The so-called upbringing is what will betray you in the details.

The so-called upbringing is what will betray you in the details.

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many people may ask themselves the question: "what is upbringing?"

some people say:

"upbringing is to make others comfortable."

some people say:

"upbringing is the kindness of not taking advantage of others and thinking of others."

some people say, "upbringing is not easy to be considerate of others."

they are all right, but they are not as incisive as Chen Danqing said: "upbringing is details."

the most important thing to get along with people is to have comfortable details, and the most easily exposed is the problem of upbringing.

upbringing is what will betray you in the details.

upbringing is not a truth, it is inadvertently engraved into the bone marrow

some people say:

"A person's character and upbringing can be known from his jokes."

A joke is often unintentional, and one's upbringing is reflected in this joking "inadvertent".

writer Cai Lan once told such a story:

Today, large organizations employ staff, and the final interviews are conducted in restaurants.

the host's family is deliberately late to see if you order first without waiting for others as soon as you sit down.

don't drink too much? I knew immediately that those who couldn't help it would have a strong one first.

the dish is served. It doesn't matter whether you hold the chopsticks and whether the posture is correct or not. That plate of fried chicken, whether you flip through it or not before picking up a piece, determines your fate.

when eating, tut-tutting is even more taboo.

how could a cultured person make such an ugly behavior? Eat as soon as you eat, why do you still have to tut?

sometimes you don't have to see it from the dinner table or even see each other. You can know it by listening to your phone.

"wait a minute!" You said. The management has frowned, why not say please wait a minute? Is it so difficult to say the word "please"?

it's not hard to say, it's just that you're used to not using "please". When you don't pay attention to politeness, your upbringing will take a glance at these casual details.

but what an educated person should be like inadvertently:

upbringing sounds big, but what he does are actually small things.

Real upbringing is unspoken, because it is a natural expression of noble personality.


A man's upbringing is hidden in his "good little"

A friend of mine rode the Sichuan-Tibet line in 2013. when he was between Haizishan and Batang, he came across six long tunnels, three of which were more than 2000 meters, and the longest Lana Mountain tunnel was 3500 meters long.

it was getting late, there was no light in the tunnel, it was dark, and his bicycle lamp was dead, leaving only a small flashlight.

but the light is like firefly, insignificant, he can't see the way, he can't see the exit of the tunnel, he can't sense the direction.

listen to him say it was a feeling of helplessness at that time, as if abandoned by the whole world.

just when he panicked, a beam of light suddenly came from behind him.

he saw a car, which drove slowly and didn't accelerate until I left the tunnel safely, which happened five times in the back tunnel.

Get prepared to buy a fabulous champagne dress for wedding and be the center of attention? Different varieties of shapes and cuts for you to take your pick.

he came back to tell me that this was the most educated man he had ever seen in his life.

this beam of light is just a simple headlight, but it can also be a sacred flame that illuminates someone's life.

the ancients said:

"Don't give up doing good, even if it's not important."

the noblest upbringing in the eyes of others may be a small act of kindness.