The power of introspection (this article is priceless)

The power of introspection (this article is priceless)

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Wang Yangming said: "Learning must be against yourself. if you blame others in vain, you will see that others are wrong, but you will not see your own fault."

in life, some people always stare at other people's mistakes, but can't find their own problems, so they will fall into a blind trap.

each of us has two baggage, one is our own problem, the other is the fault of others.

but many people put other people's mistakes on their chest, which are easy to see, but put their own mistakes behind and deliberately ignore them.

on the road of life, detours and setbacks are inevitable.

and knowing self-examination is the best weapon to overcome difficulties!


find a reason for everything from yourself

it is said in the Analects of Confucius: "the villain has no fault, the gentleman is often wrong."

when something happens, the villain thinks that he is not at fault, and the gentleman will always reflect on his mistakes.

there are many people in life who have problems in doing things and pass the buck to others in the first place.

in fact, the more incompetent people are, the more likely they are to pass the buck and evade their mistakes.

however, when you point your finger at someone else, you still have three fingers pointing at yourself.

when Tang Taizong first took office, he liked to act emotionally and was not good at introspection.

once, there was a heated argument between Wei Zheng and Tang Taizong. Tang Taizong felt that he could not stand it and wanted to leave in a huff.

Wei Zheng stopped Tang Taizong and insisted on finishing his advice.

at that time, Emperor Taizong was famous all over the country for being good at remonstrance. Because of this, he had to listen to it before he left.

after going back, Emperor Taizong was so angry that he said to the queen, "one day, I will take Wei Zheng's life!"

unexpectedly, the queen gave a big gift to Emperor Taizong and said:

"since ancient times, there have been upright subjects around wise kings. Wei Zheng's integrity shows the wisdom of the emperor! "

after hearing this, Tang Taizong woke up like a dream. From then on, he often reflected on himself and first looked for the reason from himself when he encountered problems.

because Tang Taizong was good at introspection and remonstrance, the period of Emperor Taizong ushered in the prosperity of the rule of Zhenguan.

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in the second year of Zuo Zhuan Xuan Gong, it is written: people are not saints, who can make mistakes, and to correct their mistakes, there is nothing great.

whether it is governing the country or being a man, the road ahead is always full of thorns. It's okay to encounter problems. The key is what attitude we use to face them.

instead of complaining about others, it is better to reflect on yourself and make a big step forward by being able to reflect on yourself.

people who know how to introspect are more popular with people because they are generous and reliable.



I have a friend who went to work and live in a strange city.

he often complains to me that the air in this city is too bad, the visibility is low, and he can't see clearly outside the window.

once I went to his house and brought a rag to clean the windows for him. Only then did he realize that it was because his glass was dirty that he could not see the scenery clearly.

We are often disturbed by external objects and do not understand the nature of things. Only by constantly cleaning our hearts can we see the real world and ourselves.

in the Yuan Jue Sutra, there is a dialogue between Manjushri Bodhisattva and Buddha:

Manjushri Bodhisattva asked, "how can I recognize myself?"

the Buddha replied, "all Tathagata comes from the original cause, and all senses of wisdom."

means that only in the process of constant self-reflection can one gain wisdom and consciousness.

A new monk came to see the abbot in the ancient temple and said, "I am new here. May I ask the abbot what I should do first?"

the abbot said, "first meet the monks in the temple."

the next day, the young monk came to the abbot and said, "I have recognized all the monks in the temple. What should I do next?"

the abbot smiled and said, "you must have missed something. Go on to know it."

on the third day, the young monk came to see the abbot again and said confidently, "this time I really know everything."

the abbot said: there is another person you do not know, this person is very important to you. "

the little monk went to ask everyone in the temple with questions and went to every corner of the temple.

when he walked to a well and saw his own reflection, he finally realized that the most important person was himself.

Laozi once said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is truly enlightened.

introspection allows us to understand and correct ourselves more clearly and accurately.


can we make continuous progress

Lu Xun said: "I do dissect others all the time, but more often I dissect myself more mercilessly."

A person's progress depends not only on his knowledge, but more importantly on whether he can correctly understand himself and understand his shortcomings.

when we know how to reflect and put into action, we can become better ourselves.

during the Xia Dynasty, a vassal led the rebels to invade. Xia Yu sent his son Boqi to meet him, but Boqi was defeated.

his subordinates were not convinced and advised Boqi to continue to attack, but Boqi said:

"I was stronger than him in all aspects of external strength, but I was defeated. It must be because of my bad moral character and incorrect method of leading troops.

after Boqi went back, he regained his strength, got up early every day to train troops, appointed sages, and cared about the sufferings of the people.

there is a saying in Mencius from Lou Shang: "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

when we can't do something, we should reflect on our own reasons.

successful people succeed not because they don't make mistakes, but because they can find themselves, reflect on themselves, and break through themselves.

understand your shortcomings and correct them before you can make real progress.

knowing the power of introspection is the best shortcut to success!

the Book of the later Han Dynasty Yu Shuo Zhuan says: "things do not seek refuge, righteousness does not escape responsibility."

in the face of difficulties, do not escape, dare to take responsibility, and be good at introspection, can we gain the trust and sincerity of others.

introspection can change a person imperceptibly, which is a valuable ability and realm!

behind every strong person, there must be an effort to surpass ordinary people, and an attitude of "self-reflection three times a day".