The "new type of providing for the aged" is popular, neither going to a nursing home nor dragging down the children, it is too cured!

The "new type of providing for the aged" is popular, neither going to a nursing home nor dragging down the children, it is too cured!

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if people want to live happily, longevity is meaningful.

many people plan to either live with their children or go to a nursing home when they are old.

but living with children for a long time will inevitably lead to friction and contradictions.

when I go to a nursing home, I feel ashamed and afraid of loneliness and apathy there.

in fact, there are more than two ways to provide for the aged.

under the influence of the trendy concept of providing for the aged, many elderly people have created many trendy ways of providing for the aged.

you don't have to live with your children or go to a nursing home.

but to enjoy life while providing for the aged with a group of acquaintances or congenial peers, not only can they live a colorful and happy life, but also try not to cause trouble to their children.


traveling by RV

in foreign countries, husband and wife drive camper and RV together, which has become the most fashionable way to provide for the aged.

in China, many elderly people have joined the ranks of RV tourists.

some of them rent cars or convert minivans into "saloon cars". No matter what kind of cars they are, they can't stop them from traveling.

travel while camping, going to all the places you wanted to go before.

go to see the tall and majestic snow-capped mountains,

to see the smart and beautiful lakes,

to experience the exotic customs of ethnic minorities,

to see the places that have gone up to the mountains and to the countryside.

along the way, the car is home.

when you are tired, you can watch TV on a soft bed, enjoy the blue sea and sky outside, make yourself a simple and delicious dinner when you are hungry, and take a shower to wash away the tiredness of the whole day.


living for the aged

if you think that driving is expensive and unsafe?

then try living for the aged!

my wife and friends choose a city with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate to stop. There is no need to rush to see the scenery and taste delicious food. In half a month or a month, we can make a lot of good friends.

nowadays, the number of old people left behind in empty nests is increasing day by day. For many years or even more than ten years, the two old people sit opposite shadows, looking at each other.

if many old people ride together by car, stay together, climb mountains together and eat at the same table, it must be a scene full of laughter and joy.


gather for the aged

the children are studying or busy working in other places, and there are only two lonely old people left in the big house. It is better to live in groups with like-minded old friends.

exercise and eat together in the morning;

read and chat together in the morning;

have lunch and watch TV together;

play mahjong and drink tea together in the afternoon;

have dinner together in the evening and go back to sleep at night.

when I am old, it is very happy and meaningful to be able to spend time with old friends who share a common memory and do nothing.


return to pastoral life

after retirement, avoid crowding, stay away from the hustle and bustle, move from the city to the countryside, breathe fresh air, plant a piece of land, raise a dog, and live in a house. Here the pond is clear and the flowers are fragrant.

this is also a trendy old-age model: returning to rural life.

We can plant flowers in front of the house, grow vegetables behind the house, raise chickens, ducks, geese, cats and dogs, and breathe fresh air.

everything is new. If you change your way of life and enjoy the fun of work, old age life will become colorful.

whoever says we should stay at home when we are old, flee the city, return to the countryside, and refit the house. We can also play all the things that young people are passionate about.


hire back to work

for people who love their work, age is just a number.

although he is old enough to retire, he still has a clear mind and flexible hands, so he can go back to work and continue to give full play to his remaining heat.

when people are old, they are not worthless. As long as you want, you can still be active in the posts you love and contribute your part to the construction of society.

06  Urban slow life

if you can't travel or go to the countryside, living a slow life in the city can also be interesting and wonderful.

I used to be so busy with my work that I didn't have time to spend time with my family and wife.

now I happen to have time to go for a walk in the park with my wife, go to the vegetable market, go shopping in the mall, cook three meals a day for my family, and study nutritional recipes.

surf the Internet at home, watch dramas, chat with old classmates and friends on Wechat, learn some knowledge of health preservation, and manage your own body.


cultivate a hobby

most friends may not be so financially advantageous and need to take care of their grandchildren.

it doesn't matter. Since you can't be a rich old man, be an interesting old man.

Research shows that cultivating a hobby can promote the functioning of the brain, delay intellectual decline, enhance interpersonal communication, and enhance happiness.

make an appointment with old friends to drink tea and play chess, read books and write poems, and cultivate their self-cultivation;

Take time to get in and look at the dazzling collection of red evening dresses with sleeves. Enjoy shopping for that fabulous garment.

make an appointment with their girlfriends to study dance and yoga, which can not only exercise, but also enrich life.

people have their own hobbies. As long as they like it and it doesn't hurt, you might as well study and develop it. As time goes by, you will find that life becomes more and more interesting, and people become more active and younger.

the study of Yale University in the United States found that it is rich.Colorful retirement life can increase the life expectancy of the elderly by 7.5 years.

so friends, we have to live like this, live a good life for ourselves, and live a more wonderful and interesting life!

if people want to live happily, longevity is meaningful.