The resume of the "strongest undergraduate" of Tsinghua University was exposed: son, why do I want you to go to a prestigious school?

The resume of the "strongest undergraduate" of Tsinghua University was exposed: son, why do I want you to go to a prestigious school?

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

son, after thinking for a long time, I decided to write this letter for you.

the cause of this letter is that I saw a special scholarship (undergraduate) reply meeting of Tsinghua University in 2020 on the Internet.

at the scene of the defense, the Tsinghua students were calm, confident and eloquent, showing the demeanor of a famous school.

the special scholarship of Tsinghua University is the highest honor awarded to the students by the university. The students who can take part in the defense can be said to be the "strongest undergraduates" of Tsinghua University.

what comes to mind is your tender face, imagining that one day you can be as good as them, stand on the stage, sprinkle your youth, and work hard for your future.

I have to say that these students are excellent, and the candidates' resumes are amazed by countless netizens.

Tsai Ying-Yi, who is in charge of the automation department, won the second prize in the 37th Challenge Cup of Tsinghua University, studied Chinese language and literature as a second degree, published children's literature, and won a soft scholarship.

Xie Yanyu of the College of Humanities, the first major in promoting research results, has won a "Yinghua Scholars" scholarship, has several scientific research achievements, and holds an important position in various activities of the school.

Chen Yixian of the Physics Department is praised by the professor as the best Qingbei student he has taught in the past decade, has published three papers as the first author, and has won the championship of the National English speech Competition.

the comment area has also given birth to a large number of "lemon essence".

Child, after reading the resumes of these Tsinghua students, I believe it will also have a big impact on your heart.

before, I was very strict with your study, which led you to complain.

Today, I would like to take this opportunity to answer your doubts about why I should be so hard on you and place my hopes on you in a prestigious school.


through the resumes of the above Tsinghua students, I believe you can feel that they are not rigidly professional, have a wide range of hobbies, have a lot of dabbling, and have extraordinary knowledge and vision.

this is the first reason why I want you to go to a famous school:

being admitted to a famous school can make your knowledge and vision different.

your sister-in-law has always been the pride of our family, and we usually use your sister-in-law to spur you.

my sister-in-law has done very well since she was a child. She attended a famous university in China and was admitted to Peking University for a master's degree the year before last.

Last year, my sister-in-law went abroad for 20 days of public study and exchange. When she came back, she told you a lot of stories. At that time, you looked admiring and listened with ecstasy.

this is the halo that a famous school brings to her sister-in-law, giving her the opportunity to go far away and see different worlds.

CCTV host Bai Yansong, whom my father likes very much, once told such a story.

once, Bai Yansong took a 9-hour ride to give a lecture at a lesser-known university in Inner Mongolia.

A meeting room with a seating capacity of 2000 people was so full that hundreds of students could not squeeze in at the door.

after attending the lecture in Inner Mongolia, Bai Yansong went on to attend the centennial lecture hall of Peking University. Passing by the bulletin board, he saw a list of activities of Peking University for a week.

at that moment, Bai Yansong was very shocked. The week-long activity of Peking University was about to be the same as that of that school in Inner Mongolia for 10 years.

son, do you know what kind of people go to Peking University to give speeches?

is the elite of the industry, business tycoon, scientist, writer, famous scholar at home and abroad.

through the speech sharing of these bosses, how can your horizons not be broadened by long-term osmosis.

academic qualifications raise your horizons, which determine the pattern, and the pattern affects one's whole life.

for many people, the starting point of their horizons comes from education, while education in prestigious schools will make your horizons wider and bigger.


of course, the benefits of going to a prestigious school are much more than that.

did you know that famous enterprises are more likely to recruit graduates from prestigious universities when they graduate and work?

A good diploma can give you more choices when you work in the future.

two days ago, when Dad was watching the variety show "offer2 of the Heart", there was a scene that had a lot of feelings.

several excellent young people are competing for an internship at a law firm at the same time.

this law firm is well known at home and abroad, and it can be said that it is the dream place of all law students.

they all come from famous universities, and even have the background of studying abroad. Only one student named Ding Hui is from an ordinary university.

is Ding Hui excellent? in his father's opinion, he is quite excellent and is not inferior to those famous school students.

in the first debate, when the group members had no power to refute the other side's views, it was he who turned the tide and cracked them one by one. The views were clear, sonorous and forceful, and were unanimously praised by all the teaching lawyers.

but it was very difficult for Ding Hui to get this internship offer. It was the interviewer who made an exception and gave him this opportunity, and his overall ranking was also the last.

in the face of his resume, the interviewer, lawyer Wang, put it right:

son, the reality is never a Reality Show, which is a hundred times crueler than it appears on TV.

graduates from ordinary schools, no matter how talented they are, are shorter than others when they compete with graduates from famous schools.

this cruel reality is almost difficult to change-famous enterprises are more willing to throw olive branches at graduates of prestigious universities.

