The highest level of self-cultivation (good in depth)

The highest level of self-cultivation (good in depth)

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there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: do not do to others what you do not want.

Don't impose on others what you don't want to bear.

the worst thing about being a human being is to always look at others from your own point of view.

people are not perfect; things are never plain sailing.

get along, to know how to think of others, from the point of view of others, you can find your own shortcomings.

in communication, you should learn to compare your heart to heart and try to understand the hard work of others, and you will realize that life is not easy.

between people, they are always mutual.

consideration for others is a person's greatest kindness

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the Great Gatsby wrote a sentence:

whenever you want to criticize anyone, you have to remember that not all the people in the world have had the advantages you have.

once heard a netizen tell such a story:

after ordering takeout, he received several phone calls. When the other person did not speak, he hung up directly.

thought it was a prank, so he lost his temper and cursed.

as a result, I saw a message while cleaning my phone, reminding me to put the takeout at the front desk.

it turns out that the takeout boy is a deaf-mute. Due to the difficulty of communication, he will send a text message in advance when delivering the meal.

afterwards, the netizen blamed himself for his impatience and called on everyone on the Internet that if this happens,

it is best to check whether there are any ignored text messages and not to lose their temper and give bad comments in a hurry. Hurt these hard-working special people.

in fact, there are many special takeout boys, and it is very difficult for them to find a job.

to this end, they have to make extraordinary efforts.

delivery, a seemingly simple manual task, is also a great challenge for the deaf-mute.

Life is never easy. If you can choose to win everything, no one is willing to wander.

I have read such a sentence:

not everyone can live this life easily, and some people have done their best just to live.

it is true.

when others encounter difficulties, knowing how to think of others and lend a hand within their ability is not only a timely help, but also a glimmer of hope when they are confused.

learning to be considerate of others is the greatest kindness of a person.


for the sake of others, it is a person's top self-cultivation

what is self-cultivation?

Zhihu has a high praise answer is: think of others, always think of others.

once read a story:

A farmer invited a blind man to his home for dinner. After dinner, it was already dark, and the blind man must go home.

the farmer couldn't help it. He gave the blind man a lantern. The blind man said angrily, "you know I can't see, but you give me a lamp. Are you laughing at me?"

the farmer explained, "it is because you can't see that I give you a lamp, not to laugh at you, but to care about you."

although you can't see it, others can, so as to avoid bumping into you because others can't see it.

the blind are moved by it.

there are thousands of people and thousands of hearts.

one thing, different people stand from different angles, there will be thousands of answers.

just like the allusion of the blind man touching the elephant:

the blind man touching the elephant trunk says that the elephant is like a radish;

the blind man touching the elephant leg says that the elephant is like a pillar;

the blind man touching the elephant's back says that the elephant is like a bed.

in fact, this is what an elephant looks like, because it's also part of an elephant.

is not what an elephant looks like, because everyone will see it differently from different angles.

so, whether you are relatives, partners, or friends, know how to think of others and learn to compare your heart to heart.

if everyone could understand a little more, there would be much less quarrels and conflicts.

tolerance comes from understanding, and understanding comes from thinking about others.

I have read a sentence in Zengguang Xian Wen: if you blame others, you will forgive yourself.