The mother's mood and the father's pattern determine the height of the child's life.

The mother's mood and the father's pattern determine the height of the child's life.

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as we all know, in children's education, school education alone is not enough, family education is the key, affecting the child's life.

the growth and development of children stems from the joint efforts of both parents.

for a child, having a gentle mother and a structured father is the greatest luck in his life.

behind all the children with problems

there are a pair of failed parents

Ningjing once reprimanded parents for accusing their children of saying:

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"I particularly hate watching that kind of program. Parents who are kicked out by their children, daughter-in-law disobedient, the kind of parents whose sons help daughter-in-law make their parents miserable.

I think I deserved it. I don't understand how he became a bad guy. You're the poor guy. You deserve it.

there's nothing wrong with your child. Has he been so bad since he was a baby?

you taught him like this yourself, and now you have to let society know that he is a bad person, too bad for these parents. "

indeed, it is up to the parents to decide what a child will eventually become.

after all, every child comes into this world with a blank sheet of paper.

in the end, what this blank piece of paper looks like depends on the paintbrush in the hands of the parents.

No child in the world has a problem, and the problem comes from the family.

the child is a mirror of the family. Behind every problem child, there is a problem family.

many parents have a serious misunderstanding that they only want to make their children become talents, but neglect to let their children grow up first.

parents often think that it is enough to provide their children with excellent material conditions, but they seldom realize that their children's character qualities such as kindness, optimism, bravery, independence and self-confidence are more important.

parents are the first teachers of their children. You owe them when they are young. When they grow up, you have to pay them back, or even double them.

the mood of the mother

is the child's biggest sense of security

the child with sense of security can win at the starting line and have a happy life.

and the child's sense of security comes from the mother's stable mood.

Hu Shi wrote in my Mother: "my mother is magnanimous and good-natured, treats people most kindly and gently, and has never said a word that hurts people's feelings."

when Hu Shi was a child, his family was in decline. Every year, New Year's Eve always had a large group of debt collectors coming to the house, but his mother didn't have a trace of grievance on her face. She invited a neighbor to come to the house, gave each borrower some money, and sent them away with a pleasant face.

the sister-in-law and the second sister-in-law are small-minded, but Hu Shi's mother never quarreled with them. Finally, Hu Shi wrote: "if I learn a little bit of good temper, if I learn a little bit of kindness in dealing with people, if I can forgive and be considerate-I have to thank my loving mother."

Mother is the most important mirror in a child's life.

the emotional style in a child's life is brought by his mother.

an emotionally stable mother, as seen by her child, is accepted, supportive, brave, confident and sense of security-like.

there is a kind of happiness that makes my mother emotionally stable.

the pattern of the father

determines the height of the child's life

some people say that the father is a big tree and the child is the fruit on the tree. If the fruit is to be fruitful, the tree must have deep roots and luxuriant leaves.

the pattern of a father is the spiritual food of a child's life.

Ren Zhengfei has accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV's "face to face" program.

in an exclusive interview, he said that he was not worried about his daughter Meng Wanzhou's house arrest. He said with a loving look on his face: "my daughter is very optimistic. Every time she makes a phone call, she is very busy. She is studying five or six courses herself. I'm going to study for a doctor in prison."

although Ren Zhengfei is facing a career crisis and his daughter's safety, he is still brave and optimistic.

when asked by the host, "what do you think of America?"

instead of expressing anger, he said calmly, "Thank you very much for the support of American companies, because they taught me to walk." Without them, Huawei might not be what it is today. "

and daughter Meng Wanzhou is not afraid, but calmly faces the ordeal and enriches herself.

what she saw in her father was "bravery and face".

this is the pattern of fathers.

in a family, the father is the child's life model, and the father's ideas determine the height to which the child can reach in the future.

parents lead by example

give their children the best demonstration

countless parents hope to send their children to the best schools and receive the best education.

but often overlook that parents are the best teachers for their children.

for children, the best education is the parents' words and deeds.

as educator Ibuka Masaru said: "parents' words and deeds are the best teaching materials for their children, and first-class parents make first-class children."

Family education for parents, the first is self-education.

what kind of person you want your child to be, what kind of person you have to be first.

the good example set by parents is the best education for their children.

but when setting an example for our children, we should also pay attention to several principles.

in life, you should always be strict with yourself and be strict with yourself.

We must do what we want our children to do first.

abandon wrong words and deedsStop, take your every step.

parents' speech and behavior is a textbook without words.

children are required to forge ahead and fight bravely, and parents should also take the lead in demonstrating.

only in this way can we have a positive and far-reaching impact on children.