The pupil's composition "loneliness" became popular, and the teacher commented with full marks: genius, look and cry!

The pupil's composition "loneliness" became popular, and the teacher commented with full marks: genius, look and cry!

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concluding song: Park Shu-journey

there is a good saying: you will never understand the world of children.

that's because children always have all kinds of wonderful ideas in their heads, which make people love and hate.

it is more appropriate to describe these children as young contemporary artists.

Today we will appreciate several compositions of primary school students who are "inspired by their thinking". Let's follow in their footsteps, return to childhood and experience the world in their eyes.



I believe many children must be silent after reading this poem, because there are really too many children who lack the love of their fathers.

as the saying goes in the circle of friends of my parents,

if I put down my work, I will not be able to support you;

if I pick up work, I will not be able to accompany you.

for the sake of his wife, children and the family, my father spends all his time with him and works hard outside, hoping to buy his lover an extra lipstick and an extra teaching book for his children.

if you want to do something to repay your father who gives silently, it must be studying hard now.

ask him to sign the full mark paper, let him go home and see the award posted on the wall, let him know that he has a great child.

like all the dads who work hard to make money for their family.


"low profile"

! It turned out that we were all rich, but we didn't find it.

I don't know if you have noticed that in this child's composition, it seems to be an exaggeration of realistic daily life, but in fact you can see the stars and sea in his heart.

is not limited to the present, but looks at the wider world and the universe. This is what it looks like when I was a child in the ocean of books.

the Tibetan language in the chest is full of ink, and the belly is full of poetry and books.

Children who read a lot from an early age will also see things from a more diverse and comprehensive point of view than others.

they will combine rich extracurricular knowledge to fully exercise their ability to think independently, and virtually guide themselves to try to understand this world and the world outside the world.

finally, I would like to give the words of Yi Yi Qianxi at the school opening ceremony to all the children:

what we see in our eyes, in addition to blooming flowers, there should also be warmth in the world;

what we should have is not only the vision and mind of the sea, but also the creative soul of compassionate people.


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the composition of "Loneliness"

"Solitude" is a short composition of more than 100 words, but it makes people's nose sore, and the pain of the crippled native family suddenly appears on paper.

want to yell at the parents, because it is the greatest cruelty to the children if they are born and not raised.

for parents, marriage is a lifelong event. No matter which step you take, you should be careful and deliberate.

especially for families that already have children, every choice made by parents will have an impact on their children's growth and even their whole life.

admittedly, it is up to the husband and wife to decide whether the marriage can continue or not.

but whether separated or not, the child is always the most innocent role, facing not only the fragmentation of his family, but also the disappearance of love and affection.

if you still love this innocent child, give him more love and sense of security after separation, let him out of the grief of "parents' divorce" and embrace a new life.


"Men and Women"

after reading

, I really have to admire the mystery of Chinese characters!

but looking at the essence through the phenomenon, what this poem really wants to express is the unique charm of women.

as the great writer Gorky said:

without sun, flowers will not bloom;

without love, there will be no happiness;

without women, there will be no love;

without mother, there will be neither poets nor heroes.

if you have a daughter in your family, try to make her a person with money in your pocket, dreams in your heart and books on your pillow:

teach her to always put life first in life; teach her to cherish and love her body;

teach her not to trample on her dignity for the sake of a man; teach her to be financially independent and personal independent.



the truth contained in it is to think and look at things with dialectical thinking, both perceptual tenderness and rational calmness.

in fact, in the process of raising a child, this emotional tenderness is the softness that the mother brings to the child, while rational calmness is the father's fortitude in front of the child.

once read a saying:

A family with strength and softness will raise a child who is "sensual in reason and rational in sensibility".

gentleness and perseverance is what a good child should really look like.



if I were the father of the child, I could not help but praise: son, the father did not love you in vain.

the so-called top relationship between father and son is nothing more than this.

among them, it must be the care and maintenance of the father to the child in order to raise such a filial child.

Goldie, a famous psychologist, said:

this power is an independent force, a force that dares to bear, or the power of sense of security.

Today's children say the most to their father, "Dad, where's my mom?"

in the process of guiding children to grow up, although the role of mothers should not be underestimated, do not forget that fathers are an indispensable part of children's life.

maybe Dad is not good at words and doesn't talk about love often, but please believe that Dad's love is silent and great, but ordinary is also deep.


pick the mother

very often, in the eyes of the mother, the child is mischievous and crying, which is simply the little devil sent by God to mess with me.

but in the eyes of Jules's children, the child is a little angel wandering in the sky, quietly lying on the clouds, seriously choosing his favorite mother.

this mother has long hair and likes it; that mother loves to laugh and likes it, too.

but I still like you as a mother!

because I see unhidden love in your curved smiling eyes.

then these lovely little angels give up countless treasures in the sky and come to you naked like a little beggar with nothing.

all the children who look like "demons" in your eyes are secretly loving you in their own way!



shows his missing and love for Grandpa incisively and vividly in the most simple but sincere language.

when Grandpa was around, he was my strongest backer. Rain Water could not hit me or the wind could not reach me, so he could always run freely under his protection.

every time I go home, I see these old people standing bent over at the gate with dentures in their smiles, and I feel that they are really so happy!

then I wish time was slower.

our grandparents, their hair will turn gray more slowly, and their posture will be more slowly, so that I can continue to spend more time with them.



this poem makes us feel a warm love hidden in the "secret".

even if my mother lied to me to "pick it up", I will take good care of my mother so that she won't get hurt.

people often praise how great maternal love is, but do not realize that children's love for their parents is truly unconditional and unreserved.

because you are the only one around them since they were conceived in October.

listen to your heartbeat, feel your pulse, with the umbilical cord as the medium, closely connected to you.

after reading these excellent compositions of adults, how do you feel? Are you impressed by the pupils?

when we educate our children, we must not use too many rules to bind their brains, their thinking, or even their behavior.

not curbing all children's ideas is a great way to help them develop their intelligence.

the inner world of the child is always more wonderful than you think, and the child loves you more than you think.