their sense of superiority.

order a takeout, occasionally the food is not delivered in time, it is a scolding in the face, and then give a bad comment, the delivery boy's hard work all day is wasted;

go to the restaurant to have a meal, criticize that this dish is not clean, that dish is not tasty, cutlery is not sanitary. The waiter was flushed and in a hurry.

the security guard of the community did not open the door in time, complained to the property manager, and the security guard lost his monthly salary.  even if he went shopping in the supermarket, he had to make it difficult for the cashier at the right time to show off his nobility.

these behaviors seem to be you standing in a high position bossing around, but do not realize that only cowards can enjoy the pleasure of bullying.

as Lu Xun once said, "the brave are angry at the stronger, while the timid are angry at the weaker."

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people who make things difficult for others all the time will not show your strength.

on the contrary, it will only make the most of your incompetence.

people who are really cultured know how to think of others and compare their hearts with each other.


there is an old Chinese saying that it is convenient to others and to yourself. Sometimes if you don't embarrass others, you just don't embarrass yourself.

as the writer Leng Ying said, "if people really need to keep some distance, it is better to make each other shine." Because of your kindness and kindness to others, you will be the one who will achieve it in the end. "

if it is always embarrassing, painful or even collapsing, it will only damage the human feelings and far away the hearts of the people.

even block yourself in a dead end and find yourself in a dilemma.

if you know how to be tolerant and fulfill others, you will not only form a good relationship with yourself, bring luck, but also accumulate blessings.

throughout ancient and modern times, people who can achieve great things understand this truth.

Zeng Guofan has always been sincere in training successors.

he has a student who is very clever. Under his training, the student is getting richer.

Zeng Guofan not only did not worry that he would climb on top of him, but also transferred the elite Hunan army he had trained as a "gift for marriage."

this student is Li Hongzhang, who is known as "the first person in the late Qing Dynasty".

in the end, they make each other perfect and tell each other good stories.

this is the way to behave in the world. If you are kind to others, heaven and earth will be wide.

after all, when you send flowers to others, you are the first to smell the flowers. When you throw dirty things at others, you are the one who gets your hands dirty first.

whether you talk or do things, being kind to others is convenient to yourself.

not to embarrass others, is to make yourself comfortable.

as the saying goes, leave a line in life so that we can see each other in the future.

to know that life is not full of competition and plunder, it is more about win-win.

living by tolerance and creation, how can you be afraid that there will be no lights in the dark and no umbrellas in rainy days?


the degree to which you are comfortable determines the height you can reach.

Cai Kangyong said, "what is really high EQ? In the final analysis, it is comfortable to talk, reassuring to do things, and always choose to be kind after weighing the pros and cons. "

if a person's character is aggressive, no matter how talented and intelligent he is, it is difficult to realize his ambition.

therefore, people should know how to be kind to others and not to embarrass each other.

only in this way can the road get wider and wider and farther and farther.