The strong help each other, the weak tear each other

The strong help each other, the weak tear each other

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as the old saying goes, "things are easy to happen because of predestination, but they do not give birth without fate."

"cause" is one's own effort, while "fate" helps the outside world.

Life is never an one-man show. In interpersonal communication, there are often consequences due to fate. Some things seem to be irrelevant on the surface, but the traces in the dark are connected to each other.

as the old saying goes, "one man has three gangs, and one fence has three stakes."

dealing with people and doing things is nothing more than the process of accomplishing and being fulfilled, helping and being helped.


because their eyes are full of jealousy, their hearts are all unwilling, their words are full of thorns, and their words and deeds are harmful to others at the expense of themselves.

in Keio Higuchi's novel "malice", Noguchi and Hirohiko are good friends who grew up together. When they were young, their families were not as well-off as Noguchi, and their Chinese scores were not as good as those of Noguchi.

in Noguchi's eyes, the daily height after growing up should also be ordinary. However, the reality completely deviates from his cognition, and Rigao has become the best-selling author he has been longing for for a long time.

Rigao won the Rookie Award, published a single book, wrote three novels, and was hailed as "the most anticipated rising star", while he is still in school as an ordinary teacher.

the sunrise house is located in a luxury mansion in a high-end residential area, while he lives in a small apartment in a five-story building.

Rigao is moving to Canada as soon as he becomes famous, but he has cancer.

thinking of the differences between the two, the extremely aggrieved Noguchi spent two years creating a strategy to take away Rigao's reputation and completely destroy it.

he found his old notebook when he was at school and copied Rigao's early works on it, thus framing Rigao's famous works and copying his works.

and made up that he and his wife, who died in a car accident, had long been in love with each other, so that he was threatened by Nikao and became the shadow writer behind him.

he intends to portray Nikko as a scumbag who is betrayed by his wife and constantly threatens himself by plagiarism.

the evil side of human nature is shown incisively and vividly in this book.

Bacon once said:

the weak often have their own set of theories. Their own bad life is due to bad luck, and the good life of the people around them is for good luck.

the indignation of fate leads to jealousy and resentment.

it's like Noguchi's confession in the book:

the Buddha says, "when you think of an angry heart, a million barriers open."

for people in jealousy, if I am in the mud of puddles, I will not allow you to stand on the tower.

in this world, there is a kind of bad, which is not good for others.


Wise men build bridges, fools build walls

in the late Qing Dynasty, a businessman failed in business and needed a large amount of cash flow. In order to help, he took the initiative to find Hu Xueyan, a famous Hongding businessman at that time, and offered him a low price to get Hu Xueyan to buy his own industry.

Hu Xueyan did not agree immediately, but asked people to investigate first. when the businessman came back, Hu Xueyan offered to buy each other's property at the normal market price.

the man was puzzled. Hu Xueyan said with a smile:

after the businessman left with great gratitude, his subordinates asked him why he had given up such a big interest in vain. Hu Xueyan talked about a little thing in his early years.

when he was young, Hu Xueyan worked as a boy in a bank. He often went out and helped his boss collect debts everywhere.

once, when he was on his way to a debtor's home, he was caught in a heavy rain on the road. fortunately, he brought an umbrella that day.

when he saw a stranger by the side of the road who was drenched by Rain Water, he came forward to share an umbrella with him.

later, whenever it rained, he often helped some strangers with umbrellas. For a long time, most people on the street knew him.

sometimes, if he happens not to take an umbrella, don't worry, because the people he has helped will also help him with his umbrella.

writer Liu Yingxuan said:

before you become a Buddha, you should become popular first.

if you get along with others, if you are in a hurry, when you are in trouble, they will pull forward and push back;

and if you avoid it, when you are at a low ebb, others will leave you alone.

Wang Yangming said, "Wise men build bridges, fools build walls."

if you build one more bridge, you will have one more road, one more bridge in your spare time, and someone will cross it only when the water is urgent.


the strong help each other, and the weak tear each other

Cang Yang Gyatso once said:

people of high realm help each other and get better and better.

low-level people tear each other apart and get narrower and narrower.

the 2019 Spring Festival is called the "strongest Spring Festival" in recent years. Among them, three films are extremely competitive, Guo Fan's wandering Earth, Ning Hao's Crazy Aliens, and Han Han's Flying Life.

as soon as these three films are released, the box office competition is fierce, from Weibo to Douban and even to Zhihu.

the three people who thought they were competing with each other must be competing in secret, but their behavior was very unexpected.

not only does not any derogatory words flow out, but each of them is on Weibo to cheer for each other's movies.

first of all, director Guo Fan publicly thanked Ning Hao for putting "Crazy Alien"The space capsule and spacesuit of "Man" are lent to "wandering the Earth" to shoot.

then Han Han praised the "wandering earth" on Weibo:

Guo Fan also praised "Flying Life":

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "those who benefit are the sum of righteousness."

the behavior of the three directors to like together has made many fans of the three films browse these films which have been praised by the directors after following the director's Weibo.

in this world, there are few successes that can be achieved by being alone. Almost all success in the world comes from mutual support.

because there is always a time when it is difficult for a person to support a single tree and paddle alone. The world is round, and the ribbon you pass from the front to the end will be picked up behind you.

while lighting a lamp for others, you are not lighting the way for yourself.


the second half of life is about pattern

someone asks, "do you know how to keep a drop of water from doing?"

answer: "put it into the sea."

Bill Gates once said:

people are like drops of water, the world is the sea, a drop of water cannot withstand the flow, the wind and the sun, or even the volatilization of time.

only when one drop is gathered together, it is light and smooth and the blue waves are vast.

Jack Ma once said in his speech: "only when you help others succeed can you succeed."

it is true.

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on the road of life, when you achieve others, you are often fulfilling yourself.