The heart is not good, can not be dealt with, the quality is not right, can not be handed over.

The heart is not good, can not be dealt with, the quality is not right, can not be handed over.

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Zeng Guofan said: "choosing friends is the most important thing in life."

it really matters who you are with.

how you make friends, you will have what kind of life.

if you have a bad heart, you can't get along with it; if the product is not right, you can't associate with it!


if you have a bad heart, you can't live in

Xunzi has a saying: "choose good friends and friends."

choose friends, be sure to choose people with a good heart.

there is a saying in the words of Confucius: "to live well, such as entering the room of Zhilan, do not smell its fragrance for a long time;

and poor human settlements, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, do not smell its smell for a long time."

means that being with a kind person is like being in a warm greenhouse full of orchid grass.

after a long time, you can't detect the fragrance because you are used to the fragrance of good deeds.

being with unkind people is like living in a seafood market full of rotten fish and shrimp.

after a long time, you will not notice the fishy smell, but also because you are used to the rotten smell of evil deeds.

when people get along with others, they should pay the most attention to making good friends and forming good relationships.

people with a good heart have everything going well in life, and there is always someone to help them when they go out.

it is precisely because the good cause has been planted in the past that it has borne good fruit at this moment.

when someone builds a bridge over a river, he forges a good relationship with pedestrians on both sides of the river;

someone digs a well at the edge of a field and forges a good relationship with draught residents.

people with a good heart always treat others sincerely and wholeheartedly.

when you get along with such a person, you don't have to be careful and feel relaxed and happy.

there is a saying in the Buddhist sutra: "those who are friendly to the good, such as walking in the fog, though they are not wet, they are moistened all the time;

those who abstain from evil do evil at Xiaoxi, and once they lose their body, they will never return."

the good is like water, and the kind-hearted people do good deeds and words everywhere at all times.

if you make friends with such a person, your heart will always be nourished even if you are not directly sheltered by him.

people who are used to doing evil, even if they do not do bad things at the moment, are doomed to go the wrong way and even drag their friends into the quagmire.

when you meet such a wicked person, you must not be deceived, but be sure to stay away as soon as possible.


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the quality is not correct and cannot be handed in

Xunzi said, "if you live, you must choose your hometown, and if you travel, you must be a scholar."

to live in communities with high quality of residents, and to make friends, choose people with good conduct.

in ancient times, Mencius moved three times just to give Mencius a better environment to grow up.

Today, the living environment is very difficult to change, but friends can choose their own character.

make friends, you can have no money, you can have no talent, but you can't be without taste.

it is often said that it begins with appearance, respects talent, fits character, is warm in kindness, and ends with character.

character is the foundation of life and the bottom line of making friends.

if you have a good character, you will be popular, and wherever you go, you can win the hearts of the people.

as the ancients said, "if you are friends, you can know people."

you can see who you are by looking at your friends.

Sima Qian also said in the Historical Records: "I don't know his people, but regard his friends."

if you want to know a person, it is enough to see his friends.

because of the quality of character, it can actually influence each other.

as the ancients said, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black."

in real life, there are numerous people whose career progress and success due to the help of friends;

similarly, it is not uncommon for people to go astray and lose their fame as a result of making friends.

A good man who inadvertently makes bad friends will inevitably be questioned and his reputation will be tarnished for no reason.

therefore, friends with bad character must not be made.