The three realms of life: look far in youth, broad in middle age, and light in old age.

The three realms of life: look far in youth, broad in middle age, and light in old age.

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I am a person who loves making friends.

in my early years, I liked to run around and often went to interview alone with a camera on my back.

because of this, I always get in touch with all kinds of people.

their social status is very different-- there are listed companies CEO, university professors, politicians, and unemployed people.

the more people I come into contact with, the more I find one thing: whether you are rich or poor, famous or ordinary, talented or mortal, you can't escape one thing: age.

people of the same age group face similar fundamental problems.

Twenty-year-old people are not confused.

there is no thirty-year-old without anxiety.

there is no forty-year-old without worrying about gain and loss.

I once knew a very powerful scholar who achieved success in middle age.

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he often attends international conferences and is a consultant to many giant companies. I think such a person should not have any trouble.

but after a deep acquaintance, he found that the question he was worried about every day was: will his colleagues surpass himself? When will the selection of professional titles be decided? Who published more articles than he did?

is no different from ordinary people.

it's no wonder that many of the life principles summed up by our ancestors always like to be divided by age.

the Analects of Confucius once said, "quit lust in youth, fight in prime, and quit in old age."

Life is a process of upgrading.

different age groups have their own problems.

people with a big picture will understand one thing: recognize the problem of your age and deal with it.

you can have a confident life.


people like to compare young people to the sun at eight or nine o'clock in the morning. But in fact, youth is the most difficult time.

material barren, full of desire. Nothing but blood.

many people who have made great achievements in the future have had a difficult youth-

Jack Ma worked for a translation agency in his twenties.

monthly salary is 700 yuan and rent is 2,000 yuan. In order to survive, he had to carry a sack to Yiwu to buy goods and sell flowers.

when Feng Jicai got married, he and his wife could only rent a small room of 7 square meters, and they had to make their own furniture.

Haruki Murakami recalled his youth and said he was "so poor that he almost entered the Guinness Book of World Records."

for young people, hardship is not important, what is important is the attitude towards it.

in low-lying places, the misunderstanding that young people are most likely to walk into is that they are eager for success.

I have two cousins of the same age and experience, both of whom came from rural areas and failed in the college entrance examination.

but in the end, they are on a more and more different path.

cousin Xiaoyang.

after failing in the college entrance examination, I went to work in an electronics factory in Jiangsu Province. People who have worked on the assembly line know that this job is very excruciating. I often work the night shift and can only have a rest once a month.

when you are most tired, you will rotate continuously for 18 hours.

is such a job that cousin Yang has been holding on for 3 years. His diligent and reliable attitude has been recognized from the front-line worker to the business line leader.

later, when I led the leader to jump ship and start a business, the first thing that came to mind was to pull cousin Xiaoyang out to work together.

because of this, cousin Xiaoyang skyrocketed.

on the other hand, cousin Xiao Wei has always had high vision and low skill.

during the interview, I either disrelish the low salary or the lack of rest, and always want to make quick money.

A job has never been done for more than 3 months. Business skills and contacts have not been accumulated.

in the end, cousin Xiao Wei can only work as a temporary worker in the labor market, carrying a plastic bucket and a quilt.

over 35 years old, he has no fixed abode so far.

for young people, there is only one way not to choose-the way to give up; there is only one way not to refuse-and that is the way to grow up.

humble dreams continue to burn, but also can achieve an extraordinary life.

all young people have to do is to take a long view.

not seduced by the desires of the moment.

invest in yourself, save energy, and wait for the moment when fate changes from quantity to quality.


look wide in middle age

Liang Yusheng said: "the mind of middle age is as thick as wine, and the feelings of a girl are always poetic."

if you are young, you are only carrying yourself; when you are middle-aged, you are carrying a family.

the question I think about every day is: how much can I get paid? Are parents in good health? What about the child's academic performance?

I have seen a true story.

the monthly income of the employees of an enterprise has been reduced by 2000 yuan because of the adjustment of the provident fund.

hearing the news, a big man broke down and cried bitterly.

