The most profligate thing in the second half of life is health!

The most profligate thing in the second half of life is health!

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A few days ago, Daniel Wu, who had not been seen for a long time, posted a video on the social platform.

in this video, he really surprised everyone.

once the "handle" of the beauty world has become extremely old, and the years have shown no mercy to his portrayal.

netizens shouted: "where is my male god?"

before that, Daniel Wu, who had just recovered from a serious illness, almost died.

"Don't take my health for granted." He wrote on Weibo on the last day of 2019.

at that time, he felt unwell and thought he didn't pay much attention to food poisoning.

until three days later, the severe abdominal pain was so unbearable that he didn't know until he was sent to see a doctor that the internal organs had suppurated, and he might have died later.

in the face of fans' concerns and concerns, he also gave responses and advice: "Don't ignore the message your body sends to you."

Daniel Wu is far from alone in being troubled by health problems.

A few days ago, Zhang Jiayi went on a hot search because of "changing his name". He changed the last word in his name from "translation" to "benefit".

Why did I change my name?

some netizens speculated that now that he has become famous, he has changed his name not for fame, but for a healthy body.

many viewers who know him well know that he suffers from severe ankylosing spondylitis and has been suffering from illness.

he has exposed his physical condition:

some netizens have posted recent photos of Zhang Jiaye. Just over 50 years old, he has white hair and looks extremely haggard, which makes people sad.

A netizen said with heartache:

"it's really hard to get this kind of disease. I can't sleep well even if I want to sleep, because my back starts to hurt after midnight. Getting out of bed in a serious morning is a problem. Even when I get out of bed, I can't straighten my back at all.

there is no cure for this disease. People who suffer from this disease actually live a very hard life, and only he can feel the feeling of tossing and turning. "

in fact, Zhang Jiaye's illness has something to do with his "desperation" when he was young.

in high school, he studied wrestling and exercised with great intensity.

later, when he was in the acting industry, he refused to use a stand-in and was directly thrown to the cement floor.

as the saying goes, "one minute on the stage takes ten years of work off the stage."

what we see is the bright and beautiful side of the actors, but we don't know the hardship they pay, the irregular schedule, the frequent dangerous movements, and the great pressure of work. All kinds of reasons have an impact on their health.

Dutch philosopher Spinoza once said: "it is the duty of a man to keep healthy."

everything is based on health. Only with health can we protect our families from the wind and rain and make great achievements in our career.

but many people, often at the expense of health, in exchange for the so-called "success", do not realize the importance of health until the body issues the alarm.

you may not know that our "parts" are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which is the most expensive gift given to us by life.

having a healthy body is the greatest wealth.


it is not unique that Jet Li has been suffering from illness.

Jet Li seldom showed up in recent years, until some netizens exposed his recent photo.

the "Emperor of Kung Fu", who reappeared in front of the public, is like an old man whose once straight back is now bent.

Jet Li, who is only in his 50s, no longer has the elegant demeanor of that year. In the photo, he looks bad, old and haggard, shocking and even more sob.

Jet Li walked into the big field of vision with real kung fu.

in the Bodyguard of Zhongnanhai, he is handsome and unrestrained, portraying the image of a soldier as real and charming.

in Huang Feihong, he is heroic and full of chivalrous style, which people will never forget.

but honor goes hand in hand with illness, and the role brings him achievements as well as pain.

in the early years of martial arts, he suffered serious damage to his spine and even received a "national third-level disability certificate."

the doctor also gave him an ultimatum: "either not filming or in a wheelchair!"

in 2013, Jet Li suffered from hyperthyroidism because of long-term medication, which led to heart problems that were so serious that he could not live a normal life for a time.

in the face of the media, Jet Li once sighed helplessly:

netizens were filled with emotion: "time is easy to pass, and heroes are old."

Haruki Murakami once wrote in 1Q84:

from high-spirited to young age, time is in a hurry, and reality nakedly punishes those who don't take their bodies seriously.

when you are suffering from illness that can't sleep at night, you realize that fame, status, power and wealth are not as important as 1/10000 of health.

the greatest happiness is to stay away from illness and suffering.


I have a colleague, a senior technical programmer, he works hard, professional, less than 30 years old, has been promoted all the way from assistant to manager.

when his position is high, his salary increases with it, so he works even harder and sets up a camp bed at work. When he meets large-scale activities such as new products and promotions, he will make do with the unit for one night, and when eating is more forbidden, he often takes instant noodles to solve.

at the beginning of this year, his wife was pregnant and the whole family was very happy.

the family is planning to buy a small house and settle down in Shanghai.Everything is moving in a better direction.

but in the annual collective physical examination, he was found to have cancer.

so he was hospitalized immediately.

those tasks that must be done in time can only be shelved for the time being, and those projects that were supposed to be impossible without him have also been taken over.

We visited the hospital and found that in less than a month, he had lost a lot of weight and lost his fighting spirit. He looked at the ceiling and murmured, "Why me?"

and his pregnant wife sat by the window, weeping silently.

his wish is to accompany him to grow up from the previous bonus to the hope of seeing the child born smoothly and more extravagantly.

some people say, "you can know how important health is once you get sick."

the White Paper on the Health status of Urban White-collar Workers in China has disclosed a set of data:

the proportion of white-collar sub-health in China is as high as 76%. 7 adults have the risk of death from overwork;

38.2% of Chinese suffer from various sleep disorders;

more than 550000 people die suddenly every year; about 10000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day.

many people will say that I am still young and can handle it.

but youth is by no means an excuse for not paying attention to your health.

as John Locke's Law says:

is not to stop people from pursuing progress, but to master the yardstick. Apart from health, everything is a flower in the mirror and a moon in the water.

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if you have good health, you can enjoy everything.


Zweig once said:

I think so.

as netizens said: "to destroy an adult, a physical examination report is enough."

when we are young, we trade our health for money, but when we get old, we use money to buy health.

the fast pace of life and work pressure can not be the reason for overdraft health.

the second half of life is about health.

as the classic saying goes: