The highest state of life! (good text in depth)

The highest state of life! (good text in depth)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

as the saying goes, "write a person and learn to be a man all your life."

there are only two strokes of the word "human". It is easy to write, but difficult to do.

A man who knows how to be a man can extend his limited life; for those who do not know how to be a man, it is in vain to live to be a hundred years old.

and the highest state of life lies in the following three sentences.


never blame anyone


never look down on anyone

Chen Daoming said: "those who go up the mountain should never look down on those who go down the mountain, because they have had a good time; people on the mountain should not look down on those who go down the mountain, because they will climb up."

the most taboo thing about being a person is that you think highly of yourself, that you are superior to others, and that you have a full sense of superiority.

but all men are created equal, so you don't have to overestimate yourself, let alone look down on others.

No one is more noble than anyone else. They are all raised by their parents, and they all have birth, aging, sickness and death when they eat whole grains.

No one is smarter than anyone. Everyone has his own strengths.

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No one is more important than anyone, and there are also small screws that can fly to the sky.

A person can be confident, but he must not be conceited and turn a blind eye to anyone.

because people can look at each other, the sea water cannot be measured, and if you look down on it for a moment, it may be too high for you in the twinkling of an eye.

if your family is well-off, don't look down on those who are in need. They are small and great and try their best to get happiness.

if you are happily married, don't look down on people with unhappy marriages and open other people's scars. You are digging holes and burying mines for yourself.

if you are successful in your career, don't look down on small potatoes who work hard. There is a saying that you should leave a line to be a good man and see you in the future.

"Disciple Proverbs worship Li Rang" said: "if there is a bit of humility and retreat, there will be a part of benefit."

there is a sky outside the sky, there are others, respect for others, hold a humble heart, is to solemn yourself.

A truly mature person has seen the vast world, recognized his limitations, and will never look down on anyone.

A person's deepest state of being is his humility, humility and wisdom.

never judge anyone easily

Psychology, there is a famous iceberg theory.

our eyes see that the iceberg on the water surface is only 1/10, and the 90% hidden under the water surface is often ignored by us.