The three keys to life: introspection, change, and letting go.

The three keys to life: introspection, change, and letting go.

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there is a temple in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in which the stone tablet is engraved with the words:

A few numbers seem negative, but they also convey an open-minded attitude towards life.

as the saying goes, "with different attitudes, the results of life are different."

since what has happened cannot be changed, let's try to change our attitude towards things.

although it is difficult, there are still traces to follow.


when you are frustrated, you often look for reasons from yourself

Mencius said, "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

when you encounter setbacks, you should know how to reflect on yourself and find reasons more from yourself, rather than complaining about others.

Zeng Guohua, the younger brother of Zeng Guofan, is the most qualified of his brothers, but he always shirks his responsibilities.

Zeng Guohua thinks he is brilliant and will certainly be on the list in the future. But when the list was released, I found that I was a loser.

he was extremely disappointed. He blamed God for not giving him good luck. He hated the invigilator for not having the ability to read. He even blamed his wife for being too weak, unable to control himself, and failing to restrain him from studying properly.

when he failed in the scientific examination, he should have reflected on himself, but Zeng Guohua put off all his responsibilities.

the weak blame, and the strong introspect.

in fact, those excellent people only know how to find reasons from themselves, which makes the road of life wider and wider.

Zeng Guofan's road to scientific examination was even more difficult than that of his younger brother, and his sixth examination paper was used as a negative example to be analyzed in public, so that other candidates could learn a lesson.

when he encountered such a setback, Zeng Guofan was not discouraged, but constantly reflected.

he found that his article was too formal and not elegant enough, and then he began to focus on the problem and worked hard. Later, he successfully took the middle school scholar and Jinshi and entered the Imperial Academy. Ufeffufeff

and Zhao Kui, a scholar in the Tang Dynasty, failed in scientific research several times and lived in seclusion after a great setback. He began to reflect, and focused on the study of skills, after the completion of the "long and short Sutra", as soon as it was published, it caused a sensation. Tang Xuanzong also took the initiative to invite him to become an official.

Socrates once said, "Life without introspection is meaningless."

introspection is not self-negation or self-belittling, but a self-responsible, positive and enterprising attitude towards life.

Zengzi said, "I examine myself three times a day."

when things happen, you often think about yourself, and you can understand yourself clearly and sort out your strengths and weaknesses.

when something happens, you can always look for reasons from yourself, so that you can constantly correct and improve and achieve a more outstanding life.


when you are frustrated, it is better to complain than to change

Sanmao said:

complaining cannot change the facts. Since it has already happened, it is better to accept it and live well in the present.

I have read a story.

Selma is stationed at the desert army base with her husband. Her husband was ordered to exercise in the desert, and she was left alone in the army's small tin house.

the weather is so hot that there is no coolness in the shadow of the cactus, which is irritating. And because she doesn't understand the language, she doesn't have any friends.

living in such an environment is conceivably frustrating.

when Selma was sad, she wrote to her parents about her distress.

my father's reply is simple, but it affects her whole life:

the same environment, because of different mentality, you can meet different scenery.

after reading the letter, Selma felt ashamed and decided to look for her star in the desert.

she began to learn the language, took the initiative to make friends with the local people and found that they were all hospitable; she studied the cactus in the desert and found that the animals and plants were very interesting; she tried to watch the sunrise and sunset in the desert and feel the mirage in the desert.

two years later, Selma wrote the Castle of Happiness based on her own experience, which, unexpectedly, became a bestseller.

the desert is still the original desert, nothing has changed, but after the change of mentality, Selma not only found her own star, but also realized the counterattack of fate.

agree with this sentence:

the mind changes from the situation, and the state is born by the mind.

when the state of mind changes, the state of mind and situation will change with it.

Jack Ma once said: "the attitude towards life without complaining is the first."

just try to speak quickly and vent your grievances, there will be no substantial change.

instead of complaining, try to solve the problem; instead of suffering, take the initiative to change.


when you are upset, it is better to let go of the entanglement

Oscar Wilde once said:

most of the time, troubles bother us.

it's not the thing itself, but it's because you care too much that it's easy to get hurt.

when something happens, you don't have to worry about everything. In fact, to forgive others is to let yourself go.

because of political disagreements, Su Shi was repeatedly framed by his friend Zhang Dun and was successively demoted to Huangzhou, Huizhou and Danzhou.

he even prepared a coffin before he arrived in Danzhou.

it can be said that almost all of Su Shi's fate of being demoted in the latter half of his life was given by Zhangdun.

Let people go from splendor and wealth to a life of vagrancy, such people should hate the guts.

but Destiny Shi Lai Yun Zhun (Lucky Dumplings), Su Shi encountered an amnesty, and the emperor called him back to Beijing for re-use.

at this time, Zhang Dun, fearing that he would retaliate, asked his son to write a letter in the hope that Su Shi would be lenient.

unexpectedly, Su Shi only made an understatement in his letter: "but in the past, what is more beneficial?"

it's all over, so don't mention it again.

Su Shi also comforted him and took good care of his illness and health.The body is important.

Zhou Guoping once said:

instead of blindly wrestling, entangling, and complaining about the facts that have happened, it is better to let the state of mind turn and make peace with life.

Life is often unhappy, but that doesn't mean you have to struggle for a long time.

Mr. Feng Zikai once said, "since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice; since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since there is no wish, it is better to be relieved."

yesterday didn't live the way you like, and tomorrow may not be what you want it to be, but it doesn't prevent us from living the life we have today.

it is better to let go of the past than to dwell on the past; it is better to worry about tomorrow than to live in the present.

choose to let go, not to forgive, but to let go of yourself and face it calmly.


on the road of life, we can't decide who we will meet or what will happen, but we can decide how to deal with it.

choose to reflect and not blame, and gain a more progressive self;

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choose to change and not complain, and meet a different life;

choose to let go of entanglement, which is the best nourishment for life.

Life is really hard, and you have no choice but to cross it by yourself.

No matter how life treats us, may we all have the strength to smile.