Dad was surprised to see the job-hunting experience of a netizen.

this netizen went to a well-known company for an interview. After meeting her, HR took the lead in asking about her school.

then take out oneThe top schools in China are listed on a piece of paper, but HR did not find her school on the paper.

so the interview fell through so vaguely that she didn't have any chance to show it at all.

only afterwards did she know that the company had made it clear that the school where the interviewer was located must be on the list in HR's hands.

otherwise, no matter how good you are, you will be turned away.

this is not alone.

A student from an ordinary university attends a job fair of a famous company. Unexpectedly, the first sentence of the recruiter is:

son, this is the second reason why I want you to go to a famous school:

when you get a job in the future, you don't want to be rejected because of your diploma, not because of ability and talent.

thinking of you being left out in the cold because of your diploma, you don't even have a chance to perform. It hurts just to think of it.

A lot of kids go around looking for contacts to get into a company after graduation, and you only need a diploma to win it easily.

when you graduate from a famous school, your starting point may be someone else's end, and your lower limit is already someone else's upper limit.

seeing this, maybe you will ridicule your father's utilitarianism and imagine the world as too cruel.

Yes, son, the reality is so cruel.

you have not experienced the ravages of reality, have not tasted the bitterness of life, naturally can not feel deeply.

Dad knows all too well how important a good job, a high starting point, is to adults.

Dad is not sure to enter a good unit. You will have food and clothing for the rest of your life. After all, in addition to the starting point, ability, opportunities and so on are very important in life.

but what my father can guarantee is that when you graduate from a prestigious school, the high starting point you get will make you take fewer detours and suffer a lot less in the second half of your life than your children of the same age.


two days ago, my father accidentally came across a survey data on the spare time of contemporary college students on the Internet:

to be honest, after reading it, my father fell into a period of silence, anxiety and worry.

82% of college students spend their spare time playing games and browsing short videos as a pastime.

I can't imagine how sad it will be to waste such a good youth when you go to college in the future.

Dad is not unreasonable. He wants you to be a learning machine. Of course, I also support the combination of work and rest.

but how can you not worry if you spend most of your time on these boring things?

son, life is a long journey, but the key is only a few years.

the reason why many adults live too hard is that at the age of effort, they choose to indulge and escape.

Dad believes that you have strong self-control and self-discipline, but if you are surrounded by all kinds of temptations and everyone is taking indulgence for granted, how long can you hold on?

I read such a sentence in the book "Progress" and felt deeply:

"when a young man enters a not-so-excellent university, he will inevitably lower his own standards in order to adapt to this environment and reduce the conflict between himself and the environment.

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and this may be fatal to their lives. "

this is the third reason Dad wants you to go to an elite school:

A prestigious school gains not only a degree, but also a higher-quality circle.

just a few days ago, I saw a piece of news that all eight female students in the same dormitory of a university in Wuhan were successfully postgraduate students.

they were successfully admitted by Chinese Academy of Sciences University, Beijing normal University, Tongji University, Wuhan University and our university respectively.

this is the high-quality circle, which can bring you strength and influence.

when everyone around you is working hard, you will apply the same strict standards to yourself and keep working hard and making progress.

Child, the circle you choose when you are young often determines your life.

with self-disciplined people, you will not be willing to fall;

with positive people, you will not become more mediocre.

if you study in a famous school, you can not only have an excellent circle, but also accumulate excellent contacts.

good schools gather the best educational resources and the best people.

these people play a very important role in your life after you graduate.


son, I know you are somewhat resentful of your study right now.

even so, I don't want to make concessions and relax the requirements for your study.

I don't want to wait for you to grow up, stand at the fork in life, and complain that you didn't force you when you were in trouble.

Dad would rather you blame me now than later.

son, don't be tired of studying hard.

the books you read determine your pattern; the school you go to determines who you associate with.

May you live up to your dreams, live up to your time, move forward and look forward to the future.