The heart is open-minded and the world is beautiful.

The heart is open-minded and the world is beautiful.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A person is really strong, not in forgetting, but in accepting.

accept all the confusion and anxiety and forgive all the deficiencies and regrets.

use your inner openness to adjust your state and find the strength to move on.

people worry because when they encounter things, they mostly only see the shortcomings of others.

complaining to others, only increasing complaints, but never thinking is their own can not see, can not understand, can not see through.

people who do not know how to reflect on themselves are destined to be difficult to improve and grow up.

there are troubles every day, pick up their own annoyance, but forget, it is a common thing, do not pick up naturally.


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when people are alive, why care too much about the superficial emotions between people.

people who are best friends don't need it, and people who make friends don't need it.

emotion is a thing that you don't care about, it won't hurt you.

Life, there are joys and sorrows, life, ups and downs. Learn to wave sleeves calmly, warm smile without death.

Happiness is not having enough, but caring very little.

Life is too short, there is no need to care too much about life, there is a kind of commitment, called lift, let go; there is a burden, called lift, can not let go.

go forward and walk through the scenery that does not belong to you.

chic, not beautiful but mood; harvest, not vicissitudes but calm.


Life is such a process, step by step forward, all the way to pick up, but also a little bit discarded.

what you come out is the road, what you get is growth, and what you throw away is baggage.

in this way, the road can go farther and farther, the life will be richer and fuller, but the heart will gradually become lighter.

Don't do too much, it's the best guard for yourself.

leave some benefits for others, leave a point of road for others to go, and also leave some time for yourself to think and do better.

people who are open-minded and open-minded will not be blinded by immediate interests;

people who are narrow-minded and selfish will often be unable to achieve great things because they argue with others everywhere.

if you can tolerate everything with an open mind, you can naturally see the best world.


A good state of mind is the best way to keep in good health. Only with less care can you feel the joy of life.

less comparison in order to face up to your strengths and weaknesses.

No matter how others treat you, cherish yourself and be kind.

deserve the pride in your heart, take care of yourself in your own world, and let nature take its course in other people's world.

No matter what you are going through and whether you are happy or not, the world will not stop because you are tired.

those people and things you can't let go will one day be forgotten when you keep thinking about them.

only if you have heaven and earth in your heart can you accommodate all things. Only if you can bear the pain of Nirvana can you deserve the beauty of rebirth.

people are doomed to experience something extraordinary in this life before they can be reduced to mediocrity.

there is no despair in life, only can not understand, there is no end of life, only can not see through.

firmly believe in your choice, do not waver, run hard, tomorrow will be better.