The healthiest living habits in the world (highly recommended! )

The healthiest living habits in the world (highly recommended! )

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① eat less meat; ② bask in the sun; ③ walks in the rain; ④ often sings; ⑤ takes a rest after dinner;

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⑥ sticks out his chest; ⑦ meditates; ⑧ family happy; ⑨ walks; ⑩ does good deeds.


keep yourself

work hard and have fun; treat friends without mental skills; handle affairs without rashness and anger;

live a life of living within your means; be content and be happy all your life!


the eight Zen sayings

do not fight, do not hurt their vitality; not afraid, Huizhao flash; not angry, hundred gods and smooth; do not worry, the heart is cool;

do not ask, not humble, not arrogant; do not hold fast, can be round; not greedy, rich and healthy; meticulous, do not fear the king!


one's life

choose the right teacher, wise life; choose the right partner, happy life; choose the right environment, happy life;

choose the right friend, sweet life; choose the right profession, make a lifetime.



in the face of roses, there is no need to be romantic; in the face of beauties, there is no need to see more; in the face of friends, plain food; in the face of family, sweat; in the face of his wife, accompany day and night.


Health is the best gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, kindness is the best virtue,

concern is the most sincere greeting, concern is the most selfless yearning, blessing is the best words!


roads and trees

Love is the way, friends are trees; there is only one way in life, and there are many trees on one road;

Don't forget the way when you are rich, lean on the tree when you are short of money; don't get lost when you are happy, and water the tree when you have a rest.


A piece of paper, a lifetime

being an official is a piece of paper, being a man is a lifetime; money is a piece of paper, health is a lifetime; honor is a piece of paper, lovers are a lifetime!


if you want to be happy

if you want to be happy all your life, do things; if you want to be happy for a while, be an official; if you want to be happy alone, dream;

if you want a family to be happy, cook; if you want a circle of people to be happy, do things!


how to taste life

Life is really tiring, depending on how you taste it; seek more joy every day, but ignore your troubles; why not face it chic in just a few dozen cold and summer seasons; keep in touch with friends often, never mind the cheap phone fees; send a message in your spare time to accompany you as an appetizer.


make a wish to the Buddha

I make a vow to make all my friends healthy, happy and happy forever!

Buddha said: no, only four days. I said: spring, summer, autumn, winter.

Buddha Leng: two days. I laugh: dark day.

Buddha surprise: one day! I laughed: every day of my life!

Buddha said: well, all your friends will always be healthy, happy and happy!



people spend all their lives

. Instead of frowning, it is better to have fun.

Don't be too cold in winter, don't be too hot in summer, don't pretend to be poor if you have money, don't show off if you have no money, keep healthy in your spare time, find fun every day, taste both bitter and sweet, then you can live in vain!



there are many blessings in life, and you can be content if you want to. If you think about ignorance and suffering, wisdom is a blessing. Thinking about hunger, cold and bitterness, satiety and warmth is a blessing.

think about hard work, but leisure is a blessing. Thinking about loneliness and bitterness, it is a blessing to have many friends. Fortune is tied to the heart, and the heart is getting rich!


bitterness and pleasure

more bitterness and less pleasure is the necessity of life. To be able to suffer is to be calm in life, and to turn bitterness into pleasure is the detachment of the wise.


Life one, two, three, four

one center: take health as the center.

two basic points: be confused and be real.

three forgetfulness: forget age, forget fame and fortune, forget sorrow.

four are: an old wife, a comfortable home, a little money, and a few friends.


Happiness in youth and happiness in old age

the happiest thing in youth is to die for you, and the happiest thing in old age is to sit under the roof and remember the impulses and experiences that want to die with a smile.


people are happy not because they get more, but because they care less.


in life.

Life should be faced with the bosom of the sea, dominated by scientific methods, nourished the stomach with the emperor's imperial diet, washed the lungs with fresh air, basked in the quilt with brilliant sunshine, and slept like a lazy cat.


as long as it is safe

it is good to have more money and less money; it is good to have ugly people and handsome people;

people are few and healthy; poor and rich families are friendly.Good;

it is good to understand who is right and who is wrong; peace is good in one's life.


bosom friend

Tea-bitter and sweet, aftertaste; wine-lingering and aftertaste, refreshing; spring-clear but light, but sweet in a lifetime.

A bosom friend, such as tea, wine and spring, benefits people for a lifetime.


it only takes 1 second to care

it takes 5 minutes to wait for a subway train, it takes 3 hours to see a movie, a full moon is in January, it takes a year to go from spring to spring, and it takes a lifetime to miss someone.

however, a word of praise or concern takes only 1 second!



take more breaks and don't be too tired, eat and sleep at that time; don't be too expensive when you look at it, and never go against the environment.

have time to get together with friends, both sober and drunk; if you can earn money and consume, life is a taste.