The three people closest to you determine the thickness of your life.

The three people closest to you determine the thickness of your life.

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A netizen on Zhihu asked: "what kind of person is a person with thickness?"

there is a high praise answer: "do not panic in case of trouble, talk knowledgeably, treat people with self-cultivation."

indeed, life is an inner process of continuous enrichment, and it is also a process of increasing thickness one after another.

people live a lifetime, only by enriching the inner world, will not be bound by the secular world; only by drawing strength, will not lose the self and direction.

We have been constantly renewing our old selves all our lives, completing the growth and transformation from scratch, and slowly ramming the thickness of our lives in this process.

only after years of vicissitudes do we know that the value of life lies not in length, but in thickness.

what kind of person a person can be and what height he can achieve is largely determined by the people around him.

A sentence on the Internet: "A person's level is the average of the five people he often comes into contact with." It can be seen that the person closest to him has a great influence on himself.

and the three kinds of people around us, they nourish and determine the thickness of our lives in terms of behavior, speech and morality, respectively.



Buffett, the god of stock, said: "partner is the biggest investment in life."

your partner is the one who has been with you for the longest time in your life.

in life, a series of actions or actions will affect each other, and will also be affected by each other to a certain extent.

among them, if you do not know how to correct each other's mistakes in time, it will only make the other party sink deeper and deeper into the abyss, and finally feel powerless, unable to extricate themselves, and even drag yourself into the quagmire.

I have read such a report.

A young couple originally lived a happy life and had a sweet relationship.

but during the wife's pregnancy and childbirth, the husband got into the bad habit of gambling. Not only did he lose all his salary, but he couldn't even get the money to have a baby.

even so, the wife takes care of the relationship between the two for many years and always allows her husband to develop.

her kindness and patience did not bring her husband back on the brink of the precipice.

until the husband slowly emptied their families due to stock speculation, the wife suddenly realized: blindly uncontrolled, can not let each other feel their own mistakes, but let each other lose control over their lives.

the wife began to advise her husband that it was time to give up and return to the family, but she didn't know that the husband was already in it and could not save himself.

the whole family is shaky because of the drag of her husband. No matter how strong the wife is, she can't wait for a long time without hope. She gradually becomes discouraged and desperate, allowing things to slide to the brink of deterioration.

in life, not knowing how to stop and correct your partner's problems at the right time will only make the cracks between them bigger and bigger until they both lose.

the longer we get along with each other, the more we understand that a true partner is one who helps each other and moves forward together.

when two people have the same goal and direction, then any mistakes that deviate from the track will be corrected by each other in time.

as the host of CCTV, Zhu Xun has always been loved by countless viewers for his solid business ability and warm and cheerful personality. Her husband is Wang Zhi, a former host of CCTV.

Zhu Xun once told such an interesting story in his essay A Xun.

in order to make Zhu Xun's professional ability, please climb to another tall building and often solemnly drag her over to discuss writing.

after Zhu Xun generally said "Please give instructions", Wang Zhi began to make several suggestions:

"there are a lot of questions in your article." First of all, you have to control the length, concentration is the essence; second, you have to look at the essence through the phenomenon.

another problem is that your words lack a sense of humor. "

listening to her husband's eloquent words, Zhu Xun could not help laughing, but thought to himself: this man criticizes and instructs me every morning and never forgets to assign tasks. It is so humorous.

later, with the continuous promotion and help of her husband, Zhu Xun published his first book, Ah Xun.

at the signing of the new book, Zhu Xun said of Wang Zhi:

A good partner will not only walk side by side with you, but also point out mistakes in your behavior and stand up for you.

and the so-called standing is to make you strive to improve your own quality, enrich your connotation, and improve your personality.

if progress is a spiritual practice, then having a partner who can constantly correct his behavior will bring his life to a new height and accumulate the richness of life.




the person who can point out my mistakes and shortcomings and exhort me is not only our friend, but also a teacher of words and deeds.

in a person's life, if he has a friend who dares to speak up, he will have the weather vane on the road to charge.

in Mr. Qian Zhongshu's Fortress besieged, Fang Hung-chien had such a friend who behaved comfortably and passed on a lot of speaking wisdom to the people around him.

he is Zhao Hsin-mei.

the German philosopher Cahill said: "A man without friends can only be half a man."

as far as Hung-chien is concerned, Chao Hsin-mei's existence perfects him.

when he first met Chao Hsin-mei, Fang Hung-chien had no regard for others and was often open-mouthed and resentful.

on one occasion, when Fang Hung-chien, Li Mei-t'ing and Chao Hsin-mei were on their way to Sanlu University in Hunan, Li Mei-t'ing brought a box taller than a human head, full of medicine.

everyone knew that he wanted to make a profit by reselling drugs, but everyone else knew it but didn't know what to say, but Fang Hung-chien ridiculed him openly and secretly.

when Chao Hsin-mei saw Li Mei-t'ing 's unhappy face, he skillfully said, "although this sentence implies that things are true, they also cleverly resolve the imminent conflict between Li Mei-t'ing and Fang Hung-chien.

because Fang Hung-chien often spent time with Chao Hsin-mei, influenced by him, he slowly noticed his way of speaking, and his words began to be kind and humorous.

when Hung-chien went to Chao Hsin-mei's house, he happened to see that he had just put on his clothes and didn't even button up, and because of the hot weather, his face turned as red as a tomato.

seeing this, Fang Hung-chien hurriedly beat the circle and said, "I'm going to take off my clothes, too. Please approve of the host."

