The greatest upbringing of a man is not politeness or politeness, but.

The greatest upbringing of a man is not politeness or politeness, but.

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the most comfortable thing about a person is not his appearance, but his attitude towards others.

A truly educated person,

can stand from the point of view of others,

consider each other's mood, take into account each other's mood.

Don't embarrass or embarrass people.

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in dealing with people,

appearance is not the key, but attitude is the key.

No matter how beautiful the appearance is, the heart is not true is hypocrisy, and no matter how sweet the language is, the unkind heart is deception.

A person's greatest upbringing,

is never polite, not polite, but in dealing with people and things,

can do these three things from the heart! 01

words are broad-minded and tolerant

A common kind of person in life

is narrow-minded, takes everything seriously,

speaks harshly and is not tolerant to others.

such people do not have low EQ,

but treat others hypocritical and too selfish.

shows how shallow the inner cultivation is.

people who are really cultured,

are open-minded and sincere to others.

is always thinking of others, and

will not make people fall into an embarrassing situation.

No matter who you talk to on any occasion,

can be cautious in words and deeds.

always treat others with tolerance.

makes people comfortable and comfortable.

compared with being narrow-minded and making enemies on all sides,

being tolerant of others is the smartest way. 02

keep a low profile, be modest to others

be a man,

arrogant, the most annoying,

high-profile show-off, the most offensive.

excessively elevate yourself,

means to press others with potential, and

will bring disaster to yourself.

when people are alive, no matter how successful they are,

should remain modest and keep a low profile.

more humility means less right and wrong, and

more low-key means less trouble.

on weekdays, be gentle to others, don't be arrogant,

be inconspicuous, don't laugh at others,  humble and easy-going, you can be stable for a long time, and

be a low-key person in order to win respect and trust.


make people comfortable.

people are mutual.

what is your attitude towards others?

determines the attitude of others towards you.

if you are mean to others, you will not get the sincerity of others;

if you are embarrassed everywhere, you will not be able to get the goodwill of others.

if you are aggressive, others will make things difficult for you.

if you help others solve problems, others will also help you.

as the saying goes,

leave a line of life so that we can meet each other in the future.

give people leeway and have their own way out.

consider everything from the point of view of others,

reduce unnecessary wear and tear as much as possible,

make others comfortable, you will also be comfortable,

give benefits to others, you will also benefit! What is one's upbringing?

not by mouth, but by eyes.

people who are really educated

are open-minded and will not quarrel with others at will.

think of others and will not embarrass others everywhere.

always have a tolerant heart and be kind to everyone around them.

May you and I both become cultured people for the rest of my life.

use generosity to eliminate sorrow, and

win the truth by tolerance!