The story is very short, but it has been used for a lifetime.

The story is very short, but it has been used for a lifetime.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is a process of awakening, from fresh clothes angry horses to Hua hair dyed with frost, we stumble through the mountains and rivers.

over the years, time is like a book, some short stories in the book, although short but very profound, let us gain understanding and growth.


at the Palace Museum, a wife said to her husband impatiently:

the way of life should not be just running, slow down and look at the scenery around you.

you will find that the flowers are not silent;

it turns out that the wrinkles in the corners of your lover's eyes are so lovely;

make a cup of tea, hold a book, and listen to the wind complain softly.

slow down, wait for your soul, and lengthen our journey in this life.


it takes a long time for young monks to clean up the fallen leaves of the temple.

so before cleaning, he shook the tree hard and shook down all the fallen leaves, thinking that there would be no need to sweep tomorrow.

but the next day, the yard was still full of fallen leaves.

do you know that no matter how hard you try today, the leaves will still fall tomorrow.


there is no need to think about the future, let us live happily in the present.

many people work hard all their lives, worrying about the future all the time, but forget to experience the present.

it was only when times changed that I deeply regretted it.

Life, happy is a day, unhappy is also a day.

tomorrow's worries do not have to be advanced until today.


when the cup is full of milk, people say, "this is milk."

when the cup is full of oil, people say, "this is oil."

people see the cup only when the cup is empty.


when we have fame, wealth, and status, we often can no longer have ourselves.

the human heart is the same. When it is full of desires, prejudices, worries and worries, we forget what it is.

put aside your distractions, free your heart, and get back to your inner fullness.

to reap every ray of hope, smile and move on.


the master asked, "what should I do if I boil a pot of boiling water and find that there is not enough firewood in the middle of the fire?"

disciple replied, "go to borrow and buy."

the master said, "Why not pour out half a pot of water?"

disciple's epiphany.


everyone's energy is limited, so we should learn to make a choice.

We want a lot, but we really need very little.

in the second half of life, let's subtract from life:

give up unnecessary things, unnecessary contacts, and leave time to worthwhile people and things.

discard the unimportant 90% of your life, and the remaining 10% will give you more.


A farmer accidentally dug up a golden Luohan in a field, but he was always depressed.

when relatives and friends ask why, the farmer answers:

the feeling:

people live in the world, contented can be happy.

be satisfied with what you already have, and let go of what you haven't got.

most of the time, we are confused and tangled, in fact, it is not the real hardship of life, but the inner discontent.

so I lost my way and lost the ability to perceive happiness.

the rest of life is very expensive, let's use the purest heart to find the happiness hidden in simplicity!


the eminent monk asked, "do you think a grain of gold or a pile of mud is better?"

the seeker replied, "Gold, of course!"

the eminent monk smiled and said, "what if you are a seed?"


there is no absolute good or bad in the world. What suits you is the best.

Crystal slippers are beautiful, but they only shine on Snow White's feet.

instead of crushing their feet to force them, it is better to choose a pair of sneakers that suit you and pursue life.

Love is the same.

weak water three thousand, we only take the ladle that suits us.

Don't ask for handsome and handsome posture, just ask for Qin Xue and Ming, and protect me for the rest of my life.


there is a disciple who always complains.

one day, the Taoist priest sprinkled some salt in a glass of water for his disciples to drink.

the disciple finished drinking and said, "salty and bitter."

the Taoist master sprinkled more salt into the lake and let the disciple have another taste of the lake.

the disciple said, "Cool and sweet."

troubles in life are like salt, and the degree of saltiness depends on the container that holds it.


it is not easy for a person to live in a lifetime, so don't magnify the pain you encounter.

when you have a big heart, the pain becomes less;

when you are broad-minded, the years become gentle.

Let's practice an open-minded heart to accommodate all kinds of sharpening in the world.

if you are not hurt, the years will be safe.


two bamboos are made into clothes poles and flutes respectively.

the clothes pole asked the flute unconvincingly:

"Why are you worth a lot of money and I'm not worth a penny?"

Dizi said: "because you have only been stabbed once, and I have experienced thousands of knives, carefully carved."


Life is the same. Behind the applause, there are countless days and nights of hard crawling.

No one's success can be achieved overnight. Glory is accompanied by scars and tears in his eyes.

May you and I go through the polishing of time, sandA grain becomes a pearl.

even though this process is very painful, you will eventually encounter a better self.


A child ran up the hill and shouted into the valley, "Hello."... "

the valley responded: "Hello."... "

the child asked in surprise, "who are you?"

the valley responded: "who are you?"

the child then asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

the valley replied, "Why didn't you tell me?"

the child was in a hurry and shouted, "I hate you!"

the whole valley echoes, "I hate you."

the child cried and told his mother, and the mother said, "go and say'I love you'to Dashan."

the child ran to the valley and shouted, "I love you!"

so he was surrounded by the echo of "I love you".

the child smiled happily.


between people, it is just a heart-to-heart contest.

if you are hypocritical, I have doubts;

if you value love and righteousness, I will never give up.

in life, when we sigh that human feelings are cold, think about whether we have been indifferent;

if you want to harvest warmth, please shine the sun first.


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write at the end

two characters:

one writing chase, one writing parking.

Life moves forward and moves forward; the heart is shallow, take a rest once in a while.

write about the past and the future with one stroke.

the past is empty, no longer recall; do not fear the future, love the present more.

one stroke is owned and one stroke is lost.

when you have it, learn to cherish it with a smile; when you lose it, you don't have to cry till dawn.

A stroke of happiness and a stroke of trouble.

Happiness is hard to find, so look for it with your heart; trouble is easy to find, but light is easy to see.

write about yourself and others with one stroke.

reflect on your own shortcomings and think about the strengths of others;

Don't do to others what you don't want; for the sake of others, it's good for everyone.