The sooner you know these 30 heart-wrenching truths of life, the better

The sooner you know these 30 heart-wrenching truths of life, the better

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

2020, this extraordinary year is coming to an end in 40 days.

looking back on this year, there are all kinds of forests.

sadness and frustration, tribulation and growth, twists and turns and surprises are all experiences that life gives us.

these 30 pieces of advice, the sooner you know, the better.


Health is the only thing, not one of them

1. Cars are expensive, houses are expensive, and everything is expensive. Look in the mirror and find that you are the most expensive.

2, some tired others can help, some suffering families can bear, only their own illness, no one can do anything, can only live, suffer, suffer.

3. Now you are often reminded not to stay up late. You fall on deaf ears and forget about it. When one day, you really taste the consequences of "staying up late", it will be too late. There are countless body-related accidents in life.

4. If you get sick, you become the focus of your family. If you have a serious illness, it becomes a real drag on your family. This is too bad, but it is true. If you want to hear better, take good care of your body.

5. Health is not everything, but losing it means losing everything. Your dreams are far away from you, your wealth has nothing to do with you, your family loves you, and everything you have is gone.


self-discipline is the cure for all confusion

1. If you feel confused, uneasy, feel that life is too jerk, start to go to bed early and get up early, read and write, work hard, live a regular life, and stick to something you want to do but have been lazy to do.

2. If you can't suffer from self-discipline, you will always suffer from mediocrity. The easy road and the difficult road, the destination is not the same after all.

3. How can a person who has no control over his daily life, who often stays up late, eats too much and has no exercise, can live a wonderful life?

4. If you don't work hard, the day won't get better, if you don't learn to change, the day won't get better, if you stay in fantasy and don't do it, the day won't get better, if you just look forward to it, the day won't get better.

5. After listening to several speeches, reading several books of chicken soup and beating chicken blood several times, I thought that temporary efforts could overcome everything, but I didn't realize that intermittent self-abuse was only self-moving, and it was the self-deception of the indulgent.


the most terrible thing in life is to live and regret

1. Memories are always good, as long as you let the past really go by and make the present your most important progressive tense.

2. Life is only a short life, and the choice of fate only exists in our own hands. We can't judge which one is the right choice. The only thing that can't be wrong is to move forward without regret or stay.

3. People who go on the road with regret will always live in remorse and feel depressed.

4, laugh heartily, enjoy life heartily, life is only a few decades, do not seize the time to be happy, when old, only pale regret and remorse.

5. Start doing what you like when you have time. Repeating day after day always makes us think that everything is too late, but in a flash, it is the twilight years of life.


all the troubles are interpersonal troubles

1, Sheng Mien, fighting rice feud. Do not regard kindness as cowardice, do not regard magnanimity as weakness, do not blindly be good to others, otherwise all good will be taken for granted.

2. Don't pry into other people's privacy, don't gossip about others, don't let others down, don't interrupt others' speeches, and don't get to know others too quickly.

3. Don't be too sensitive, not so many people like and value you, not so many people hate and despise you, and be yourself.

4. Learn to lose your temper, but don't lose your temper. Losing your temper is that you have to stand up and say no to things that violate your bottom line. Don't lose your temper because the world is not centered around you, and wayward people will suffer in the end.

5. Being confused once in a while is many times happier than living too sober.


see the feelings clearly, rather than belittle them

1. Don't look for sense of security on anyone. Sense of security comes from its own strength, not from how deep the feelings are at a certain stage.

2. Do not despise every true feeling, even if you have been betrayed or slandered, but you must believe that it is not that you are bad or that the world is bad. It is just that you read the wrong person and trust the wrong person.

3. Be sure to find a partner who can bring you positive energy, not someone who suppresses you, belittles you, and speaks ill of you from time to time.

4. The three values are not compatible and need not be integrated. Some friends do not have to make friends. If their ways are different, they may not conspire with each other.

5. No matter how good the relationship is, you have to work hard in order to last for a long time, whether it's affection, friendship or love.


money can solve 99% of the world's problems

1, make more money when you have time, and be less angry when you have nothing to do. If you spend all your angry time to make money, not only will you be in good health, but your life will also get better and better.

2. Money, to some extent, is equivalent to people's sense of security. If you have savings in hand, you will not panic about anything. If you have a pile of debts in hand, you will be bound to do anything.

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3. The sooner you start to learn the knowledge of financial management, the better. It is impossible to realize financial freedom by relying on salary alone.

4, "Life is not to make money, but to make money is to live better." This sentence is really vulgar, but also true, people live in the world, who is not to pursue a better future, and the future, allYou need to accumulate money a little bit from now on.

5. If money can solve 99% of the problems, then the remaining 1% can't be solved is relationships. People who are used to using money to measure their feelings will eventually be hurt by money.