Chao Hsin-mei didn't invite Fang Hung-chien to get married, and instead of secretly speculating, he comforted himself and said to his wife:

at this time, Fang Hung-chien also began to think of others and put himself in each other's shoes.

Pu Songling said in the Strange Tales of Liaozhai Chen Xijiu:

means that the son of this official, who has a gentle attitude and speaks modestly and politely, how can he be a thief?

A person's speech is popular and well-behaved, it will gain the trust and affirmation of the people around him.

I think so.

meeting fellow friends who can make us speak more comfortably and more mature is a lifetime wealth.

because, when you abandon bad words, you will deeply realize the value of speaking and enjoy the benefits that speaking brings to you.

A true friend is the courage and wisdom to help him out in time when the other person says something inappropriate.

A true friend is when the other person does not know the difficulties of others. Teach him to have a tolerant and kind heart.

Long for a perfect formal dresses for flat chested girls that flows around your curves, flattering your height? Take advantage of the unique combination of comfort and simplicity.

the best friend of your life is the teacher who teaches you how to speak.

the so-called speech is to put forward words with insights, rather than using words as a tool to vent their emotions at will.

there are often ups and downs on the road of life. Only by learning to speak, can we keep the thickness of life, and then we will not be alone.


parents are the roots of virtue

A few days ago, a piece of "bear child" news went viral on Weibo, causing hundreds of thousands of netizens to discuss it.

it turns out that just after the May Day holiday, a cinema in Dongguan encountered a "poisonous hand".

you can see from the surveillance video that just after the movie, a little boy ran straight from his seat to the screen and kicked a few feet hard at the bottom of the screen.

looking at the subtitles on the screen, the little boy became more and more excited, and then he punched and kicked the screen again. I didn't leave reluctantly until I had a good time.

unexpectedly, the little boy's prank damaged the cinema screen.

the staff of the cinema said that compensation will be negotiated to the parents of the children in the future, and the amount of compensation is estimated to be 180000 yuan.

faced with such a large amount of punishment, many netizens can't help feeling: "this is probably the most expensive toy this bear has ever played with."

parents' connivance of their children is actually a kind of imperceptible harm.

when a child learns to ignore the rules and lose his inner principles, there are only severe punishments and irreparable wounds waiting for him.

Austrian educator Buber put forward: "veritable education is essentially character education."

whether parents can cultivate their children's good moral character not only affects their children's future, but also the best feng shui for a family.

Mo Yan recalled his mother's profound influence on him in his work Mother.

one summer, my mother was slapped in the face by a tall caretaker for picking ears of wheat on the wheat field, and then she staggered and fell to the ground.

the ears of wheat in my hand were also confiscated, and my mother's eyes showed great despair.

after many years, mother and son ran into the caretaker again. Mo Yan wanted to ask for justice, but the mother said earnestly, "son, the man who beat me is not alone with this old man."

his mother's words not only made Mo Yan re-examine "hatred", but also felt a kind of warm kindness and thick moral character that nourished the whole body from his mother.

Mo Yan also said that one of the things he regretted most in his life was that he charged an old man an extra dime when he was in a hurry to go to school when he accompanied his mother to sell vegetables.

when the mother learned of this, she burst into tears and said to him, "son, you have humiliated your mother." Mo Yan felt guilty about his mother's self-remorse.

from then on, Mo Yan remembered her mother's teachings, inherited the character of hard-working and humble life, worked silently on the road of writing, and finally became the first winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in our country.

to achieve these achievements, Mo Yan knows that she cannot do without her mother's influence on her words and deeds from an early age.

Smart parents will build a good moral character for their children, because people can't go far without moral character.

only by teaching children to build the world on the basis of morality can they have a higher pattern and realm of life.

it is a lifelong task for parents to teach their children to establish morality. Because only by establishing virtue can we have a rich life, and only by establishing virtue can we have a rich future.

Seneca said:

people live out of the temperature of the world, live out of self-depth, live out of open-minded demeanor, they really live out of thickness.

if we want to forge the thickness of life, we should keep in mind the following three things: virtue, action, and speech.

parents cultivate the heart of "establishing virtue" and let us accumulate virtue.Act, understand conscience, and achieve the unity of knowledge and action;

our partner sets up the foundation of "setting up action", so that we can improve ourselves, consolidate the details, and work together;

friends are accustomed to the wind of "making words". Let us think carefully, do evil for good, and often treat others with leniency.

A person has the height of the soul only when the inner practice accumulates to a certain thickness.

May we have the richness of a lifetime and accumulate a lifetime of success for the rest of our lives.