"in order to buy a house, you won't buy it until your trousers are pierced; you won't even buy a bottle of water when you travel; there is no more than 500 yuan in Wechat."

he has cried three times since he bought the house.

once for the child, once for the wife, once for the 2000 yuan.

because the burden is too heavy, middle-aged people are easy to feel powerless and feel that life is out of breath.

therefore, the most important thing for middle-aged people is to lighten their burden and relax their mindset.

in the workplace, get rid of comparison.

Happiness lies in the perception of the mind, not by comparison.

your house is big and spacious, and so is my small room.It can be warm and beautiful.

people live in middle age and reduce comparisons in order to find their own halo and beauty in a complex and inflated world.

get rid of entanglement in making friends.

Middle-aged people have eaten more salt than young people have eaten.

is like a person with a certain "tea age". Despite the vast sea of tea, there is no less than a hundred cups of tea, which is "good at heart" and "tired of waving hands" all have a set of taste answers.

the taste of love finally stays in life, and I wish it may meet its bosom friend as soon as possible.

Tea has its own fragrance, so it doesn't matter if you don't like it.

choose good friends and quit.

get rid of control in education.

after all, children have their own way to go. But as long as you fulfill the obligation of "upbringing". Don't worry too much about your children's 01:15 grades and ask too much whether they will get ahead in the future.

the road goes step by step, and the distance is the child's own world.

"you can't be clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

if you are earning fame and profit when you are young, when you are middle-aged, you are cultivating your heart and self.

what you need to do in middle age is to simplify your life. Not to be disturbed by the chores of the moment.

walk freely through the forest and laugh at the ups and downs.


in his old age

the Analects of Confucius

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius:

"I am interested in learning at fifteen, standing at thirty, not confused at forty, knowing destiny at fifty, obedient at sixty, and obedient at seventy."

more than half of my life, there are experiences of honor and disgrace, and participation in ups and downs.

with the increase of age, the road of life should become wider and wider.

things that fought to the death when they were young now only smile, and things that are painstakingly calculated in middle age now seem to be irrelevant.

there are only two things on my mind: a good night's sleep and a good home.

in his later years, having mature experience and wisdom, without the struggle and pressure of youth, is the harvest time to harvest the fruits of life.

Life at this time should be free and peaceful, filial piety, full of children and grandchildren, the most is to enjoy a cup of tea, a good time.

more than half a hundred people, everything is bearish, it is the age that grows old, and it is the state of mind that is not old.

experience has proved that with the increase of age, the wiser a person is, his wisdom will not diminish, but will increase.

so now is a good time to learn, indulge in a hobby, don't disturb the rare serenity, and enjoy the good mood that fun brings.

the best retirement life I have ever seen is a club from Taiwan.

the club was spontaneously organized by several retired friends and named Xia Bansheng.

Life is like spring, summer, autumn and winter. They hope that their life after middle age can be as brilliant as summer flowers.

they found a place in Tainan and built an apartment for the aged.

go to the movies together every month and organize trips together from time to time.

A small courtyard, two or three friends.

in middle age, people carry too many fetters.

after middle age, the joys and sorrows of the world will become very far away.

at this time, learn to be "light" and leave more time in your life to yourself.

these three stages of life represent the three experiences of life, raising the horizon and sublimating the realm.

I once saw a video on Weibo:

in the video, people of different ages will ask people of the next age group a question.

A 20-year-old asks a 25-year-old, what if he can't find a boyfriend?

A 25-year-old asks a 30-year-old what to do if he has no money to buy a house.

A 30-year-old asks a 40-year-old what to do when he enters the bottleneck period of life.

A 50-year-old asks a 60-year-old, the children are out in Beijing drifters, what if I really want them to come back?

60 years old ask a 70-year-old person, what if my body can't keep up?

after reading it, I suddenly realized that every age has its own confusion, and every age has its own mission.

I don't know what stage of life you are in. I don't know what problem you're going through.

A truly wise man knows how to deal with different stages with different mindsets.

when young, beware of shortsightedness.

learn to lighten your burden in middle age.

in old age, I know how to return to my heart.

Life is a spiritual practice, walking all the way, encountering setbacks all the way. Solve it all the way, grow up all the way.