The heart is a ruler. Measure yourself first.

The heart is a ruler. Measure yourself first.

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the heart is a ruler, measure yourself first.

always focus on other people's weaknesses, you can't see their strengths.

always look at people from their own point of view, will magnify the shortcomings of others.

is human and not perfect; everyone has shortcomings.

if you learn not to be considerate and tolerant, it will lead to contradictions and conflicts.

Gorky, a great Soviet writer, said:

to be a man, you should always reflect on yourself and not put the blame and mistakes on others.

A person who knows how to reflect must be able to remember the advantages of others, be aware of his own shortcomings, see the strengths of others, and find his own shortcomings.

there are advancements and retreats in life, and the shades are always appropriate, so why is it difficult to make people have three points? there is room for a wide world.

being a man is like a ruler, measure yourself first; weigh yourself first if you have a scale in your heart.

everyone has a temper, but we should learn to restrain, observe in silence, think calmly, everyone has a bottom line, but we must know how to grasp, big things are important to principles, small things are measured.

A person will have an easy road under his feet only if he learns to be tolerant.

only when you learn to respect can you have more friends around you.

behave like a ruler, know what to do, know how to advance and retreat, stop three points in case of trouble, leave two points in speech, fight for everything for people, don't give way everywhere, fight for the loss of affection, and come to grievances.

A little more self-knowledge, less affection, no boasting about the vicissitudes of life, no edge.

in life, there will always be people who judge you, and there will always be people who tell you what to do.

learn not to care, restrain yourself, do what you have to do, and take the road you should take.

when something goes wrong, say to yourself:

gold is not perfect, and no one is perfect.

pick others' faults, have their own flaws, blame others for their shortcomings, and have their own shortcomings.

know people do not have to say all, keep some morality, blame others do not have to be harsh, leave some tolerance.

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there is no need to fight for reason, leave some tolerance, do not have to do everything, and leave some virtue.

weigh yourself, weigh a few jin, measure yourself, some are short and some are long.

the heart is a ruler, measure yourself first; the heart is like a scale, call yourself first.

good fortune lies in strength without friends, selfishness without turning back, and tolerance leaving room.