The magnetic field in you determines who you will meet.

The magnetic field in you determines who you will meet.

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in 2019, the California Institute of Technology published a scientific study in the journal eNeuro that shows that the human brain not only senses a magnetic field, but also responds to it.

think of Rhonda Byrne's sentence in Power:

"everyone is surrounded by a magnetic field. No matter where you are, the magnetic field follows you, and your magnetic field attracts people and things with the same magnetic field."

in other words, everything you encounter, good or bad, is actually attracted by your magnetic field.


people and things you hate come because of your negative energy

there is such a story in Murphy's Law.

one day, a rich lady went to a jewelry store to pick out jewelry.

while she was choosing a necklace, a man next to her accidentally stepped on her foot.

without waiting for the other party to react, she shouted curses at the other side.

the man saw her angry and hurriedly said he was sorry.

but she didn't appreciate it at all. After scolding the other party, she slammed the door and left.

on the way home, the lady was caught in a traffic jam. She, who was already upset, was even more manic now.

as she honked her horn, she stuck her head out of the window and yelled at the front: "can you drive or not?"

the traffic moved slowly forward, and amid the noise, she finally drove out of the crowded section of the road.

at the next intersection, she met another large truck. Just as she was about to honk her horn to remind the other side to get out of the way, the truck slowed down and stopped.

the truck driver stretched out his head and smiled at her and motioned to let her pass first.

for some reason, her unhappiness suddenly disappeared.

when she got home, she found that her husband, who had complained about being gluttonous and lazy, had already made dinner, and that the child, who had made a mess of the house, was sitting on the sofa quietly playing with toys.

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she used to come home from work and watch her husband and children fight angrily. Now she unexpectedly finds that the family can be so happy and warm.

after she changed from a mood full of complaints to a state of joy, everything around her changed slowly before she knew it.

when she complains, her world is gray, and she stands in the center of the gray circle, constantly emitting grievances around her.

but when she was in a good mood, the world she saw in her eyes turned into color.

I have heard a saying: the more negative you are, the easier it is to attract trash people.

if one is always complaining, he is full of hostility to his surroundings.

then the negative energy magnetic field around him will attract more and more emotional garbage, and eventually converge into an emotional black hole, leaving himself trapped in it, and will attract more negative energy people.

most of the time, you feel that fate is unfair, and all you encounter are bad people and bad things.

but in fact, the people and things you hate may be attracted by your own negative energy.


everything you encounter comes because of your magnetic field

A psychologist once did an experiment:

they put two orangutans in two rooms full of mirrors.

the first orangutan was gentle, lively and active.

as soon as he entered the room, he saw that there were many "companions" inside. He greeted them with a smile, and those "companions" responded to it.

before long, it became one with the "companions" in the mirror, and the whole atmosphere was very pleasant.

the second orangutan is pessimistic and often sighs.

as soon as it entered the room, I saw the same kind in the mirror, all drooping faces and smelling of depression.

he bowed his head and walked towards a corner, then squatted there every day, looking at other "companions" who were also hiding in the corner, shaking his head and sighing.

three days later, the experimenter went to check the status of the two orangutans.

when the first orangutan came out of the room, he was still reluctant to part with his "companions";

the second orangutan was too depressed, listless and dying.

at the end of the experiment, the researchers said: people are similar to orangutans. What you can see is determined by your heart.

your emotions and attitudes towards the outside world will eventually return to yourself.

I think of a senior in the media industry. when I first joined the industry, I specially told me:

"No matter what job you do, ability is only secondary, and the most important thing is your state of mind and posture. In our line of work, there are a lot of things, so you must have a good mindset. Don't complain too much. Don't complain. Complaining not only won't attract anyone's sympathy, but will also make people hate you more and more. If you have a better attitude and a more optimistic attitude, your ability will naturally follow. "

at that time, I thought I really understood this. It wasn't until I worked for several years that I came to realize that no matter what I do, it's hard for people who complain all day and emit negative energy to get ahead.

A person's situation is often determined by his own state of mind.

the more complaining people are, the worse they are.

American psychology professor David Hawkins also said:

A person with positive energy, his magnetic field will make everything orderly and beautiful. And when a person's heart is full of negative energy, it not only hurtsOneself, also can make the surrounding magnetic field become disordered and bad.

people who complain for a long time will form a negative emotional field around them, and everything you see in this negative magnetic field is all negative.

the negative information you send out will end up acting on you in turn.

and when your attitude and posture are right, in a positive magnetic field, even if you encounter great difficulties, you will not be discouraged or complain.

as long as you keep a positive and optimistic attitude, good luck will naturally come.


your magnetic field determines your fate

everyone's emotional magnetic field can actually be determined by themselves.

when we are in negative emotions, how can we change our destiny by changing our magnetic field?

there are two small ways to share with you:

1. Change your external environment: get close to a positive magnetic field and get along with positive people.

when Shi Tiesheng was in his 20s, his legs suddenly fell disabled. Originally high-spirited, he could only be imprisoned in a wheelchair all day.

he is confused, living in self-pity, complaining about the injustice of fate everywhere.

my friend Liu Qing went to enlighten him and asked him to try to heal himself with words.

after hearing this, Shi Tiesheng began to pick up his pen and found the courage to live again in his writing.

later, Liu Qing encouraged him to write plays and novels.

at first, Shi Tiesheng felt that he was out of control and repeatedly refused.

but Liu Qing said to him, "in my experience, you can definitely do a good job in writing."

when he was in the dark, Liu Qing's optimism and positive energy infected him bit by bit.

he also got out of the predicament smoothly, became optimistic and open-minded, and wrote one book after another.

the University of California has conducted a study that shows that "contact with happy people increases personal happiness, and if someone you know is happy, you are 15% more likely to be happy."

emotions between people can be contagious to each other. When you encounter troughs and are in a bad mood, you must take the initiative to approach people with positive energy.

get along with people with positive magnetic fields, no matter how difficult life is, you will find the joy of life.

2. Improve your inner energy: empower yourself more than negative energy.

TED lecturer Lena, who grew up in poverty and vagrancy, has eaten all the hardships of life.

in adulthood, her relationship with her family deteriorated, faced with unemployment, suffered from depression and was detected with a brain tumor.

she spent one difficult night after another in anxiety and despair.

until later, she came across a Law of attraction: all your encounters are attracted by you.

she suddenly realized that all kinds of unfortunate experiences were the result of her own choice, and that she might as well choose to change instead of complaining about the environment.

since then, instead of giving up, she has spent all her time investing in self-improvement.

she uses optimism instead of depression, exercise instead of medicine, and reading instead of watching TV. She takes the initiative to seek a cure with repeated actions.

gradually, everything around her began to get better.

those originally negative energies, all in her efforts, have undergone an amazing reversal.

when you are at a low ebb and in a bad mood, you should improve your internal positive energy.

when the positive energy magnetic field built in your heart becomes strong, you will incarnate into a more powerful magnetic pole, slowly attracting everything you want.


best-selling author H B Dahua once said in his book Magnetic Field: "the so-called magnetic field is actually your attraction."

the world you see in your eyes is attracted by your inner world.

your heart is dirty and dark, and the people you meet are likely to be villains; you are grumpy and complaining, and most of the people you meet are garbage people.

on the contrary, if you have a positive heart, you will encounter warmth; if you are optimistic, cheerful and helpful, you will encounter goodness.