The look on your face when you go home determines the mood of the whole family.

The look on your face when you go home determines the mood of the whole family.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there was a short essay that moved countless people, called "Please bring a smile home"

when mother and son were worried about the tuition fees for college, the father came home and smiled and said, "I'm laid off";

my father always hit a brick wall when he went out to look for a job, but when he came home every day, he smiled and said, "almost".

Father got hurt at work and came home still smiling, saying, "it's all right, it's all right."

finally, the family saved up their tuition fees with a tricycle.

enter the house in a different way, keep negative emotions out of the door, and what is left at home is peace and warmth.

the look on your face when you enter the door determines the mood of your family.


Home is a harbor, not a punching bag.

Home is a harbor, not a punching bag. You don't know how hard I am! "

after hearing this, the wife said aggrieved, "whoever offends you, you scold it back. Don't take it out on me."

Zero hair is taken for granted: "because I know you well, you deserve to be unlucky and be my punching bag!"

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the wife did not make any mistakes, but innocently became an outlet to vent her emotions.

some people vent all their grievances and sulks on their families.

as a result, he was released, but his family was badly hurt.

in fact, there is no shortage of happy families in this world, but families who do not know how to enter the door.

Home is a word with temperature. It is not only a place for our bodies to rest, but also a haven for our hearts to dock.

Home is the harbor of the soul, not the punching bag of emotion.

leave the mood outside the door and bring a smile into the house

the poet Heine said: "I would rather form a happy family with a small cup of truth, goodness and beauty than a dull family with boatloads of furniture."

A good family is the source of all happiness and strength. Nothing soothes the heart more than a warm home.

in an interview, Li Jing, a famous media person, once talked about her difficulties in starting a business.

during that time, she was often so busy that she didn't even have time for a sip of water, held meetings on the axis, went to TV stations everywhere to promote her programs, and held planning meetings after drinking and socializing.

she said that at that time, because she had just handled it, lack of experience, and repeated problems such as lack of funds, she always felt that there was a heavy boulder on her heart, and when it was difficult to relieve it, she would burst into tears.

but when she arrived at the door, she immediately wiped away her tears and walked into the house as if she were all right.

most of the time, the mood of the family is a mirror. If one person smiles, others will be infected.

when you go home with indifference and resentment on your face, the atmosphere of the family is like black and white ash; on the contrary, if you smile, the whole house will be colorful.

leave troubles outside the door, bring a smile home, enter the door in a different way, leave bad emotions outside the door, leaving only warmth and love.

the best mood is worth giving to the person closest to you.

No matter how big the house is, laughter is home

once heard an old man in his late seventies talk about family life. He said:

at my age, I want my family to be safe and happy.

Yes, the family does not need to be rich and expensive, as long as there is a curl of smoke and the laughter of the family is the greatest comfort from the bottom of my heart.

Liang Qichao has a happy marriage, and his nine children get along well with each other, which has something to do with Liang Qichao's way of management.

one day, Liang Sichuang, his second daughter, was depressed because she only got 16 places in the exam, but Liang Qichao comforted her daughter: "Zhuang Chuang, I am very satisfied with my grades." It's really thanks to you to get the 16th out of 37 people. Good boy, don't worry, just work hard. "

there is no condescending, no beating, scolding and punishment, just encouragement, just trust, just respect. Under the influence of such a good family style, Liang Qichao's nine children have made extraordinary achievements.

We are always polite to outsiders; we are always unscrupulous to our relatives, knowing that they will never blame us.

No matter how big the house is, laughter is home. Happiness is not how rich your family is, but how bright your smile is.

know that not to create a "battlefield" in the family is not a deserter of life, but a true wise man.

as Sanmao said, "Home is a source of joy for everyone, and no matter how bitter it is, it is warm."

even if the whole world is indifferent, you can feel extremely warm as long as you see that there is still a light on for you.

for the rest of your life, may you have a home, be loved, your family will sit idle and the lights will be lovely.

Don't forget that a smile when you get home is the best gift to bring to your family.