The ruler of life

The ruler of life

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people often say, "when you treat others and do things, you should measure them with a ruler to the end." It can be seen that the ruler is the most fair and just.

the ruler of life is everywhere. When the ruler is in the heart, the ruler measures himself; when the ruler is in the hand, it is measured and lost.

using it to measure people, you measure different types of people; using it to measure things, you measure things of different nature. If the same ruler is in the hands of different people, the results of measurement will be very different.

the ruler of life is in everyone's heart. People with different values measure things with the same ruler, but there is a big gap. Only when we treat others with peace of mind, treat things with fairness and have a clear conscience, can we be worthy of ourselves, others and society.

when using a ruler, you should understand that people are doing it, heaven is watching, and measuring others is also their own. Only then can they feel at ease!

there are no rules, no square. The ruler of life is the yardstick to regulate people's behavior. If there is a ruler in life, it is only moderate to be a man.

the image of people who measure noble virtue with a ruler is so tall and beautiful.

one day, in a library, a beggar was sitting in the corner reading intently. When the people around them found out, they found the curator and asked him to drive out the beggars who were reading books.

the curator said solemnly, "Why should I throw people out? I have no right to deprive anyone of their freedom to yearn for knowledge."

after hearing the words of the curator, the people who were going to drive away the beggars were dumbfounded and looked at each other.

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this is the ruler of life! The ruler of an upright curator; there is also a ruler, a ruler that despises the bottom!

measure ungrateful people with a ruler, but their image is so vulgar and small.

an aunt walked illegally in the street and was instantly hit by a car. Suddenly, a young man with a quick eye pulled her back. The aunt dodged a bullet, but the boy lost a leg! Afterwards, the aunt even refused to take a penny of medical expenses.

the public opinion condemned by all the people who knew it suddenly pressed down on the aunt, and all the praises of pity and understanding also flew to the boys.

this is the ruler of life! The ruler of justice and righteousness on the label!

using a ruler to measure paranoid and blind people makes people feel how childish and ridiculous they are.

some parents are eager to give their children some kind of reward and punishment, regardless of the difficulty of each exam question and without asking their children where the score is in the class. This is the blind use of their own so-called ruler to measure children, still think it is reasonable, natural and reasonable, isn't it absurd and unreasonable?

there are also some flexible rulers. In front of achievements and honors, they measure others with "straight ruler" and "square ruler", with nails and sockets, while when measuring themselves, they use "tape measures" to give themselves room for expansion.

thus it can be seen that unkind feelings distort our rulers and cool how many kind hearts. Indifference, let our ruler abruptly broken, leaving how many endless regrets. Paranoia, let our ruler error, leaving how many childish and absurd.

the scale of each ruler is the same, but the person who uses the ruler is different.

We should master the ruler in our hearts, measure ourselves objectively and measure people fairly, so that the world is full of justice, fairness, harmony, warmth and love!