The hardest way, please go by yourself!

The hardest way, please go by yourself!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

you know the bitterness of life,

the tiredness of life, you understand the dream in

heart, go to the fullness by yourself, and walk the road under


when you are tired, think of your family behind you.

when it is difficult, think about your initial decision.

when you are suffering, think of your parents who are getting older.

when you are in pain, think about half your life.

not giving up is also a kind of strength, and

enduring is also a kind of success.

in the past, we

hid when we were in a little trouble, and cried for trifles.

now we

learn to be brave in pain,

to be calm in frustrations.

it's not that we are really strong,

but that we have more responsibilities on our shoulders.

over the years,

on the road of life,

from vulnerable to invincible,

we have experienced too much.

from tearful eyes to smiling faces,

We persisted for too long.

from haggling to magnanimity,

We have learned to be silent.

others only see the smiles on our faces, but

do not see the pain in our hearts.

others only admire our superficial scenery, but

they don't know what we pay behind.

what we experience, no one knows.

the invulnerability of human beings is just camouflage, and the so-called invulnerability of

is just cover.

in fact, it doesn't matter what other people think, but it doesn't matter what other people say.

when we are alive, it is complicated.

when we live, we feel sad.

others do not understand our sufferings,

others do not know our difficulties,

great sufferings can only be carried by ourselves, and the more difficult things

, we must bear by ourselves.

Life is not easy, there will always be wind and rain,

Life is not easy, it will always hit a brick wall.

the most difficult road, please go by yourself.

No one depends on, no one asks.

Please swallow all the bitterness by yourself.

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No one speaks and owes no one.

if you don't experience twists and turns,

you can't see the dawn of victory.

you can't reach the distance you yearn for if you don't overcome difficulties and obstacles.