The sooner you understand the four rules of life, the more blessed you will be.

The sooner you understand the four rules of life, the more blessed you will be.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is no way to happiness or misfortune in one's life.

Nan Huaijin once said:

the so-called fate, but only people call themselves.

if you can understand the following four "rules of Heaven", you will have a lot of luck and smoother for the rest of your life!


temper, can not be greater than the ability

what is a capable person?

Heywood said:

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British philosopher Russell said:

and so on.

in my opinion, the most important thing about a person's ability is whether he can control his temper or not.

just as du Yuesheng said:

life is tedious. If anything goes wrong, you will be furious and let the bad mood run rampant. Even if you have the whole world, it will be destroyed sooner or later.

the so-called thought of anger, a million barrier doors open.

A person cannot be the master of his own state of mind. Under the attack of anger, he will inevitably become a slave of emotion.

over time, the temper becomes worse and worse, the less kind to others, the less tolerant to things, the less indifferent to yourself, the less blessed.

to put it bluntly: what temper is, what life is!

if you don't want to be scared away by good luck, you should fix your temper, be broad-minded, have a gentle temper, and be lucky again and again.


Wealth cannot be greater than Cognition

the writer Mizu ran once said:

"you will never earn money beyond your cognitive range, unless you rely on luck, but the money earned by luck will often be lost due to lack of strength in the end.

the greatest fairness in the world is that when a man's knowledge is not enough to control the wealth he has, there are 10000 ways for society to harvest him. Until your wealth matches your knowledge. "

when I first heard this, I didn't take it for granted. It was a kind of luck to get rich overnight.

I didn't realize the meaning of the story until I read the following story.

Last year, Orient 110 told a story of "dismantling the second generation".

A Rong Ben is an ordinary office worker in Shanghai. he is not very rich, but he is also insipid and happy.

until one day, a house in his hometown and his father's hardware factory were demolished at the same time. Overnight, in addition to the house where he was paying the mortgage, he was given two houses and a large amount of demolition compensation.

in Shanghai, where there is an inch of land, with three houses in hand, he already has wealth beyond the reach of ordinary people.

soon, Arong's state of mind has undergone earth-shaking changes.

do not want to go to work, indulge in stocks, and finally become addicted to football gambling.

as a result, in just a few months, he lost all his family fortune and owed nearly 2 million yuan in debt.

in the end, I was jailed and separated.

the writers' table said:

the world is fair. When luck and strength do not match, wealth and cognition are not equal, then what falls from the sky is not a pie, but a trap.

therefore, don't take shortcuts. If you climb high, you will fall heavily, and the taste of falling from a height will be more painful than not succeeding.

the only way to happiness is to be down-to-earth and diligent.


feelings can not be without a standard

a "Red Rose", singing the joys and sorrows of many people.

but people are like this. the moon that is out of reach is always the most beautiful, and those who can't get it are always the best.

for the so-called "moonlight" in your heart, you can abandon your bottom line, give up your principles, be willing to give anything, and ignore everything.

but forget that in a relationship, you don't get something in return for what you give, nor do you get it when you please it.

everything is moderate, but too much is a disaster.

blindly lowering self-sacrifice will only make him more unscrupulous, in addition to making the other person feel at ease.

Isakovsky once said:

not only love, any emotion is a beautiful existence, but it should be a brilliant star after going in both directions, not a tired compromise.

patience, there must be a bottom line; love, there must be an upper limit.

if there are more tears than smiles in a relationship, you really need to think about the need for the relationship to exist.

Don't let yourself be humble to the dust, don't lose yourself in love, hold the bottom line, can you get your heart and harvest the real sweetness.


self-reliance is the strongest strength in the adult world, there has never been the word "easy". In the process of pursuing success, it is always full of frustrations and thorns.

in the midst of ups and downs, only those who stand on their own feet can strengthen themselves, have the ability to accept the baptism of the years and reap the gifts of fate.

as Feng Jicai said:

Yan Geling, a legendary female writer.

she has written numerous female images, but they all have the same characteristic: although she was born in a turbulent era, she is unwilling to drift with the tide and succumb to the shackles of the world.

all this is closely related to her own character and experience.

when she first arrived in the United States, she was in distress and down and out. Although she had relatives, Yan Geling only wanted to live on her own efforts.

while working for a living, she wrote and studied at her desk, and finally completed a number of well-known works.

in her own words:

relying on herself, Yan Geling finally became her own queen.

the same should be true of our lives.

Russian writer ChernischerFusky said:

in life, only self-reliance is the greatest strength.


the ancients said: life stands on its own, and happiness is sought on its own.

the so-called blessings are neither wealth nor fame.

but kindness to others, down-to-earth wealth, sincerity to come and go, and self-reliance personality.

with these four things, you can become a truly blessed person!

there is no smooth road in life. You can live as much as you can.

as long as you are not afraid of the future, do not think about the past, uphold the spirit of heart, fearless distance, life will be more and more smooth, auspicious victory!