The greatest sorrow of people is that they mistook the platform for their ability (profound)

The greatest sorrow of people is that they mistook the platform for their ability (profound)

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Wang Yangming once said: "A serious illness in life is just the word 'proud'."

in a word, it tells the true meaning of life.

how many people look down on anyone because of their high self-esteem and arrogance, and thus fall into self-expansion.

Let others dissuade and remind them not to listen, until there is no cure, and eventually lead to failure.

the biggest stupidity of being a man is that you can't recognize your strength and your position.

mistook the platform for its ability, always covetous for its own merit.

such people are doomed to do nothing and live a sad life!


has left his position. Who are you?

one cannot be a man without self-knowledge.

to be a human being, it is most difficult to be self-aware.

French thinker Montaigne once said:

there are always some people who are conceited and conceited and think that they are the center of the world.

do not realize that self-confidence is one thing, but excessive and blind self-confidence can only lead to destruction.

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just like Sun Maocai in the TV series "Joe's Courtyard", he went from poor to beggar and then went to the Qiao family and made great contributions to the business of the Qiao family, but was driven out of the Qiao family because of selfish desires.

Sun Maocai thought that with his own talent, he must be able to eat anywhere, so he went to his rival Qian's family.

as a result, the Qian family not only did not hire him, but said to him:

"it was not you who made the business of the Qiao family, but the business of the Qiao family that made you!"

this reminds me of what the author Mizuki once said:

"you think others worship you, but in fact it is only your wealth. When you are down, you can see the reality clearly.

you think others are fawning on you, but in fact it is only your power; when you are not in office, you can see the reality clearly.

you think others like you, but in fact it is only your beauty that you can see clearly when your youth passes.

when wealth, power, and beauty are past their shelf life, you are bound to be abandoned. "

I think so.

most of the time, when people are complacent about their success, they do not think that they have achieved such an achievement only by standing on the "shoulders of giants".

in life, personal strength is important, but the support of the platform can not be ignored.

who still knows Yue Yunpeng after leaving Deyun Society;

who still remembers Rui Chenggang when he leaves the TV station;

who still knows who you are when he leaves his job.

A man is stupid enough to think that whatever he achieves, he does it for himself. It can be predicted that he will fall badly.

an individual without a platform is like a bird without wings, no matter how high it is, it is only fleeting and difficult to fly high.


people fail because they are proud

have seen such a story.

A crab walked proudly at the bottom of the water. The fisherman tapped it on the back with a bamboo pole. The crab immediately became furious and shouted, "what are you, how dare you offend me!"

so he raised the front claw and held on to the bamboo pole until the fisherman raised it to the surface of the water, and he was still fighting the bull.

the crab died of its own arrogance.

the same is true of being a man. Progress can only be modest, and failure must be proud of itself.

even if a person has made great contributions, he can still be in awe of life and do things in a down-to-earth, low-key and prudent manner. How can he not be successful?

on the contrary, after success, this person always thinks that he is great, begins to become arrogant and arrogant, and does things with impetuous exaggeration. There is no doubt that this must be the beginning of his decline.

therefore, no matter you are a man or do something, you must not lose your mind and forget your duty.

during the Qin and Han dynasties, there was a famous strategist Han Xin. After he defected to Liu Bang, he gave full play to his outstanding military ability and calmed the State of Wei. After defeating Dai and Zhao in a back-to-back battle, he went northward to subdue the State of Yan and made great contributions to Liu Bang's capture of the world.

is such a general who is well versed in the art of war and has outstanding talents, but he has committed the taboo of relying on high merit and pride.

in the fourth year of Gaozu, Liu Bang was besieged by Xiang Yu in Xingyang and was urgently dispatched to Han Xin to rescue him.

however, Han Xin, who had just laid down Qi and was complacent, disagreed with the news that Liu Bang was besieged, and took this opportunity to send an emissary to blackmail Liu Bang, demanding that Liu Bang make himself king of Qi.

based on the situation at that time, Liu Bang had to agree.

but after the end of the dispute between Chu and Han, Liu Bang seized his military power, and his intention to kill him became stronger and stronger.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

if a person can always put himself in the right position and does not expand or boast, then he must still have room for improvement.

what is really sad is that when there is a deviation in self-perception, he is still pretentious and smug, and mistaking his position for his own height is bound to accomplish nothing.



Laozi once said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

when you are alive, it is a skill to recognize others, and a wisdom to recognize yourself.

if you think too highly of yourself, you will only be looked down upon by others.

take yourself too seriously and you will only be looked down upon by others.

as the saying goes, there are people outside the sky, so don't always think that you are great and turn a blind eye to others.

if someone praises you, someone steps on you.

therefore, you should never take yourself too seriously.

No matter what kind of identity and status a person has, only by not being arrogant, not boasting, not boasting, can one.Go further.

otherwise, without self-knowledge and not knowing how many pounds you have, your arrogance will swell more and more until you feel that there is no room for him in the world, and you will naturally perish.

just like Zhao Kuo in the idiom story "talking on paper".

Zhao Kuo, who has been familiar with the military books since he was a child, thinks that he knows everything in the theory of leading troops, and because of this, he is famous and praised by the world, so he is all the more convinced that "Laozi is the first in the world."

after he became a general, he did not see his lack of actual combat experience, nor did he hear the advice of his generals. he fought in accordance with the principles told in the military books. as a result, he was trapped in Changping by the veteran general of the State of Qin, and the army led by him was all killed by the Qin army.

it can be seen that a person without self-knowledge is a disaster.

Jack London said a sentence in the Sea Wolf:

you know, the vast sea of people, vast universe, you and I are just a drop in the ocean.

find your place, recognize your abilities, and don't overestimate yourself.

only by living a down-to-earth life can you enjoy your life.